How to Tell a Person’s Zodiac Sign

Thursday, June 02, 2022 • astrology
Get to Know Your Zodiac Sign

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to guess someone’s zodiac sign. It’s a lot of fun, and it might even inspire some of your friends to study astrology.

We really believe that astrology may assist us in realising our full potential. You’ll be able to demonstrate your magic while also perhaps opening up someone’s optimism and creativity, which will undoubtedly improve their lives!

Informed guessing is a skill that may be learned. I recall sitting in front of a clairvoyant astrologer for the first time, and the first thing she saw was that I was a Cancer. I was totally shocked and will never forget it!

Later, I discovered that once astrology is woven into our daily lives, it becomes ingrained in our perceptions of the world.

With a little time and experience, guessing someone’s sign is actually rather simple! You’ll be able to take up this entertaining skill with a combination of intuition growth, astrological study, and experience!

Simply conversing with people about their signs on a daily basis will help you become more familiar with how the signals manifest in personalities. However, here are a few additional pointers to get you started..

Find out what their element is.

To begin narrowing your search, you can use your intuition to pick up on the person’s primary element.

> Intellectual, talkative, curious, scatterbrained, or analytical inclinations are all traits of the Air sign.
> Sensitivity, hesitation, and intuition are all characteristics of the Water sign.
> Passionate, inventive, enthusiastic, or temperamental are common characteristics of Fire signs.
> Earth signs are realistic, long-term thinkers, and appear to be grounded.

In this case, trust your instincts.

Take note of how quickly or slowly the individual walks, and observe which element comes to mind first. Relaxing and allowing knowledge to flow to you is the essence of intuition, not over-analyzing and over-thinking.

Once you’ve gotten a sense of their element, think about what characteristics spring to mind when you think of them to further limit down their sign. Of course, you’ll need to know the signs to guess them, so here are the key characteristics that each sign has.

If you know the characteristics of each zodiac sign, you may ask yourself intuitively what sign comes to mind, and you’ll typically be able to limit it down to two or three options.

You don't think when you use your intuition. Simply relax your body and see what comes to mind.

Because you often second-guess yourself when you don’t fully trust your intuition, you’ll likely find that your first perception is the most precise.

To get you started, here are some basic characteristics for each zodiac sign:


They are humanitarians who consider the big picture at all times. Thinkers.


Creative and perceptive, but unable to commit to or follow through on a strategy.


They are laser-focused on their profession and goals. Known for being direct.


Very pragmatic and tenacious. The five senses are highly emphasized.


Talkative and amusing. Has a hard time performing the same thing over and over again.


Nurturing, with a focus on the family and home. It is possible that he is extremely sensitive.


The life of the party who likes attention. They are outgoing and can be cocky at times.


Is noted for paying close attention to the smallest of details. Perfectionist with a plan who’s hyper-organized.


Charming, helpful, and caring. Loves to socialise and is always up for a debate.


Likes to look into things and consider things through. Has a lot of sexual vigour.


Philosophically advanced, mystic, and daring.


The most hardworking sign, with a reputation for financial stability and the ability to stick to one’s plans.

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