How To Conquer Your Fears With Mars in 8th House Synastry?

Friday, April 05, 2024 • houses, more
Mars in 8th House and Transit

Mars in 8th house is a pretty “hardcore” astrological placement when you first find out about it. After all, the 8th house is related to facing your dark side. And Mars is known to create passion, determination and action in you. So naturally, when these two combine, the results are significant. 

One important aspect of this placement is its emphasis on embracing and conquering your fears. To never bow down and submit to them, but to fight against and defeat them. I’ve seen quite a few people struggle immensely with conquering their fears. And this is why I’m writing this post today to help them out with it. 

Another synastry related to Mars is Moon opposite Mars synastry. And you can read about it in detail here. 

The Meaning of The 8th House in Astrology

I believe that the 8th house represents a darker shade of life. It’s about taboos that people don’t want to discuss, like the mysteries of life and death.

Moreover, it’s also related to shared resources, intense transformation and your innermost secrets. I’ve also seen it to be associated with emotional traumas, power struggles and psychological issues. Issues that you thought would never resurface.

Things can get pretty interesting when the Sun enters the 8th house. You can read about it here in detail. 

What Does Mars Mean in Astrology?

Mars is the most masculine of all the celestial bodies and sparks aggression in you. It’s the planet of action, passion and assertion. Mars doesn’t just show you success, instead, it pushes you rather violently in that direction.

It’s related to your drive, desires and how you express your energy. It’s also associated with courage, ambition and physical strength.

To me, Mars serves as a huge source of inspiration and discipline. Mars doesn’t want you to slack around and waste your life doing meaningless things. Instead, it wants you to get up, get out in the world and make a name for yourself.

The ancient Romans used to worship Mars as their god of war, and for good reason. It’s associated with courage, ambition and physical strength. It rules over Aries, which is the most courageous of all the zodiacs, and over the first house. 

Mars in 8th House Synastry and Your Fears

In Astrology, Mars has a crucial role in determining how you assert yourself. This is one of the biggest things that I love about this planet. It tells you to put your foot down and stick to your words when the situation calls for it. Mars asks you to deliver 110% in everything that you do in life, so you can achieve all of your dreams. 

Finally, Mars also talks about how you take risks and handle conflicts. I’ve seen that many people wrongly attribute recklessness to Mars, thinking that it’s just about being assertive.

Instead, this planet isn’t about being reckless and stupid in life, but about being calculated. It’s about knowing which battles are to be fought now, and which ones are to be delayed. 

The Meaning Behind Mars in 8th House 

If you have your Mars in 8th house, it could mean quite a lot of things. For one, it tells that you have a strong desire for depth and transformation. You have a willingness to change yourself and become your best version. I have seen that some people take this willingness to the next level too. By wanting to leave behind all of their competition. 

Moreover, you want to have depth in your relationships, both romantic and otherwise. You don’t like “boring” or “average” relationships where you don’t learn anything. Instead, you’re attracted to intense experiences and uniqueness, which fuel your fire.

Also, Mars in 8th house brings out and amplifies your grit and determination. With this astrological arrangement, you become a force to be reckoned with.

I love this placement for it takes you out of the frying pan, and sends you straight into “the fire”. It doesn’t shelter and protect you. Instead, it makes you face your inner fears and challenges. 

Another positive aspect that I’ve seen of this scenario in people is that they become hard-working. This relates to the the grit and determination that I mentioned above. It is no surprise that determined people are often the most hard working. 

Meaning of Mars in 8th House

Finally, this placement makes people more willing to delve into the mysteries of life and explore their psyche. You might have a natural understanding of sacred aspects of life that other people may shy away from. This gives Mars people another edge over everyone else.

Mars in 8th House Synastry and Your Fears

This synastry is formed when one person’s Mars falls in another person’s 8th house. The result is a desire for a very strong and intense connection. Here, both of you will help each other in confronting your fears and evolving on a solid emotional level. I think that this will lead to a relationship that is both challenging and empowering.

Why do I call it challenging? It’s because both of you will face your darkest fears together. You’ll only have yourselves to rely on. Sure, you can consult other people about your fears, but in the end, it’s actually about you two.

And the reason behind it being empowering is because you will learn to face your fears. Once you conquer these fears, you will become an unstoppable force. And it will change your life forever. 

Mars in 8th House and Transit

When Mars transits the 8th house, it brings a time of intense transformation and change. It leads people to the path of self-discovery. However, it can also shake the very foundation of your life. 

Mars in 8th House Meaning

I’ve seen some people grossly underestimate the impact of Mars in 8th house. They think that it is all about being powerful and full of action and determination. And when I tell them that this event is also related to facing your fears and confronting your deep-rooted issues, they’re baffled. 

So I would recommend you approach this Mars event with an open mind. Yes, it has many advantages, and yes, it will make you more powerful than you could’ve dreamed of. But it also forces you to face your dark side.

Summing Up Mars in 8th House

Mars in 8th house is about facing your dark side, yet also being full of determination and grit. This astrological placement wants to bring out the best in you. And it will accomplish it, by making you conquer your fears and by making you successful.

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