What is a White Aura and How Does it Affect Your Life?

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white aura

An aura is a field of energy that surrounds all living beings and emanates from every single individual. Did you know that in Hindu scriptures (like the Vedas), there are 7 auras expressed in 7 layers? (or chakras, more on them later). Each of the 7 layers correlates to a different element of your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and has a set color.

What people don’t know is that each aura is connected to a different part of your body. Like the red aura is related to your feet and the white aura is connected to your mind.

How Does A White Aura Affect Your Life?

Now, coming back to the question, what is a white aura and how does it affect your life? How do people with it fare in relationships, careers and their daily lives? Join me as I explore all of these questions together!

White Aura Meaning in Spirituality

For those who don't know, in Astrology, when talking about light and energy, white is said to be a color with very high vibration. It’s the rarest of all 7 aura colors and signifies a high level of spirituality, purity and integrity. 

People with this aura are linked with many positive things like innocence, altruism, generosity, resistance to corruption, wisdom and healing capabilities. 

When someone gets to such a metaphysical level that his/her aura becomes white, it means that this person has transcended all kinds of worldly desires and has found inner peace. They have reached the highest spiritual levels attainable and has become one with the universe.

If you, for example, achieve this state, you will develop psychic abilities like remote viewing, energy healing and even seeing other people’s auras.

what is the meaning of white aura

Different Shades of White Aura

White auras mainly have two shades, bright and murky white. Here I’ll discuss them in detail:

Bright White 

Bright white can be called the “default” shade of white auras and has the same characteristics of the average white aura, like innocence and generosity. 

Ordinary people can only attain this shade after experiencing intense spiritual and mental development. 

Murky White

White auras become murky when they suffer setbacks in life. A white aura tends to be very forgiving and innocent, so much so that it’ll sacrifice things dear to it so another aura may succeed, thus becoming tainted. Yet at the same time, it will inadvertently allow others to manipulate it too. 

As a general rule, I would advise anyone to deal with murky white auras very carefully, as they are very innocent and will go to lengths of self-sacrifice to the point where it will become self-harm.

Though if you have a white aura yourself who believes his/her aura has become murky, I’d advise you to help those in despair, yet also prioritize your own physical and mental well-being.

Can A Purple Aura Become White?

Indeed, an aura becomes purple when a person has completely opened his/her crown chakra and has begun his/her spiritual awakening. As this person aligns with his/her remaining six chakras, his/her purple aura will turn to white.

Chakras and White Aura’s Meaning

Some people who have just entered the field of Astrology get confused about the white aura, its meaning and the chakras' connection with it. After all, the auras and chakras can be daunting to understand. Thus, we’ve made it easy for anyone new to Astrology to understand this unique relationship.

As I said at the start of this post, there are 7 chakras that are connected to all 7 auras. These start from the root chakra (and the red aura) and end with the crown chakra (and the purple and white auras). Both of these colors mean access to a higher level of wisdom and enlightenment.

As the name suggests, the crown chakra is located at the top of the head. Due to its close connection with the mind, someone with a white aura may feel drawn to a higher spiritual world.

White auras are also attracted to a higher degree of consciousness, a better connection to the other world and a heightened state of wisdom, presence, self-awareness and self-realization. 

If a white aura person wants to make his/her aura incredibly bright, he/she would need to unlock his/her crown chakra. Now, I must tell you right off the bat that this is an incredibly rare phenomenon, as not everyone can open their crown chakra. 

It’s the hardest one to unlock and is blocked by countless worldly ambitions. Only the most focused and committed people ever get to achieve it.

People with a white aura should make their ultimate purpose in life to live it as close to the truth, authenticity and purity as possible and search for a deeper meaning.

Chakras and white aura Meaning

White Aura and Your Personality

Sometimes, people who have a white aura are misunderstood to be empaths in the traditional sense of the word. While this is a misconception, these people do carry a lot of empathy and are drawn to help people in need. 

A white aura has a very strong sense of responsibility when someone, whether they know him/her or not, around them is struggling. 

In the traditional sense of spirituality, having a white aura can mean that a person has a divine and close connection or is being closely guarded by angels. 

If you’re a person with this aura, you’ll feel compassion, calmness and gentleness all around you. Meanwhile, if you’re someone who knows someone with this aura, you’ll feel a soothing and highly relaxing vibe from him/her, every time you meet him/her.

While these people tend to be highly sensitive, they’re very aware of their surroundings. A white aura can sense a change in some person’s attitude towards him/her very easily and swiftly understand when it’s being mistreated.

White aura and your personality

How to Face Challenges as a White Aura?

While it takes a lot of spiritual development to open the crown chakra and have a white aura, it doesn’t mean that these people have ascended to the ultimate degree in everything spiritual. They still have multiple challenges to face.

For example, their purity can sometimes result in them being naive. Someone with a sinister motive may try to take advantage of their innocence and manipulate them into doing something hazardous. 

Another issue that they may face is a lack of understanding of the material world. As they’re living so high up in the spiritual or metaphysical world, it becomes a challenge for them to deal with materialistic life. They may feel disconnected from average people. 

But little do people know the reasoning behind it. It might be because they get too caught up with the spiritual side of their lives, which may lead to becoming close-minded and judgmental towards others, be it spiritually or otherwise.

White Aura and Love

Did you know that there are two things that make people with white auras amazing in relationships? For one, they will love with all their heart and soul, loving that special someone deeply, more than anyone else, since they are very compassionate people, full of kindness and empathy. 

That much love might be a bit uncomfortable for some people, however, especially if you’re someone who isn’t used to an overly-loving partner.

The other thing that makes this aura amazing in relationships is its sense of responsibility. A white aura knows well how to take care of others, and will greatly emphasize that aspect in a relationship as he/she strives hard to make his/her love interest feel comfortable and loved. 

People with these auras will be drawn automatically toward those who recognize and appreciate their need to help others.

Lastly, and this is of note for someone who is lovingly involved with a white aura, they will prefer to date someone who is on the same spiritual level as themselves. 

whit aura and love

Career and Professional Life

You already know by now that these auras tend to be very considerate of helping and healing others and usually adopt careers based on such a mentality. It’s common to see them working in the fields of therapy, coaching, animal rescue, firefighting, human rights and nursing. 

However, they don’t just adopt the aforementioned fields as their fields of work. You’ll also find them working in holistic healing, environmental work and charity institutions. 

A white aura feels most alive when it is socially interacting with others in a working environment. Their passion for helping others is deeply embedded in their hearts, minds and souls. They act like an unstoppable force of positivity lighting its way through the darkest corners of the Earth, shining everything in its path.

white aura and career

Interacting With Someone With a White Aura

If you think that someone you know has a white aura and you’re unsure about interacting with this person, don’t worry, I have you covered! Some people might feel morally and/or spiritually inferior when interacting with a person with this aura color, so it’s best to first honor and respect that person’s priorities.

This is because people with a white aura are fueled by the need to bring goodness to the world.

Moreover, it’s best to avoid small talk with a white aura. It’s because they’re thinkers and love to gain wisdom and understand the meaning of life in a more detailed manner. 

Lastly, it is great to have someone with a white aura as a friend, because these people have ascended to the metaphysical world and haven’t been affected by the constructs of our materialistic world.

White Aura as a Backdrop for Other Auras

You’ll be surprised to know that while everyone is born with a white aura, only a few get to keep it untainted throughout their lives. For the vast majority of people, their aura gets stained with other colors as their personality develops. 

Careers such as emergency services and law enforcement tend to stain the white aura considerably, as people working in those sectors get to see a darker side of humanity.

However, this isn't harmful if you’re a white aura yourself. Instead, it will allow you to sympathize with like-minded people who might find it uncomfortable to resonate with others. 

Thus, these stains won’t drag that person down, and their personality remains unaffected. Such people have a tendency to crack and/or laugh at dark humor though, which is inexplicable. 

To learn more about this fascinating world of stones and symbols, check out these other related articles. Click on spiritual meaning of stones.

Displays of Exceptional Wisdom 

As it is strongly linked to the crown chakra, a white aura has a higher connection with spiritual and universal knowledge that others don’t have. 

During their childhood, they’re likely to be called words like “old soul” because they possess wisdom that kids of their age don’t have. When they mature, they can clearly understand the problems that they’re in and tackle them head-on. 

This is a major reason why you shouldn’t take the advice of a white aura lightly because they can see through the problem that you’re facing.

The crown chakra also contributes to their heightened wisdom. They can easily rely on their intuition to chart a course through life. These people can readily imagine what another person may be going through with their advanced intelligence and don’t need firsthand experience to understand life.

Display of Exceptional Wisdom White Aura

Summing it All Up

In short, a person with a white aura tends to be very compassionate, merciful, wise and a kindred spirit. These people love with all their hearts, and will, as a result of their compassionate nature, take up professions where they may get to exercise their protective capabilities, like law enforcement and healthcare.

Surrounding yourself with these people will be one of the best decisions of your life, as they make you a better person, both through their vibe and their company.

These stones are not some beauty ornaments or jewelry items, instead, these precious gems hold a spiritual significance that has fascinated and guided humanity for a very long time.

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