What Color is My Aura and What Does it Say About Me?

Friday, October 27, 2023 • spirituality
what is color of my aura

The word “aura” circulates the internet pretty often. You and I have read it many times and while we might know some surface-level things about an aura, we never get into its details. Like “do auras have colors?” or “what color is my aura?” and such. 

That’s why today we’ll find out about how many colors auras have and how they can impact us. So if you’re new to this concept of radiating energy (which is what auras actually are), sit back and read on!

What is an Aura Anyway?

All living beings have an electromagnetic field that emanates radiation from within, including humans. In Astrology, this phenomenon is called an aura. When you meet someone new and you have a gut reaction to whether you’ll be friends with him or her, that gets boiled down to his/her aura.

Even if we can’t see people’s aura, we can feel it. There are some people whom you want to spend hours and hours talking to, because of their aura. Then there are some who seem repulsive and you cannot wait to get away from them. It all happens because you’re feeling their energy through their aura.

How Many Colors do Auras have?

Before we answer the question about what color is my aura, you need to understand that auras aren’t just one color. Everybody is just so different based on what he/she is experiencing in life that it affects his/her aura color too. Another key factor is how you’re experiencing various things in life.

How Do I Know My Aura’s Color?

To answer the question “what color is my aura?” you need to look at a person’s behavior and how various auras and their characteristics (as you will soon see) fit that person’s behavior. 

For example, a very kind-hearted and nurturing person can have a green aura. A very communicative person’s aura may be blue, and a person who is very aligned with the metaphysical may have an aura that’s purple or white.

Do Aura Colors Change?

There is no fixed time limit in place to check whether a person’s aura has changed. Two people going through the exact same experiences together may have different auras, like moving to a new house, yet their auras would have responded to the move differently based on how they view the move personally. 

Knowing your aura’s color, including if and when it has changed is the key here, as that would help you not only with understanding who you are, but also to give you actual permission to be who you are.

With that aside, let’s find out our question’s answer.

1. Red Aura

One answer to the question of what color is my aura is having a red aura. Red in Astrology stands for change and the beginning of a new chapter. This change can be anything, from a new job or relationship to career shifts and moving to a new place. 

Red in the seven chakra system resonates with the root chakra. Red is your foundation and will help you in feeling grounded and making us feel safe. Red is also an aura color most found in leaders. It’s the color that symbolizes swift action and decision-making.

If you have a red aura color, chances are that your inner leader is about to show herself off to the world like never before, as you spring into action during trying times in your job and take control of things in order to make everyone’s lives easier.

what color is my aura

2. Orange Aura

If you have an orange aura, it means that you have an affinity for enjoying life to its fullest. People with orange auras tend naturally to be extroverted and become the life of any gathering they’re in. Orange is the color of experiencing life in its truest of forms and feeling every moment that passes.

Orange in the chakra system is connected to your sacral chakra, which is connected to your stomach. Know that an empty body translates to a dull soul, therefore eating in a healthy manner won’t just keep you fit, but also keep your aura shining and radiant.

If you’re someone with an orange aura, know that people around you are truly blessed to have you fill their lives up with color and vitality time and again. Bring positivity to your life and then spread it around you as you impact countless people through your inner shine.

If you want to know more about the sacral chakra and how to unleash its true potential through the power of sacral chakra stones, read our detailed article on sacral chakra crystals

3. Yellow Aura

Having a yellow aura can have very interesting meanings. For one, looking at the big picture, yellow deals with your power, ego, confidence and intellect. It is the color of the solar plexus chakra (the third chakra) and is greatly associated with people who are risk-takers and go-getters.

The solar plexus chakra is located close to your diaphragm. When a yellow aura combines with the solar plexus, the result is a lady who will not stop until she has accomplished all of her dreams and is living the life she always wanted for herself.

what color is my aura

4. Green Aura

A green aura is one of the most nurturing and loving aura colors to have ever existed. If you’re someone with a green aura, you need to first love yourself and be proud of who you are. Next, you need to spread that love around.

Green auras vibe the most with the heart chakra, the fourth chakra. As this chakra is located right close to your heart, it’s very self-explanatory that it helps your green aura in growth and transformation. This aura color will help you greatly in a range of new experiences, from motherhood to starting a new job. 

Being a green aura isn’t easy, as people will try to take advantage of your kindness, so be firm yet vigilant. Green does offer an opportunity to reflect on yourself and learn with each experience.

what color is my aura

5. Blue Aura

The exact shade is important here, this blue isn’t sky blue or navy blue, but cyan blue (not too light, not too dark). As a blue aura person, you know well that communication can make or break any relationship and how important it is to talk to people to voice your concerns and be heard.

The blue aura connects perfectly with the throat chakra, the fifth chakra, which is located in your throat and amplifies the power of a blue aura. 

Knowing what and how much to talk to the person in front of you is a skill that not many people understand. Some people aren’t afraid to tell the world everything about themselves. Whereas others are much more reclusive and will be open to a handful of people. Therefore, a blue aura will help you immensely in both the online and offline world.

6. Indigo Aura

Know that if you’re an indigo aura, you’re more deeply connected with yourself than others around you. This is because an indigo aura is connected to the sixth chakra, the third eye/brow chakra and is associated with awareness and understanding things on an extensive level.

As an indigo aura lady, you go through times when you need to listen to your gut and introspect. These are moments where your aura truly shines so you may carve out a path through the problem at hand and come out of it stronger than before. 

7. Purple Aura

When an aura becomes purple in color, it means that that person is trying and possibly succeeding in getting into a more imaginative space. Purple auras are very aligned with the crown chakra, which, being the last of seven chakras, is located at the top of your head.

If you’re a purple aura, you’re connected much more with the metaphysical realm and can (or eventually will be able to) tap in and out of that world by combining the energy of your aura and chakra. 

You’re also very likely to say things like “I have a dream” or “I have a vision”. Sometimes, your dreams are so big that you doubt if you’ll ever be able to achieve them. But remember that this happens to the best of us, and, if you keep trying, you will succeed.

what color is my aura

8. White Aura

It is said that people with white auras tend to be confused, that they’re unable to understand our materialistic world and prefer to detach themselves to connect with the metaphysical world. They’re also said to be very much “in their heads” and frown upon the dealings of our materialistic world.

This assumption isn’t correct, as people with white auras tend to be the most humble and kind people you will ever meet. If you’re a white aura yourself, know that you’re spreading kindness and positivity all around you, whether you know it or not.

White auras are said to be a shade of purple auras, and as such, are also related to the crown chakra. This explains why they’re so highly connected with the other world and feel in unison with it. If you want to know more about white auras, our dedicated article white aura will be of great help.

Uncommon Aura Colors

While the aforementioned aura colors are common (including white), there are others that are very unknown, like black, tan, pink and rainbow. Here I will briefly tell you about all of them.

1. Black Aura

I hate to break it to you, my friend, but auras aren’t black at all. If your aura becomes black, it means that you’ve burnt yourself out and need to shift gears. You’re pushing your mind, body and soul to the very limit and as a result, have gotten tired of everything.

But not all is doom and gloom, as you can bounce back from this state. Take a deep reflection on your current state and what is causing your aura to blacken. Is it a person? Is it an activity? Find out the cause and take it out of your life.

2. Tan Aura

I know what you’re thinking, is tan an aura color? Believe me, I thought about it too, and the answer was yes! A tan aura is someone who has a very straightforward and linear thinking process. If you have a tan aura, chances are that you’re very analytical in your approach to life.

You don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment and take the old adage “look before you leap” literally. Tan auras also look for security and stability in many aspects of life, are very detail-oriented and live by the motto “slow and steady wins the race”.

what color is my aura

3. Pink Aura

Pink auras are very rare and the embodiment of child-like innocence. If you have a pink aura, you possess gentleness, compassion and open-heartedness. Someone with a pink aura would be Mother Teresa, the physical manifestation of this aura color.

4. Rainbow Aura

Yes, I saved the craziest “color” for the very end! A rainbow color is very simple to understand, but pretty hard to be. If you have a rainbow aura, you at times feel like being pulled in countless directions. 

Each color in your aura wants you to do something different. You have a collection of different states of consciousness and can relate to every other aura out there. You feel like in a different dimension where you’re operating from many levels all at once. 

Though not all is sunshine and rainbows (get it?) when you’re a rainbow aura girl. It’s like a double-edged sword where it might look very beautiful on the outside, but on the inside, at times it feels pretty crazy to balance all these thoughts, emotions and actions whirling in your mind. 

what color is my aura

Summing What Color is My Aura Up

To know your aura’s color, you first need to know the seven chakras and the corresponding aura color for each chakra. Only then will you be able to pinpoint which color fits you best? If you’re an extroverted person, your aura will be orange. If you’re a leader, your aura will be yellow and such.

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Catherine Louise Gibson
6 months ago

How do I know what colour aura I have?

6 months ago

Thank you for your interest in exploring the intriguing world of auras! Determining the color of your aura can be a deeply personal and somewhat subjective experience, often involving a blend of self-reflection and sensitivity to your own energy.

One way to start is by considering your personality traits, emotions, and how you react to different situations. Each aura color tends to represent certain characteristics. For example, a blue aura might indicate calmness and sensitivity, while a red aura could signify passion and energy.

Additionally, some people find meditation and mindfulness practices helpful in becoming more aware of their energy field. Others consult with aura readers or use aura photography, though it's important to approach these methods with an open mind and a degree of skepticism.

Remember, the concept of auras and their colors can vary greatly depending on cultural, spiritual, and personal beliefs. It's a fascinating area to explore and can offer insightful perspectives on your personal journey.

If you're curious to learn more about what specific aura colors might mean, feel free to ask!

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