What are Zodiac Flowers and What Makes Them Special

Friday, September 22, 2023 • astrology
zodiac sign flowers

You might not know, but all 12 zodiac signs have zodiac flowers associated with them. It’s a fun and unique way of knowing the most important details about every sign. Whether you want to learn about them in order to give a personalized gift to someone close to you, or to rejuvenate your backyard garden, zodiac sign flowers are an amazingly easy way to incorporate astrology into your daily routine.

So without any delay, let’s dive into what they are.

Zodiac Flowers and Their Signs

1. Aries and Tulips

If your sign is Aries, your zodiac flowers are tulips. This is because the Aries season starts at the very beginning of spring and this is also when tulips start to bloom. 

One of the key characteristics of the Aries is its ability to move towards new beginnings fairly easily. If you’re Aries, it isn’t that hard for you to start something exciting and adventurous in life. When you come across bountiful fields of tulips blooming and seeing them rising from melting snow, it’ll give you a huge boost of confidence.

For you, Aries, this is a sign by nature to come out of your winter slumber, turn a corner in your life and do something new and exciting. These tulips will help you forget about the past and start afresh, lighting up the dormant fire in your belly to get going again.

zodiac flowers

2. Taurus and Peonies

Peonies are great zodiac flowers for Taurus due to their feminine appeal. If you’re a Taurus lady, this is the season to bring out your feminine side. 

Taurus is also known for being the zodiac of patience and strength. If you’re a Taurus woman, concentrate on yourself first and prioritize your well-being before you embark on achieving feats that will surprise everyone. 

Peonies will signify your feminine preparedness as they are tightly wound bulbs waiting to spread out and unfurl their petals. Use this energy that peonies provide to make a name for yourself and become more successful than ever.

zodiac sign flowers

3. Gemini and Poppies

Poppies are undoubtedly the best zodiac sign flowers for Gemini. This is because poppies represent our free-spirited nature. If you’re a Gemini girl, looking at a bunch of poppies will motivate you by their carefree and wild nature to unleash your creativity and enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Driving through the plains of California in spring, you’ll see thousands of poppies growing in the middle of nowhere, side by side with cacti. This gives hope to a Gemini lady, that human ingenuity and creativity grow the most when there are no rules to contain them. 

A peculiar thing about these zodiac flowers is how they adapt to whatever climate they grow in. Be it sweltering heat, freezing cold, or times of drought, a poppy will never give up. Geminis should take note of the endurance of this little flower to never give up, no matter how hard things get.

Zodiac flowers

4. Cancer and Plumerias

Cancer is the symbol of motherhood and nurturing, a key characteristic that it shares with Plumerias, its zodiac flowers. Plumerias stand for birth and creation and if you’re a Cancer woman, this flagrant and beachy flower will instantly remind you of the sea and all the times you went there to make lasting memories with your friends and family.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon which has a very calming and gentle effect on both Cancer women and Plumerias. This flower represents your inner healer, your desire to keep everyone close to you connected and united with each other. It will remind you to take care of those who are truly near and dear to you, because when the going gets tough, they will be the only ones you’ll be relying upon. 

zodiac sign flowers

5. Leo and Sunflower

If you were thinking that Leo was going to be related to a flower that isn’t a sunflower, think again! The Sun has control over both the sunflower and the Leo zodiac. After all, both sunflowers and Leo bloom in summer, the “sunny season”. 

The reason why they’re the best zodiac sign flowers for Leo is because they attract everyone’s attention. Sunflowers always give Leo the inspiration to go out there and conquer whatever comes your way. 

Much like how Leo wears its heart on a sleeve, the sunflower doesn’t shy away from looking straight at the Sun, harnessing its energy to nourish itself. If you’ve ever stood in a field of sunflowers, you’ll know that they seem mesmerizing. The last trait that they share with Leo is to make everyone speechless with their words and actions.

zodiac flower

6. Virgo and Lillies of the Valley

Virgos and lilies of the valley have way too many commonalities, for one, they both represent beauty and purity. Once you look at a Virgo girl, it’ll be hard for you to look away, similarly, once you’ve smelled the soft and earthly scent of these lilies, you’ll be left wanting more, making them beautiful zodiac sign flowers.

You’d think that as the Virgo symbol is a Virgin, Virgos would be concerned with sexual chastity, and you’d be half correct. Virgos aren’t exactly concerned with chastity but have their own definition of perfection and purity, like lilies. Virgo trades gaudy displays for intricate details, like the minimalism and beauty that we see in lilies.

If you’re a Virgo lady, whenever you will look at a lily of the valley, it’ll remind you of not just your mesmerizing physical appearance, but also your inner spiritual beauty. Love and compassion and signified with lilies of the valley, keeping Virgo ladies firm and grounded in their belief to show kindness and love to everyone. 

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7. Libra and Roses

Admit it, Libra, you’re a hopeless romantic. You know it and so do I! The reason why roses are your zodiac flowers is very obvious, they’re the symbol of love. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of luxury and love, making you and roses a deadly combination.

The rose is the “king of flowers” for a reason, it comes in all shapes, sizes and fragrances, puts all other flowers to shame and is the universal expression of telling someone that he/she matters to you more than anyone else. 

Each type of rose has a different meaning: White means innocence, yellow means strength and fertility, blue stands for mystery and red of course means love. If you’re a  Libra lady, you need to understand the diversity of all these types of roses, after all, no matter the differences between them, they all stand for compassion and love and are fitting for a romantic zodiac like yours.

Zodiac sign flower

8. Scorpio and Geraniums

Geraniums symbolize good health, resilience and deep emotions. They’re related to security and protection, making them the ideal zodiac flowers for Scorpio, which too is very protective. 

Scorpio’s ruling star is Mars, the God of War. This is why you’ll usually come across Scorpios who are very protective of those close to them and will do anything to defend their interests. 

Another characteristic that geraniums share with Scorpio is their adaptability. Geraniums will quickly get used to the climate they’re in. If you’re a Scorpio woman, you’re already aware of your remarkable tendency to navigate through life’s challenges and “read the room” with great precision. 

Geraniums are multipurpose and are used in cosmetics and essential oils and were previously used in medicine too. A Scorpio girl too can be very multipurpose as she always comes prepared and has a backup plan for everything. 

Lastly, both geraniums and Scorpios are resourceful and you’ll often see them use their environment to their advantage in order to grow.

zodiac flower

9. Sagittarius and Carnations

Carnations and Sagittarius have a strange-yet-beautiful connection, they both are tough but beautiful. This makes them the best zodiac flowers for Sagittarius. They look amazing in flower bouquets and are one of the most commonly flowers seen at weddings. You’ll see Sagittarius the same way at gatherings, being the life of that event and attracting everyone’s attention.

Carnations are also tough and their toughness comes from their long lives. You’ll see other flowers in a bouquet die pretty quickly, even the legendary rose, but carnations will last long. Sagittarius too are very tough people who don’t quit and you’ll frequently see them drive others to success, both through their words and actions.

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zodiac flowers

10. Capricorn and Orchids

The one big thing that connects Capricorn with orchids is elegance. Orchids are beautiful, yet simple. Being one of the most prestigious of all flowers, it always looks dignified. Orchids can be great zodiac flowers because they represent tradition and grace, much like Capricorn.

The other major commonality between Capricorn and orchids is their “reblooming phase”. You might not know, but Capricorn’s ability to “bounce back” after a low point is a testament to their resolute character and level-headed mentality. Similarly, orchids can live up to 15 years and go through their “reblooming” phase after staying dormant for a long time.

zodiac flowers

11. Aquarius and Calla Lilies

Calla lilies don’t look like your typical flower because of their upward-facing petals that can easily hold water. This makes them the ideal zodiac flowers for Aquarius because of their shared ability to be different than the crowd.

Moreover, Aquarius is the communitarian zodiac sign and, if you’re an Aquarius lady, you already know this, but Aquarians are always the “trend-setters” in any gathering and like to be ahead of everyone else at all times. 

They’re the people who have seen “that serial” 3 weeks before the rest of the world even found out about it. You can always expect an Aquarius girl to be unique, just like a calla lily.

Lastly, calla lilies represent faithfulness and trust. They’ll remind an Aquarius girl to always be truthful and loyal to those who are close to her and expect the same from them.

zodiac flowers

12. Pisces and Lotus Flower 

No surprises here, you can already guess that the biggest connection they have is water. The lotus is no stranger when it comes to (literally) going with the flow and letting your emotions and feelings guide you through life. 

They share this characteristic with Pisces, the water zodiac, which is all about what you’re feeling in the moment, making the lotus one of the best zodiac flowers for Pisces.

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zodiac sign flowers

Summing Zodiac Flowers Up

All of the zodiac flowers have something that resonates highly with a zodiac sign. Capricorn and orchids can come back from dormancy, Scorpio and geraniums can adapt to any environment, Virgo and lilies of the valley are related by elegance and Leo and the sunflower are bold and courageous. Each of these signs and flowers teaches us that we’re all different in many aspects of life, and that’s what makes us unique. 

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