8 Best Crystals for Protection That You’re Missing Out On

Monday, November 27, 2023 • crystals-and-gemstones
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There are times in our lives when we want to take a break from everything and reevaluate our lives. These are the moments when you and I feel at our most vulnerable state. When we want to heal ourselves and feel protected in the confines of our homes. A time when we wish to block negative energy and focus on ourselves.

Luckily, we can rely on the help of some crystals for protection, which ward off negativity in our surroundings and help us in recuperating spiritually. In this article, we’ll be looking at these stones that you’re missing out on.

Crystals for Protection

1. Selenite

As pale as dawn and etched in pink and peach in its rough form, selenite here is one of the best crystals for protection and healing due to its ability to bring light and sparkle into your place.

This stone will clear out your blocked and bad energy and help you feel secure. It does this by replacing those damp and weighty feelings with positive vibrations. 

Whenever your space feels dreary and dark, Selenite will light it up by welcoming not just through its natural light, but also by giving you a feeling of protection.

Crystals for Protection Selenite

2. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has been one of the premier crystals for protection for centuries as it’s used as a shield against psychic attacks. Its deep shade of blue littered with silver stars and icy bright white has been loved by royalty and artists for years.

This stone emits regal positive vibes when placed in your home, making you feel secure in your confines and warding off negative energy. Finally, it knows how to bring emotional balance and can be amazing to use in dreamwork if you place it under your pillow.

Lapis lazuli is also a very powerful money magnet stone that’s been used for ages to attract wealth. If you want to know how it works, read it all.

Crystals for Protection Lapis Lazuli

3. Hematite

Rich in iron, which has always been a symbol of strength, hematite is among many crystals for protection and healing and is a stone you need if you want to overcome your fears. 

You may not know, but it’s one of the few stones out there that will work with your mind and infuse it with willpower and determination to keep you grounded and out of reach of negative energy. Talk about amazing!

Lastly, it’s an excellent stone for concentration, so be sure to have it close when you feel scatterbrained and need to get your head back in the game.

Crystals for Protection Hematite

4. Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz looks like a wisp of autumnal cloud across a full moon, ready to help you heal with its gentle feminine energy. It feels like a light hand ready to collect all of your negative energy and dissolve it in the ground.

Like hematite, smokey quartz is one of many crystals for protection and healing that you can rely on when you’re under the influence of negative energies and want to clear your mind. I would recommend using it when you need to shake things up and get back in action.

Another use for smokey quartz is to attract luck, and if you’re like me and want luck coming after you, read all about this stones to attract luck.

Crystals for Protection Smoky Quartz

5. Labradorite

Found in the freezing wilderness of Labrador, Canada, labradorite shares shades with the aurora borealis and is one of the few best crystals for protection (with respect to appearance) that gives a soothing vibe whenever you look at it.

While this stone is swirling with mystical properties, it also knows how to keep you tethered to your sense of self. It does this by nurturing a deeper relationship with your sixth (third eye) and fifth (throat) chakras. This in turn makes your home a haven of free communication, where you feel safe.

Crystals for Protection Labradorite

6. Aquamarine

Plunge into the vibrant blue shades of a hidden pool of coolness with aquamarine. It’s said that sailors in the old times would stuff it in their pockets to keep themselves from drowning. And since you’re the captain of your home, having some aquamarine by your side to protect you is a good idea.

It can guide you safely through the difficult course of life and has an eternally peaceful presence that delivers a quick revival for those treading through unknown waters.

Aquamarine is one of the foremost crystals for protection as you can put it under your pillow and sail off straight to a land of protection and healing, only to wake up charged, carefree and ready to take action.

Crystals for Protection Aquamarine

7. Black Obsidian

Dark, dreamy and born from lava, these are three words that define a black obsidian stone. It’s full of protective and healing energy that wards off negativity and shields you from even psychic attacks, making it part of the best crystals for protection and healing. 

I would recommend placing it at your home’s entrance for it to quickly pick up any forces that are bringing in bad luck and make sure that any negativity inside is processed into positivity.

Crystals for Protection Black Obsidian

8. Onyx

Onyx is the last of our best crystals for protection and healing and is as remarkable as its black color. If you tend to bring a lot of negative energy home with you, this is the stone you need to forge a protective and healing barrier at your front door. 

It will blot out your fears and phobias, help you heal old wounds, encourage thoughtful meditation and bring forth luck and happiness. 

Crystals for Protection Onyx

Summing Crystals for Protection Up

While each crystal has its own way of making you feel protected, they all share one common theme, and that is to help you heal and ward off bad vibes from you. Some crystals convert bad energy to good, while others block away the negativity.

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