The Aquarius Stellium Meaning and Its Intensity On Aquarians
A stellium is when multiple planets enter a zodiac sign. This causes people with that sign to be pulled by all of those planets. One of these stelliums is an Aquarius stellium. It impacts the average Aquarian in countless ways, […] More
how to use tarot to guide you after divorceUp Icon
Utilizing Tarot as a Beacon in the Aftermath of Divorce
Warmest New Year Wishes, Dear Ones! The dawn of a new year brings transformative events. While our hearts are filled with optimism, it's essential to acknowledge that some may be facing heartache and loss as we venture into 2019. If […] More
how to use tarot to discover how other people see youUp Icon
Unveil Your Persona: Utilizing Tarot to Reveal How Others Perceive You
Is it truly possible to uncover how others perceive you through the mystical power of Tarot cards? The concept can be quite astonishing, akin to a form of telepathy typically found in fantastical series like Heroes or X-Men. As we […] More
how to use tarot during meditationUp Icon
Unlocking Inner Wisdom: Tarot and Meditation
​In recent years, the advantages of meditation for our emotional health and intuitive potential have gained increased attention. Nevertheless, some individuals struggle to remain calm and focused due to a racing mind. If you experience anxiety or restlessness during meditation […] More
how to use free online tarot reading for career successUp Icon
Unlocking Career Success with Free Online Tarot Readings
Are you curious about whether a complimentary online tarot reading can provide valuable insights for your career path? Originating in Italy around 1420, tarot has been a trusted source of career guidance for people from various walks of life. In […] More
how to use crystals to enhance your tarot readingsUp Icon
Unlocking the Power of Crystals to Amplify Tarot Readings
Utilizing Tarot cards allows us to tap into our spiritual essence and the energies that surround us. On their own, these mystical cards can offer insights into our inner selves, our dreams, connections, and professional lives. However, when paired with […] More
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zodiac evolutionUp Icon
The Three Evolutionary Stages Of Each Sign in Astrology
Many people think of the Zodiac signs at stagnant or unchanging personality descriptions—but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Each sign is here to embark on a great evolutionary journey through three distinct alchemical stages. Tapping into the energetics […]
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555 angel numberUp Icon
All The Ways in Which 555 Angel Number Can Affect Your Life
555 angel number is one of the rarest angel numbers out there.  Whether you’re seeing it on billboards, receipts, phone numbers, or any other way – it means that you’re soon going to see something major and positive happen. This […]
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gemini moon womanUp Icon
Who is A Gemini Moon Woman And What Should You Know About Her?
When the moon is present in a Gemini woman’s natal chart, she becomes a Gemini moon woman. While they possess many of an average Gemini woman’s characteristics (being a social butterfly, being quick-witted and such), there are certain characteristics in […]
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how to effectively formulate questions for tarotUp Icon
Mastering the Art of Crafting Questions for Tarot Reading
Posing queries to the Tarot about the cosmic secrets awaiting you can often seem perplexing—a fear of formulating inappropriate questions, obtaining nondescript responses, or, in the most bewildering moments, uncertainty about what to inquire at all. A Tarot reading, being […]
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aries and taurus friendshipUp Icon
Can An Aries and Taurus Friendship Last A Lifetime?
Both Aries and Taurus live lives that seem diametrically opposed to each other. Aries crave action and thrill daily in their lives. While Taurus live their lives in a very systematic manner. Aries is a fire sign and is full […]
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angel number 1111 featured imageUp Icon
Does Seeing Angel Number 1111 Mean New Beginnings For You?
Angel number 1111 is one of the rarest angel numbers out there.  Whether you’re seeing it on billboards, receipts, phone numbers, or any other way – it means that you’ll soon see something major and positive happen. This number has […]
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