What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Stones in Astrology?

Sunday, September 17, 2023 • astrology
Spiritual Meaning of Stones

Gemstones are believed to bring about certain hidden qualities in us that we subconsciously desire in our lives. These benefits can be both psychological and physical, such as emotional stability, better control over our finances, an improved imagination and more creativity than ever. 

But are you curious to know the spiritual meaning of stones in astrology? What do they stand for? How can each stone influence our lives and how can we benefit from them? Let’s find out today the spiritual meaning of stones.

Before we talk about the spiritual meaning of stones and how they may influence our lives, we first need to about vibrating energy. In Astrology, it is said that everything around us is made up of vibrating energy.

And, this might come as a surprise to you, but we humans possess these vibrations too. However, these vibrations are very erratic and always prone to be influenced and changed. 

Spiritual Meaning of Stones

1. Spiritual Meaning of Diamond

Do you know that diamonds have the highest vibration among all the gemstones? They help us in connecting with infinite possibilities of who we are and what we aspire to be. They open our imagination, supercharge our creativity and connect us with a deeper truth. 

They also signify a clarity that sooner or later, we’ll attain all that is meant for us and take back charge of our lives. When exploring the spiritual meaning of this stone, it’s unveiled that diamonds are also believed to have been worn in ancient times as protection from poison. 

The diamond is a symbol of brilliance and light and aids in the wearer’s intellect. Lastly, they’re said to be the stone of commitment, promises and faithfulness between a husband and wife.

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with diamond

2. Spiritual Meaning of Mother of Pearl

The Mother of Pearl has a soothing and nurturing energy that calms all our worries and comforts our fears through the lowest of our lives. This is the reason why it’s named as such.

The spiritual meaning of this stone is it’ll guide you through difficult situations and bring clarity back into your life. Moreover, it reduces stress and anxiety and its wearer might experience a heightened sense of intuition and awaken his or her hidden psychic abilities, which make it one of the best tools for spiritual growth and exploration. 

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Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Mother of pearl

3. Spiritual Meaning of Emerald 

The Emerald aids in both romantic connections and friendships by encouraging mutual understanding and releasing your inner fears. unlocks your heart for more compassion, trust and love and helps you in regain your lost confidence and clarity. Another characteristic of the Emerald is it helps you reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition. 

The spiritual meaning of this stone is historically associated with youth and vitality to such a degree that the ancient Egyptians would offer it to their gods as a symbol of rebirth. They would also wear it as a good luck charm to be blessed with protection or fortune and even bury their Pharaohs with it.

The Romans too loved this gemstone and had associated it with Venus, the goddess of love. They believed that it would please her and in exchange, they would be blessed with luck, fertility, love and friendship.

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Emerald

4. Spiritual Meaning of Sapphire

Sapphire is the stone of wisdom and pure clarity and helps us in calming mental tension and refocusing the important stuff. Sapphire’s spiritual energy is said to help in sifting through conflicting opinions and thoughts and to shine a bright light on the truth. Once the truth dawns upon us, Sapphire helps us in expressing it with confidence and clarity.

But did you know that the spiritual meaning of this stone is very profound? Sapphire is renowned for attracting gifts, blessings and abundance into our lives? Lastly, it’s been used throughout the ages to defend against negative energy, calm the mind, strengthen intuition and attain mental clarity.

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with sapphire

5. Spiritual Meaning of Moonstone

The Moonstone has a bluish, almost milk-like light that gets loved quickly by everyone who sees it. The Romans were very fond of this crystal and while they may have believed that it was created by solidified rays of the moon, the Greeks loved this gemstone to a whole new level. They named it “Aphroselene” by merging the names of the goddess of the moon (“Selene”) with the goddess of love (“Aphrodite”). 

The spiritual meaning of Moonstone has to do with how it calms and soothes our ever-changing emotions and helps in filling up old scars that our soul has sustained. It shines a bright white light on emotional patterns that no longer aid us. 

Moonstones are full of feminine energy and align us deeply with our intuition to help us move on from our past, be relentless and conquer our fears.

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Moonstone

6. Spiritual Meaning of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is known as the “stone of protection” as it defends us from negativity, be it inside or outside of us. It protects us against all kinds of bad vibrations, transforms our fears into strengths and guards against destructive energies. 

Tourmaline might be the ideal crystal for you if you want to purify yourself from toxicity and bring forth the light! The spiritual meaning of this stone is that it supports you like a friend, no matter how hard the going gets, with a big hug. It shields both the mind and body from negativity and transforms it into a deep love of ourselves.

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Tourmaline

7. Spiritual Meaning of Morganite 

Morganite is the stone of love. The love of ourselves, of those near and dear to us and the unending love of the universe. The spiritual meaning of Morganite is to remind yourself that you are worthy of love. It helps us believe that things will get better, that we’ve turned a corner in our lives and good times will soon be here. 

Morganite is the gemstone you need to celebrate your uniqueness in a dull and “gray” world. It will open up your heart to a new dimension of possibilities and help you realize your worth and receive love from others. 

Take out the time with Morganite to truly understand who you are as a person and what you need in life, as you release your deepest regrets and guilt from within through its power. 

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Morganite

8. Spiritual Meaning of Chrysoberyl

It is normal for us to feel disheartened and low and to go through times when it feels as if all has gone downhill. In situations like these, Chrysoberyl aids us in looking toward the brighter future that lies ahead of us. And this is why Chrysoberyl can be called the “high road” crystal. The spiritual meaning this stone has to do with leading. The calming and guiding energetic vibrations of this stone help us in setting a clear course for the future. It’s said to increase self-confidence and self-worth, bring about generosity, compassion and encourage forgiveness. 

Once worn, the wearer of this gemstone can concentrate on important matters of his/her life better and think in a clear and far-sighted manner. Furthermore, Chrysoberyl is also worn to attain wealth and is an excellent tool to enhance your creativity. 

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Chrysoberyl

9. Spiritual Meaning of Garnet

The red color of Garnet perfectly aligns with its fiery and ambitious energetic vibrations. This is the stone you need to get your head “back in the game” and is very powerful and energizing, aiding us in taking a more serious approach to things, like career paths and our purpose in life. 

The spiritual meaning of Garnet is to bring forth a sense of committedness and earnestness and help in bringing out our passions and hidden energies. Lastly, it helps us in other aspects of life as well, such as love and creativity, and in intensifying and channeling our own potential and desires.

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Garnet

10. Spiritual Meaning of Spinel 

Spinels help in setting aside egos and create devotion, trust and loyalty towards another person. They also expedite our passion and devotion. Moreover, they’re very effective in giving stamina and immensely increasing a person’s physical energy. 

The spiritual meaning of spinel stone involves Spinel reduce your forgetfulness and boost your intellectual power. Finally, Spinel helps you connect with the moment and appreciate all the intangible beauty that life has to offer. It’s very effective in releasing thoughts of both the past and helps with concentrating on the present.

Spiritual Meaning of Stones with Garnet

Summing it All Up

The spiritual meaning of stones varies from one crystal to the other. Every crystal has a unique spiritual ability. Chrysoberyl helps in seeing the truth clearly. Emerald helps in reconnecting with your inner wisdom. Morganite moves us into newer phases of life and Tourmaline defends us from negative thoughts.

Though one commonality in all of the spiritual meanings of stones in the world is how they assist us in becoming better versions of ourselves and getting back into the world with more determination, commitment and self-love than ever before. 

This is where gemstones come in, they possess a highly stable energetic frequency through which they can affect the vibrations of both people and objects around them. All crystals have a different vibrational frequency and thus have a unique effect on their surroundings. 

Some of them have a high vibrational frequency and are used to give you more energy and uplift your mood. Meanwhile, others have a low frequency and are more calming and work to soothe your mind and emotions.

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