The Top 10 Crystals For Luck and Money You Need in Your Life

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crystals for money and luck

If I were to ask you to list the number of people (in your circle) who were relentlessly chasing luck and money for themselves, chances are that you’ll end up counting for hours. We desire these two things dearly in life, and will not stop until we’ve obtained them.

But what if I told you that you won’t ever have to go through that ordeal like literally everyone else around you? You can harness the power of these 10 crystals for luck and money to make them come after you! Let’s find out how.

Crystals for Luck and Money

1. Citrine

Citrine is undoubtedly one of the best crystals for luck and money because it helps you align with positive energy and increases your chances of experiencing prosperity and good luck. 

When using citrine, set a clear intention first and focus on your goals for better luck and more success. This way, you will automatically attract both of them in a way that I cannot describe in words. 

Finally, when meditating with citrine, visualize yourself as being surrounded by good luck and material wealth so you can supercharge the crystal’s abilities.

Crystals for Luck and Money Citrine

2. Pyrite

Pyrite is also called the “stone of success,” and for a good reason, as it directly influences your solar plexus chakra and brings forth good luck, power, wealth, manifestation and most importantly, confidence. If you ask me, that’s pretty much all everyone wants, right? All of these qualities make it some of the best crystals for luck and money.

It is important to note that while we can manifest luck and wealth as many times as we’d like to in a week or month. But when it comes to pyrite, nothing will happen if you don’t back it up with action.  And that action requires confidence, which one can get from pyrite itself. 

Finally, it will also give you the willpower and motivation by leaving your comfort zone and going out in the world to attain wealth and luck. Isn’t that great? 

To achieve the desired effects of this stone, I would recommend you wear it or carry it with you in order to bring wealth and prosperity wherever you go.

Crystals for Luck and Money Pyrite

3. Green Jade

Green jade is believed to resonate with the heart chakra, promoting stability and balance while bringing forth good luck and fortune. As one of the finest crystals for luck and money, it is a must-have if you want to be successful and clear your mind of any doubts if you deserve so much wealth.

There are a few ways to imploregreen jade’s magical abilities. You can choose to carry it in your wallet or wear it. Alternatively, you may also place it on your desk at work or office where you make your money. 

Crystals for Luck and Money Green Jade

4. Aquamarine

Aqua means water in Greek and aquamarine will make you remember the calm and breezy sea whenever you look at it. It’s known to be among one of the best crystals for luck and money.

Embracing this stone at the right time ensures trust, loyalty and serenity in your life. It is said that it also helps with calming your mind and nerves and controlling anxieties. Finally, it can help you gain wisdom and understand truth and insight in a more profound way.

5. Blue Topaz 

Blue Topaz is one of the most sumptuous gemstones ever and is hailed for its healing and metaphysical abilities. 

This stone is known for its physical appearance and soothing blue color. It brings a sense of peace and comfort into your life, it is relatively unknown that blue topaz also brings prosperity and luck and amplifies them both a multitude of times. These qualities make it one of the finest crystals for luck and money.

Lastly, blue topaz makes the wearer more humble and forgiving. However, I would highly recommend that you wear this stone after consulting an experienced astrologer.

Crystals for Luck and Money Aquamarine

6. Opal

Opal is labeled as the stone of psychic energies and transformation. Embracing this stone will result in changes in many aspects of your life, including luck and wealth. It it were up to me, I would have added it to the infinity gauntlet thanks to its powers. 

It’s strongly linked to the crown chakra and will help you in attaining a higher level of consciousness and connect with the spiritual realm in a stronger way. Finally, it will help you in finding happiness and positivity and bring creativity, strength and committedness into your life.

If you want to know more about the crown chakra crystals and how to unlock it using crystals, read our post on it right here.

Crystals for Luck and Money Opal

7. Moonstone 

Moonstone is some of the ideal crystals for luck and money and to initiate new beginnings in life. It will propel your personal growth in a gentle manner and can help attract opportunities for success. 

You may not know but moonstone is also used to activate your creative feminine energy and unleash your intuition, making you more innovative and curious about life. The tranquil energy of moonstone invites motherly protection and restoration. 

Finally, it will help you cool down your emotions and will soothe you in times of distress, while bringing luck and prosperity into your life. 

Crystals for Luck and Money Moonstone

8. Black Tourmaline

While black tourmaline is one of many famous crystals for luck and money, only a couple thousand people all over the world know that it’s also used to block and clear away negative energy. Once you have this negative away taken away, you start seeing growth.

Moreover, this stone has a grounding effect on its wearer and will assist you in becoming more resolute in your approach towards generating more wealth. Lastly, it will bring forth luck and amplify your motivation, two important factors that you need on your side in order to amass more material wealth.

Crystals for Luck and Money Black Tourmaline

9. Blue Lace Agate

If you’re a student and are either about to have or are having exams right now, you need a lot of good luck on your side. Luckily for you, a blue lace agate is the best crystal for luck which you need in these tedious times. It will ensure that you ace all of your exams, both in the present and future.

But there’s more to it. This crystal is one of the premier crystals for luck and money which you may use if you struggle with communicating your thoughts effectively. Many writers keep it with themselves or have stumbled upon it without knowing. Blue Lace Agate will also strengthen your relationships, bring forth new opportunities, and, ultimately, good luck and prosperity.

Crystals for Luck and Money Blue Lace Agate

10. Hematite

If you’ve been suffering from unresolved stress for quite a while which holds you back from unleashing your inner potential and keeps you down every time, getting a hematite will reduce this strain and clear your mind. 

Hematite has metaphysical properties that will boost your determination toward goals and result in financial abundance and success in your career. This makes it one of the foremost, yet highly unknown, crystals for luck and money.

Finally, this stone will dissolve your negativity and prevent you from absorbing other people’s negativity. You’ll be full of self-esteem, reliability, survivability and timidity, making you an unstoppable force, able to take on any challenge that comes your way.

Crystals for Luck and Money Hematite

Summing Up the Top 10 Crystals for Luck and Money

Each crystal works in different ways. Some are good for students who are going through exams, some are suited for those who are going through immense stress in life, while some are for business people

But the theme in all of them remains the same, they’ll help you get more lucky and prosperous in life in an easier way than most of the people around you. If you want to know about the most powerful stones to attract wealth, read this article.

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Out of the 10 Crystal I have four and where my moons Stone at all times it's in a ring.

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