Utilizing Tarot as a Beacon in the Aftermath of Divorce

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how to use tarot to guide you after divorce

Warmest New Year Wishes, Dear Ones! The dawn of a new year brings transformative events. While our hearts are filled with optimism, it's essential to acknowledge that some may be facing heartache and loss as we venture into 2019. If you find yourself in this situation, please know that we, at Control My Fate, envelop you with a heartfelt embrace. As we send you love, light, and a multitude of blessings, we aim to assure you that brighter days are on the horizon.

Countless individuals endure the challenges of divorce, which ranks among the highest stressors on the Life Stress Scale. This tumultuous period can take a toll on your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being – even if you maintain a positive outlook. Change brings stress, and if not managed adeptly, it can have adverse effects on your life.

In this article, we explore the use of Tarot, a cherished instrument, to navigate significant life transitions. By the end of this discussion, you'll be equipped to harness the power of Tarot to steer you towards life's blessings amid the stress induced by monumental events such as divorce.

The Significance of Tarot Readings Post-Divorce

It's crucial to bear in mind that the Universe thrives on balance, and every circumstance has its season. If you're currently grappling with the hardships of divorce, recognize that this period is akin to Winter, and rest assured that it will fade. The light of Spring and Summer approaches! This doesn't imply you must wait until those seasons to witness the growth of life's blessings and blossoms, but it assures you that brighter times are forthcoming.

In this discussion, we'll delve into how to discern when those blossoms and blessings will arrive. Tarot serves as a remarkable aid in unveiling this information.

Astrology serves as a remarkable instrument in offering glimpses of future outlooks. The planetary alignments within our houses can guide us in recognizing themes prevalent in our lives. In certain instances, the aspects of these celestial bodies may even hint at specific events' potential occurrence. However, we may remain uncertain about the precise how, why, what, or who these themes will revolve around.

Herein lies the purpose of Tarot: to provide us with the precise details we seek.

Tarot offers valuable insights into long-term and short-term timing, Yes/No queries, and even an entire year's outlook. This versatility makes it an invaluable resource during the complexities of divorce. As divorce entails a drawn-out legal process, it often brings about numerous uncertainties. Tarot serves as a means to uncover answers and dispel the unknown.

Heading to court? Consult the Tarot to gauge your potential for success.

Engaging in negotiations? Turn to the Tarot for guidance on effective strategies and tactics.

Seeking a glimpse into the future? Look no further – consult the Tarot for a revealing outlook.

Here are three readings that I believe can offer significant guidance in such circumstances.

Among the helpful readings for those navigating divorce, we have the versatile Past/Present/Future reading that can be tailored to any situation. Additionally, the Relationship Reading sheds light on the intricate details and variables present during the divorce process. Lastly, the traditional Yes/No reading serves as a valuable tool for addressing day-to-day concerns or specific questions that may arise while dealing with the challenges of divorce.

These readings can be performed whenever you desire! You might be eager to begin, so let's dive in. First, we'll briefly explore the process of conducting a Tarot reading spread, which can be applied to any Tarot reading you undertake.

Conducting a Tarot Reading

As you embark on a Tarot reading, it's vital to approach the experience with clear thoughts and intentions, focusing primarily on your question. This should be foremost in your mind when initiating a Tarot reading.

During the reading, avoid dwelling on unrelated matters such as dinner plans, bill payments (unless that's your question), or the children's activities. Instead, reserve this time for self-reflection, ensuring that distractions and unrelated thoughts are kept at bay.

Consider using sage to purify your Tarot cards, the surrounding environment, or even yourself. This practice can help you remain present and focused during the Tarot reading. Once you've achieved this state of mindfulness, proceed with preparing your reading.

Begin by shuffling the Tarot cards in a manner that suits you best. You can spread them out on a cloth, shuffle them traditionally, or employ any method you prefer to mix them up. While doing so, either verbalize your question or keep it at the forefront of your thoughts.

Next, select the required number of cards for the reading, being mindful of the order in which you pick them.

Finally, lay the cards out according to the chosen reading method, and you'll soon uncover the insights and answers that the Tarot has to offer.

Yes or No Tarot Reading

In this type of Tarot reading, you pose a straightforward yes or no question to the Tarot. The process is akin to using a pendulum, but with Tarot, you can expect a more precise response to your yes or no inquiry.

This approach proves beneficial during divorce, given the array of uncertainties that arise. Employ this method during challenging moments, but strive to frame your questions positively. Examples of inquisitive prompts could include:

  • When will this challenging period end, and when will life's blessings begin to flow?
  • What blessings are destined to come my way?
  • Am I on the right path, making beneficial decisions?
  • What choices should I make to achieve success in my current situation?
  • What blessings can I anticipate today?
  • What uplifting news might be approaching?

It's crucial to maintain a positive outlook when posing questions to the Tarot. Avoid resorting to negativity or seeking personal gain through ill intentions. By fostering a positive mindset while utilizing the Tarot, you'll open the door to wondrous miracles. Trust in the process.

Should you draw a card with unfavorable implications or suggesting negative news, consider repeating the process and rephrasing the question to focus on positives, such as: "What blessings are heading my way?"

Ultimately, everyone can find some form of resolution after divorce, though it might be difficult to recognize this during the process. The Tarot, especially in Yes or No questions, can serve as a guiding light to reveal the hidden blessings that await. Remember, hope persists through even the toughest times.

Now, let's elevate our exploration to the next level.

Tarot Reading – Delving into the Past, Present, and Future

The Past/Present/Future reading ranks among the most fundamental Tarot readings. Amidst the challenges of divorce, common questions often arise, such as "What led me to this situation? How did we reach this point? What does the future hold?"

The Past/Present/Future reading is precisely designed to address these questions.

Through this reading, the Tarot unveils the past factors that have shaped your present circumstances and sheds light on the future. This straightforward 3-card layout allows you to discern the central themes that led you to your current situation and reveals the path towards brighter days ahead.

Begin by shuffling your cards and posing your question in the context of the past/present/future reading. Utilize our Tarot guide and Tarot definitions to gain deeper insights into the events that have led you to this point and to uncover what awaits you in the future.

During a divorce, it's important to remember that responsibility often lies with both parties involved. The Tarot can assist you in uncovering the path to forgiveness, allowing you to move forward and embrace the blessings that await you through this uncomplicated reading.

The Relationship Tarot Reading

The Relationship Tarot Reading is particularly useful during a divorce. It offers vital themes to help navigate the complexities of the process. Integrating elements from the previous two readings, this layout provides practical guidance on the steps to take and those to avoid in your journey.

This comprehensive 10-card reading aims to reveal the stance of the other party involved, the current state of affairs, the core issue at the heart of the matter, and the outlook for the upcoming months.

While shuffling your cards, start with inquiries about your entire relationship, the divorce, and the future. Feel free to pose multiple questions as you shuffle, focusing on relevant subjects such as your stance, your partner's position, the genuine concerns, the current situation, the outlook for the upcoming months, the actions you should take, and the steps to steer clear of.

The Tarot will provide answers to all of these queries. Draw 10 cards that resonate with you in response to these questions. Each card holds a specific meaning. Arrange them before you in a manner that feels right. The meanings of these cards are as follows:

Card One – Your current position.

Card Two – The standing of the other party.

Card Three – Your current situation and experiences in the present moment.

Card Four – The central theme of upcoming events.

Card Five – The core issue at the heart of the situation.

Card Six – Events occurring within the next 0 to 3 months.

Card Seven – Events unfolding within the next 6 to 12 months.

Card Eight – The ultimate outcome of the situation.

Card Nine – The actions you SHOULD take to achieve the most favorable outcome for yourself.

Card Ten – The actions you SHOULD NOT take or AVOID to steer clear of difficulties or unfavorable outcomes.

This reading ranks among my favorites for situations like divorce, as it offers comprehensive guidance. It addresses the essential W's – where, when, why, what, and who – and provides a forecast of upcoming events and the likely outcome based on current factors. Moreover, it imparts valuable advice!

Heed the guidance provided by this reading, and keep in mind that variables can shift through your own free will. Remember, the Tarot is available to address your day-by-day queries whenever needed!

Final Reflections...

Utilizing the Tarot in this manner can help guide you through challenging times. It offers a snapshot of the present and instills hope for the future, which is crucial during moments of difficulty. The advantage of this approach is that the Tarot is always accessible. Change is an inevitable part of life, and if not handled with care, it can generate stress that disrupts the balance of our mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The upheaval caused by divorce can threaten this delicate equilibrium. To maintain harmony, it's essential to harness the power of the Tarot.

With your personal Tarot deck, let these readings guide you through life's shifts and unveil the blessings waiting for you. Supplement your understanding with our Daily Tarot readings and stay attuned to the cosmic energies through our Daily Horoscopes. Embrace the potential that each new day and year offers. Now is your moment to become the person the world has been anticipating. So, who will you be?

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