Can Ketu in 9th House Make You Long For The Past?

Monday, February 19, 2024 • houses
Keto in 9th house

Ketu in 9th house is a peculiar astrological placement in Indian Astrology. For one, Ketu isn’t an actual planet, but the south node of the Moon (more on that later). But what’s interesting is that it can make you long for the past due to many reasons.

And this is the question that I’ll answer in this article, and look at other influences that Ketu can have on your life. Like your marriage and career, as well as Ketu’s negative impacts. 

Ketu is the south node of the Moon, and the Moon has an interesting role in a Moon conjunct Venus synastry. I have an article on this if you’d like to read it.

The Meaning Behind Ketu in 9th House

When you see Ketu in 9th house, you will start to feel very attached to your religion. You’ll also be on the path to financial success, albeit in the later years of your life. 

Moreover, you’ll be full of positive energy and will be a beacon of hope for others around you. Your optimism will be exemplary and you’ll always figure out a way to look for the grass’s greener side.

What Does Ketu Mean?

Ketu is said to be the Moon’s southern node. In Indian astrology, it’s said to be the head of Naga Vasuki, a demon snake who was cut in half by the Hindu god Vishnu. When Naga Vasuki got sliced in two, its head became Rahu, while its tail became Ketu. 

Rahu is the head of Naga Vasuki and represents intellect and wisdom. While Rahu is separated from its Vasuki’s body, and represents emotions and feelings. If you want to escape from reality and live in the spiritual realm, Ketu is what you need.

ketu in 9th house meaning

Can Ketu Make You Long For The Past?

Another thing that I’d like to tell is that Ketu represents your past lives and past karma. When you come across Ketu, you’ll feel an inexplicable sense of belonging to something that’s very sudden. As a consequence, you may have a very strong memory.

Also, Ketu is known for bringing a rapid transformation into your life. They can get to the point where your life becomes chaotic. If you have a strong Ketu, you’ll have an interest in both the recent and ancient past. 

The 9th House and Its Significance 

Everything that’s “expansive”, or should I say, has no limits, is related to the 9th house. This includes thoughts, higher-level learning, philosophy, travel and much more. It also deals with religion, belief systems, ethics and morals.

On the zodiac wheel, the 3rd house lies across from the 9th house. And while the 3rd house is about information and knowledge, the 9th is about the big picture, intuition and wisdom. 

This house is among the few that I love. It represents the risks that you and I take in life, how we venture into the known, our beings and our minds. This house is ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, and both of them are related to joy, optimism, and a desire to grow. 

Your Personality With Ketu in 9th House Appearance

I love that with Ketu in 9th house appearance, you will become very courageous in life. You’ll be able to handle everything that comes your way, no matter how malicious it may be. 

Furthermore, you’ll have a very strong belief system that will help you in meditation and in fostering a better relationship with the spiritual realm. Also, as this house is ruled by Sagittarius, you’ll always have a burning desire to see the unseen. Life will take you on exciting adventures where you’ll eat new food, meet new people, and live on your terms.

If you’re a Sagittarian woman on the lookout for a new relationship, this is the guide you need to find the right person for you.

ketu in 9th house career

Ketu in 9th House Marriage 

I believe that this astrological placement won’t be very kind to your marriage. Your marriage will be very dull and there won’t be anything meaningful in it. You won’t have any affectionate and loving relationship with your spouse. 

Also, this lack of love and affection will translate into misunderstanding and severe judgments toward the other person. Ketu in 9th house marriage will drive you and your spouse to the point of separation, as that’ll be the only logical solution to this mess. 

This lack of understanding will breed mistrust and deception. You two will frequently lie to each other. Your children (if you have any) will be greatly influenced by this problem and it’ll have a lasting impact on their mental, and possibly, even physical health.

Finally, I see a good chance that either, or both of you will end up cheating on the other. While you may be living in the same house physically, emotionally you’ll be invested with someone completely different. 

Career and Ketu in 9th House

A Ketu in 9th house appearance will be pretty unique for your career. What I mean by this is, that your career will prosper in fields related to spirituality. You’ll be very successful in Astrology, feng shui, metaphysics, Tarot readings and the like. This’ll be due to your strong grip on spirituality and your past life experiences. 

Negative Impact of Ketu in 9th House

Your innocence, your connection to the past and your strong relationship with the metaphysical realm all can be exploited. I’ll explain this in detail here.

Firstly, people will try to take advantage of you as they’ll consider you to be very naive. This can be very detrimental for you if you don’t have your guard up at all times. So while it’s okay to be true to yourself / innocent, you also need to be aware.

Moreover, with a Ketu in 9th house appearance, you’ll have a stronger relationship with the things you liked in your past lives. 

Negative Impact of Ketu in 9th House

People can use this to their advantage by thinking you’re “old-fashioned” and out of touch with reality. While it’s good to be connected to the past, never forget the present. 

Finally, your firm relationship with all things metaphysical can also be exploited. People will think that you’re too arrogant and have stopped dealing with this world because you’re so spiritual. I personally can tell you that it’s not a situation anyone would want to be in.

In all of these situations, I suggest you to be true to yourself and always keep your eyes open. Sometimes, people whom you trust the most turn out to be your biggest enemies, so there’s no harm in being aware.

Summing Up Ketu in 9th House

Ketu in the 9th house means that your marriage will be devoid of any love and mutual understanding. However, it will be a solid astrological placement in every other aspect of your life. 

You will have a successful career, and it will be based on astrology, spirituality and numerology. Moreover, you’ll have a longing for the past and will have an inexplicable attraction towards subjects that you liked in your past life. 

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