What 4 Taurus Colors Will Have A Lasting Impact On You?

Friday, February 16, 2024 • spirituality
Taurus Colors

It is a common belief in Astrology that colors can affect your emotions and make your personality shine. Every zodiac is linked to a specific color that fits that zodiac's qualities and traits. 

The same can be said about Taurus colors and how they impact Taureans throughout their lives. As a Taurean, you should know which colors affect you, your mood, your behavior and your outlook on life the most. 

Certain stones are also useful for Taurus and serve as a beacon of hope for you. In this article, I’ll be talking about all of these colors and stones, so they can have a lasting impact on your life.

And if you’re looking for some crystals for love, this article will be helpful.

The Best Colors for A Taurus Color Palette 

1. Green

I think that green has got to be the best color in a Taurus color palette. This has to do with many reasons. The biggest reason is that green is the color of the Earth and represents serenity, peace and beauty. As Taurus is an Earth sign, green would be your best color. 

But there’s more to it than just this. Green is also a universal symbol of growth. It represents a new phase in life and the end of the previous one. It embodies Taurus’ methodical approach towards things and a reliability that can be counted upon.

Finally, green also denotes wealth and abundance. As a Taurus, you are naturally predisposed to attracting more wealth. 

To me, Taurus is the sign with the most affinity for enjoying the finer things in life. Things that you can get through an abundance of wealth.

The Best Colors for A Taurus Color Palette 

2. Pink

For Taurus colors zodiac, pink is another color that fits your personality perfectly. Pink is the universal color of love and evokes a compassionate nature and a loving heart. This ties in well with Taurus, as Taureans are ruled by Venus, the planet of love.

To me, pink symbolizes the hopeless romantic that stays hidden under the thick skin of Taurus’ bull. I would highly recommend wearing pink as a Taurean to stoke your spiritual energy and attract Venus’ love.

3. Black

Generally, I’ve seen Taureans be assertive, strong and independent. You’re a person who was born to lead and with a sense of responsibility. And black signifies all of that.

Black stands for protectiveness and level-headedness. Using black as a Taurus colors zodiac means becoming more resilient and accepting the responsibilities that life puts on your shoulders. 

Wearing this color can be very beneficial in certain settings. It’s common for a Taurean to be “the parent” in a friend group. In such a setting, wearing black every now and then can make your powers shine and you’ll impart more logical advice to your friends.

Similarly, in a family setting, wearing black can be useful here as well. You’re naturally predisposed to care for and protect your family. So black in this setting will heighten your protective traits.

Taurus Color Black

4. White

I believe that white has got to be the calmest and most peaceful color among all of the Taurus colors. If you find yourself attracted to white and cream-like colors, now you know the reason behind it.

As a Taurean, it’s pretty easy for the bull inside of you to become hot-headed and to lose your temper. White in such cases will soothe your senses and bring out all of that pent-up steam. 

Using this color is very simple. Surround yourself in white to balance your energy. It will purify your mind and will rid you of distracting and negative thoughts. 

If you want to know which colors are the unluckiest for Taurus and other signs, I have an article on that as well.

Taurus Color White

Taurus Colors Stone 

According to my research, four stones (emerald, jade, pink quartz and crystal quartz) and align the most when it comes to Taurus colors. Here I’ll tell you how they can change your life as a Taurean.

1. Green Emerald

Emerald is famously known as the stone of successful love. It embodies the essence of Taurus’ emotional depth and also attracts wealth. I’ve seen its magic work time and again on people who have come from the most adverse conditions. 

Moreover, its bright green color reflects your love for stability, and a connection to nature. Finally, it represents the end of the last phase and the beginning of a new phase of life. 

2. Green Jade

Green Jade is renowned for being “the dream stone” and has immense significance in spirituality. It’s said to bring good luck, balance and protection to its wearer. 

Its soothing colors will put you at ease and give you a sense of peace and tranquility. It can help you with grounding your energy, building better relationships and promoting inner peace. 

Taurus color stones Green Jade

3. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is also known as pink quartz and is frequently called the stone of love. If you’re a Taurean looking for a stable romantic relationship, I’d highly recommend you use this stone. 

It aligns perfectly with your loving and caring nature. Enhancing your ability to create a loving relationship and cultivate self-love. 

4. Clear Quartz 

I love clear quartz for its mystical healing capabilities! It’s known as the master healer and will complement the clarity of your thoughts. Among all the Taurus stones, clear quartz helps you in creating a practical approach toward life that propels you to success.

Moreover, this Taurus colors stone can clean and balance your energies. This is the stone you need to strengthen your integrity, honesty and to get a fresh start in life.

Taurus stone color clear quartz

Summing Taurus Colors Up

White, pink, black and green are the best Taurus colors and you should try to use them as much as you can. They heighten your positive capabilities and bring out the best in you. I’d recommend using clear quartz, rose/pink quartz, green emerald and green jades to enhance your abilities as well.

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