How Does The North Node in Taurus Impact You?

Monday, January 01, 2024 • houses
north node in taurus

If your astrological birth chart is a guide to your identity and life, think of your north node as road sign to your destiny and an indication of where you’re headed on that journey. 

And you might be wondering what exactly it means for the north node to fall in Taurus. I’ve taken a closer look at everything there is to know about this astrological alignment, including what it means for your love life and career. 

I’ve even examined how different houses affect north node in Taurus, so you can understand absolutely everything about your alignment.

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North Node in Taurus in The First House

Taurus here allows you to take your time and not let other people pressure you. This is the house of individuality and Taurus emphasizes being yourself here. Create a calm demeanor and take your sweet time in deciding what you want to do in life. Taurus in this house pushes other people to be intense while pushing you to be calm. Keep it simple and be firm about what you do and don’t want in your life.

The Second House

Having North Node in Taurus's second house is all about standing your ground and defending your views. In this house, Taurus is focused on being firm in your beliefs.

In my opinion, this is something that everyone should learn. Because there will be some events in your life where you’ll be against everyone you’ve ever known. In such events, holding onto your beliefs is vital. 

North Node in Taurus Meaning

The Third House

The third house is the house of communication, where Taurus wants to you be better at talking and listening. 

To me, communicating my thoughts properly is vital in any relationship or setting. Not only does it tell the other person about your views, you also gain insights into their views. You get to know more about the world you live in. 

But you need to go a step ahead of everyone else. Learn to not “just communicate” your thoughts, but enjoy them. Now it may feel like a chore sometimes, when the other person is in a different mood than you. But enjoying most of the conversations you have will bring new ideas and imaginations into your life.

Finally, the north node in Taurus will ask you to listen to other people too. Sometimes, all someone needs is a person willing to listen to their thoughts. All of us are fighting our own battles, and it’s important to hear others too. 

The Fourth House

This house is all about your roots, your family and self-care. North node in Taurus in the fourth house tells you to disconnect from relentlessly pursuing your professional career. 

Taurus here asks you to be in touch with both your family and yourself. Remember that when the going gets tough, usually your family will be the first ones to help you. Your family should have priority over your friends. Because you can change your friends, but you can’t change your family.

The other focus in this house is self-care. I think that humans have become so used to working that they’ve forgotten themselves. So take out some time to look after your body, mind and soul. Tap those breaks occasionally, and take time to process everything.

The Fifth House 

The fifth house is all about self-expression. Taurus wants you to be the best at expressing yourself and not worry about conformity. 

To me, this is something that people don’t pay attention to in this fast-paced world. Being caught up in your life will result in you not expressing yourself as you used to. So, it’s important to take out the time for it.

Taurus will pull you to indulge in the actual materials of art to express yourself. It can be anything, from the color of clay to the feeling of an instrument. No matter what you do, remember to put your foot down and stress self-expression’s importance.

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North Node in Taurus Fifth House

The Sixth House

Taurus’ focus in this house is to make you more attached to a steady routine. This means that you’ll have to live a disciplined life.

It’s no rocket science that living a disciplined life is very important. Adjusting a part of your daily routine every now and then is acceptable. But to not have one at all will be chaotic. 

Take a look at the lives of people who have a set routine about should they do what. Then compare it to people who barely have a routine, or don’t have one at all. 

You’ll see that those with routines tend to get a lot more in a lot less time. While people who live their lives on a whim will struggle to get anything done. 

The Seventh House

Having North Node in Taurus’ seventh house is all about relationships. You’re being asked by Taurus to be comfortable in all of your relationships.

This is fairly self-explanatory, so I won’t go into much detail here. No matter what relation a person may have with you, learn to be comfortable in it. If you’re around your friends, be respectful towards them and get respected in return.

If you’re with your family, be gentle towards those who are younger than you. And for your elders, be respectful of their opinions. Finally, in a romantic relationship, be appreciative of your loved one’s boundaries and don’t cling on to them.

North Node in Taurus Sixth House

The Eighth House

Not rushing into a romantic relationship is the theme of this house. I see time and again that someone rushes into a relationship and is then immediately turned down by the other person.

What you need to do is to acknowledge the other person’s boundaries. While they are there for you, it doesn’t mean that you keep obsessing over them to the point where you forget about your own life.

Yet the opposite of this can also happen. Being so distant in a romantic relationship that “you two” are barely a thing. 

The key is to neither rush nor distance yourself in a relationship. Give each other time to grow and to accept one another, so your relationship may last long.

The Ninth House

Taurus in this house wants you to develop a practical worldview. The theme here is to look into the world you live in and see why is it the way it is. 

To me, developing a practical approach toward living your life is very important. You can only be so much attached to the metaphysical realm. Because at the end of the day, you have to face this materialistic world. And no one can hide from it. 

Having North Node in the the ninth house invites you to not run away from the material world but to accept it. And to do that, you need to think logically and practically. 

North Node in Taurus Ninth House

The Tenth House

North node in Taurus in the tenth house is about traditions and structures. There will be times in your life when you will need to rely on established traditions. And in this, Taurus will be of great help.

Taurus in general is a fairly “conservative” and “traditionalist” sign. It seeks to be in deep touch with religion, family values and in observing local customs. These aspects of your life will give you many reasons to live, work hard and be content with what you have. 

For me, this is something important. In a time where people mindlessly break with traditions, following good customs gives me a lot of inner peace.

The Eleventh House

The second-last house is about making and retaining your friendships. Being social animals, humans can’t live for long without any social interaction. So the best way to “get” more of that interaction is to have friends.

Your “company” has a major factor in shaping you as a person. If you have a great friend group, you won’t just learn good things and habits from them. But you’ll find yourself imparting knowledge to them as well.

For me, going out and having a good time with my friends is vital. Not only does it recharge my battery, but I also make memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

North Node in Taurus Eleventh House

The Twelfth House

The last house is about having a good work ethic. You have the best job in the world, but if you don’t have a strong work ethic to back it up, no one will believe in you.

This is another house that I don’t need to explain much. If you’re new to a job, see how your superiors work in that environment. Observe the good traits that have gotten them this far in their careers.

Another aspect I’d want to stress is to have discipline. This ties in nicely with the sixth house, which is all about discipline. 

Finally, another way to have a good work ethic is to hold the collective interest higher than your personal interest. Think about which tactics will help your team’s strategy the most and then discuss it. 

Summing Up North Node in Taurus

The north node in Taurus has a profound impact on your life. Whether it’s your career, your family, your friends, or your private life, it influences them all. But the bottom line in this node is very simple, take things slowly in life and don’t be in a rush to get it all.

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