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11 Angel Number Love and Committing To A Relationship
Contrary to what people believe these days, being in love isn’t an easy task. Yes, emotions are running like crazy on both sides. And yes, things seem beautiful when you’re with that person. But it’s not that easy. Especially when […] More
jupitor in leoUp Icon
Jupiter in Leo Meaning: How to Enjoy Being Powerful?
Out of all the zodiacs, there’s one that easily fits the modern definition of “successful”. It commands authority and respect, wants to be in the spotlight, and has amazing leadership skills. This zodiac is Leo. But what happens when an […] More
Angel Number 2Up Icon
Angel Number 2 Meaning: How to Balance Emotions With Logic?
Balancing emotions and logic is something not many people are good at. And you must’ve seen it yourself. Some people stay logical and rational in the most emotional of situations, where their “logic” isn’t necessarily needed. Others become emotional in […] More
angel number 22Up Icon
Angel Number 22 Meaning: How to Meet Change With Open Arms?
The only thing constant in the universe is change. It cannot be stopped, and it cannot be delayed either. It affects everything that exists, including your life. Sometimes it affects you negatively, other times positively. Yet I’ve seen some people […] More
angel number 33Up Icon
Angel Number 33 Love: How to Not Rush Into Relationships?
Have you ever come across someone who always rushes headlong into romantic relationships? If you have, you may have noticed a particular thing about this person. That they’re always unhappy with their loved one.  What follows is either an endless […] More
Aquarius StelliumUp Icon
The Aquarius Stellium Meaning and Its Intensity On Aquarians
A stellium is when multiple planets enter a zodiac sign. This causes people with that sign to be pulled by all of those planets. One of these stelliums is an Aquarius stellium. It impacts the average Aquarian in countless ways, […] More
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Soul Contract MeaningUp Icon
Everything You Need To Know About A Soul Contract
If you were to ask me about “what is life to you?” I would say “to be a spiritual being and have a human experience”. And, as a matter of fact, it’s true. The life you’re experiencing right now is […]
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66 angel numberUp Icon
66 Angel Number Twin Flame: Better Than A Soulmate?
A twin flame is two halves of the same soul who were separated at birth. And believe me, reuniting with your twin flame isn’t easy. But there is one angel number, among hundreds that tells you that your twin flame […]
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Career Prediction AstrologyUp Icon
What is Career Prediction Astrology And How Can it Help You?
Pick a career that pays you a lot, after all, careers are an important part of your life!” I grew up hearing this phrase more times than I can remember, and it might be the same way for you too. […]
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angel number 4141Up Icon
4141 Angel Number Meaning | love & Twin Flame Connections
When it comes to the angel numbers, some have a more profound meaning than others. And the 4141 angel number is one such number. It tells you that you need to focus on life. It’s a sign from the universe […]
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Saturn in Second HouseUp Icon
Saturn in Second House and What It Means For You
Saturn in second house is an astrological placement where Saturn has a profound impact on your life, especially on the financial decisions that you make. These impacts can be both positive, leading to an accumulation of wealth and an increase […]
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Saturn Trine PlutoUp Icon
The Saturn Trine Pluto Synastry And Its Power Struggles
Saturn trine Pluto is a relationship that I don’t come across that frequently. It’s a pretty unique relationship too, considering that both the persons involved in it have much to gain from it. If you and your loved one have […]
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