A Guide to 12 Best Crown Chakra Crystals for Healing

Monday, September 25, 2023 • astrology, crystals-and-gemstones
Crown Chakra Crystals

The chakra system, which refers to the energy centers in our bodies, consists of seven major parts that are all located at different points in the spine.

Crown chakra crystals have been used for ages. They are used to balance out the crown chakra and connect us to divine wisdom, intuition, and consciousness.

Located on the top of your head, the crown chakra is responsible for bringing more awareness into our lives, connecting us with deeper consciousness, and enlightening us towards a better life... 

All chakras are represented by some sort of color representing them, and the crown chakra is no different. It is often represented by a gleaming bright white light or purple color. 

Since ancient times, crystals have been used to spiritually heal people. Proper use of crown chakra crystals and meditation with them has helped block bad energy and repel evil powers. 

Ancient Egyptians had a significant history with crystals as they used several crystals to employ peace in their lives and repel the evil eye. 

And since then, some crystals have been used to emotionally and spiritually heal those who have a blocked crown chakra to increase their inner peace and heighten their awareness to let them find their purpose in life. 

In this article, you’ll see if you have an open or closed chakra, its symptoms, and how you can use the crown chakra crystals to open up your chakra and attract more wisdom and intuition in life.

Crown chakra crystals for open chakra 

According to the chakra system, everyone has seven main chakras in their body. The crown chakra, being the seventh and final chakra, is mostly associated with more wisdom and intuition, and to attain its benefits, you need to have an open chakra that can make energy flow smoothly through you.

An open crown chakra is a treat for you as it lets you find true joy in life easily. 

Having an open crown chakra will let you truly enjoy all your five senses and be more open to the ideas and thoughts of people around you to gain more patience and wisdom while having more energy throughout the day. Moreover, it will feel like energy is smoothly flowing through your body, and you’ll feel like an intellectual, energetic powerhouse. 

When the crown chakra is open, the light of energy easily flows into our body, helping us learn and understand more about the universe and things beyond a common man’s intellect. You start to feel more aligned with yourself and the universe, and everything starts falling into balance for you.

Moreover, it will be much easier for you to find joy in life and be more inspired every time. You will no longer feel lost or have no purpose since your awareness will increase, and you will feel more open and energetic. 

So if you’ve got an open crown chakra, you can use the stones for crown chakra to further improve the benefits you can attain from it.

Crown chakra Crystals

Crown chakra crystals for blocked chakra

A closed crown chakra comes with its own problems that you need to address. 

Blocked or out-of-balance crown chakra is normal in today’s modern life as we’re disconnected from our true inner selves. 

If your crown chakra is out of balance, you might feel more annoyed, stubborn, and not open to other people's ideas and thoughts. People might think of you as someone with a narrow mind. At the same time, you might suffer from low physical energy. 

Individuals with blocked crown chakra often have a hard time sleeping and might have to face insomnia. That’s why If you have a blocked chakra, you might be sensitive to light and sound, irritability, and lack of motivation might house your brain, and a constant feeling of rejection and emptiness can envelop you. All of these are physical and mental symptoms of a blocked crown chakra and call for healing. 

Luckily, crown chakra stones and crystals can easily open up your crown chakra, and you can get rid of the symptoms. 

Crown chakra Crystals

How to heal a blocked crown chakra

You don’t need to worry if your crown chakra is blocked. Luckily, there is a quick and easy solution for you to open your crown chakra and attract inspiration in your life through crown chakra crystals. 

In ancient times, both crown chakra crystals and crown chakra stones were used to treat people with a blocked or out-of-balance crown chakra. Their use, allowed energy to flow easily into their lives and bodies. However, if you feel like your crown chakra is out of balance, and you want to treat it quickly, below you’ll find the 12 best crown chakra crystals used for healing.

Each crystal has its own powers and specialty to deal with whatever issue you’re facing in life. 

1. Celestite

If you’re looking for more calm, serenity, and peace in life, Celestite is your go-to crown chakra stones option. Made up of rough edges and an icy appearance, Celestite is heavy and usually colorless or pale blue. And according to crystal experts, it’s found in Madagascar, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Egypt. 

It’s known to be a powerful crystal to open the crown chakra as it can enhance your psychic abilities and improve your intuition to let you develop more awareness of yourself. It excites your crown chakra and expands your vision.

Crown chakra Crystal

2. Clear Quartz

Another crystal that is used in crown chakra therapy and known as one of the most popular crown chakra crystals for healing is Clear Quartz. Formed in environments with geothermal water, it is a transparent stone that is formed with silicon and oxygen. 

This crystal is known to radiate positive energy and expelling any negative energy that could block or close your crown chakra. As it allows positive energy to flow seamlessly, it opens your mind to new ideas and lets you absorb more wisdom and guidance in life. Especially helpful if you’re going through bad episodes of brain fog and lack of clarity. 

Bringing its peaceful and positive energy to the table, clear quartz helps you harmonize your crown chakra properly while filtering out any evil or negative energy that could be an obstacle to your path.

Crown chakra Crystal

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is often known as the stress buster crown chakra crystal. Since the Neolithic age, this crystal has been mined and exported to various countries of the world. That’s why many old-world cultures used to believe that Lapis Lazuli had many spiritual and magical powers. Hence, the pharmaceutical use of Lapis Lazuli was found in the Ancient East for centuries. 

This crystal not only brings more balance to your crown chakra but also unclogs the root chakra to repel any stress or negativity you’re facing. It’s most popular for its linking ability, as it creates a strong link between your crown chakra and the final part of the spine, helping you feel more harmony throughout the body.

Crown chakra Crystals

4. Selenite

In saline environments when water evaporates, it gives birth to a crystal that is called Selenite. The gypsum deposits that are left behind after evaporation create this strong crystal that is widely used in crown chakra crystal healing therapy. 

Selenite is often recognized as a popular stone for crown chakra because it not only unclogs one chakra but also restores energy in all seven of them. This helps you channel spiritual and personal energy throughout your body and heighten your understanding of life. 

Crown chakra Crystal

5. Labradorite

In crown chakra crystal healing therapy, Labradorite is often known as the stone that brings clarity, a sense of purpose, and protection to the user. 

By bringing clarity to the equation, this crystal helps you make a more powerful and informed decision by letting you scrutinize every situation carefully and make the best decision possible after proper analysis. Many people and healers believe this crystal brings positivity to the user’s life. 

crown chakra crystals

6. Turquoise

Often seen together with diamonds in 19th-century fashion and jewelry, turquoise is believed to have a profound impact on opening up your crown chakra.

It is known to bring emotional stability and clarity in your life that lets you make informed decisions rather than acting in haste and regretting later. 

Crown chakra Crystals

7. Amethyst

Crown chakra crystal healing is incomplete without the mention of Amethyst. It is regarded as one of the most popular options to fix your crown chakra. 

Through its gentle vibrations and atomic structure, it is known to allow a person to absorb more wisdom and has a powerful impact on enlightening you better in life.

Crown chakra Crystals

8. Howlite

The sensitive gray veins on the howlite’s surface not only portray a subtle image of the human body’s veins but are often known as the crystal that brings clarity to your life.

If you feel like you’ve lost your sense of purpose and want guidance in life without feeling lost, grab a howlite and carry it with you to restore power to your crown chakra. 

Crown chakra Crystal

9. Moonstone

Romans believed that moonstone could bring wealth, fortune, and wisdom into one’s life. That’s why this stone has a history of being used in spiritual healing. 

This stone is used to bring more calmness and emotional stability to your life while giving you more awareness by boosting your intuition. 

Crown chakra Crystal

10. White agate

White agate is another popular stone that is always a hot topic when it comes to crown chakra crystal healing. 

It’s believed to balance masculine and feminine energies in you and give you a powerful sense of peace by eliminating toxins from your crown chakra.

Crown chakra Crystal

11. Hematite

If you’re constantly battling with stress and anxiety and feel like the burden of the world rests upon your shoulder, Hematite is often believed to suppress this negative energy. 

It keeps your crown chakra balanced by grounding any negative energy you’re feeling and not letting it get the best out of you. 

Crown chakra Crystals

12. Aventurine

For those who crave more creativity and intuition in life where they feel like their sixth sense should always be top-notch, Aventurine is believed to be of massive help. 

It helps stabilize your state of mind, which allows for more clarity and creativity since your brain will start working more smoothly. 

Crown chakra Crystals

How to use Crown Chakra Crystals for Healing?

The best way to use these crystals and stones for healing is to place them at the top of your head since that’s where your crown chakra is and meditate. 

Visualize your crown chakra opening up and you absorbing the healing effects of these stones. This way, you’ll start repelling negative energy out of your crown chakra and letting your crown chakra absorb more positive energy.

If you don’t know how to meditate, you can follow guides on YouTube and do a guided meditation session with your crown chakra crystals. 

Other than that, you can also keep these stones close to you throughout the day, as it is believed that having these stones close to yourself can let you open up the crown chakra through the vibrations of these stones.

Through their vibration, they will repel the negative energy and give you the emotional stability, heightened intuition, and clarity you’re looking for. 

Crown chakra Crystal

Final Thoughts

The Chakra system that lets you know about the energy centers in your body is made up of seven major parts. However, each part should be open and balanced to bring more positive energy into your life.

Healers who are experts in chakras often prescribe crown chakra crystals for their profound impact on opening up your crown chakra. These stones and crystals are believed to repel negative energy through their vibrations and bring positive energy into your life. 

The 12 stones for crown chakra that we mentioned above are usually the most popular and have been found to bring the most dramatic results. That’s why there is a unique story on how each of these stones is formed, and hence, all of them have unique vibrations that can open up your crown chakra and bring the balance you’re craving in life.

Either meditate with these crown chakra stones or keep them close to you throughout the day; you decide how you want to use these crystals to open up your crown chakra.

Use these stones to heighten your intuition, bring clarity, improve creativity, and get rid of the negative symptoms that blocked crown chakra brings. 

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