Which is The Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck?

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Which is The Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck

Did you know that there are certain powerful stones spread all over the world that have been used for centuries to attract good luck? Chances are that you didn’t know, until now!

Billions of people all over the world spend decades (and collectively centuries) looking for good luck, yet are unable to find it. But you won’t! Because I’ve written this article just for a select few like you to tell them about which is the most powerful stone to attract luck, to bring it to you! 

So get ready, because by the end of this post, you’ll be lightyears ahead of everyone else when it comes to having good luck.

The Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck

12. Rose Quartz

While rose quartz might look very unassuming at first, it will fill up your heart with the radiant energy of love and compassion, making it one of the most powerful stone to attract luck in relationships.

A rose quartz will always remind you to peel back your petals when you’re not getting the same amount of love you’re giving to someone. This is a heart-healing stone with powers to raise your self-worth, deepen your love for yourself and assist you in getting into a mental space where you can attract great love. 

Most people don’t know that being lucky in love isn’t about “being at the right place at the right time”, beneath that is to have an open heart that can trust someone, and of course, good luck. 

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck Rose Quartz

11. Peridot

Resembling money with its green color, the peridot is one of the most powerful stone to attract luck for a lot of reasons. For one, it will bring you financial luck, clear your mind of any doubts regarding money and ensure that you’re ready to take action to attain more wealth in life. 

Secondly, if you struggle to properly differentiate between your wants and needs, it will aid you in creating a clear line that helps you understand as to which expenses are necessary and which aren’t.

If you felt amazed reading all of those qualities, wait till you know that peridot will open your mind and heart to alertness and will also help you make better financial decisions in life. 

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck Peridot

10. Malachite

You’d be amazed to know that every civilization that has come across malachite has been smitten by it, and for a good reason. Malachite helps your heart chakra and brings a promise of new growth. If you’re someone who wants to have your branches reach higher for the sky and attract luck, malachite is what you need.

Apart from luck, this stone will also bring confidence, wisdom and the courage you need to leave your comfort zone and take action, making it one of the most powerful stone to attract luck.

When all of these traits combine, you get a stone that brings you good luck, makes you wiser and keeps negativity away from you and assists you in reaching your highest potential.

9. Garnet

Are you someone who feels short-changed when it comes to luck, love, success and fame? If that rings a bell with you, a garnet stone might just be something missing from your life. If you’re seeking a life of riches and solid luck in every aspect of life, keep on reading.

This stone, with its deep hues and regal moods, will bring forth luck and set you on the path to success. Garnet is said to glow on pleasure and luck and its presence alone entices people to come towards you.

Whether you desire better success, fame, or love, a garnet might be the most powerful stone to attract luck and much more towards you.

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck Garnet

8. Carnelian

If you’re someone who wants to keep their fire of fortune bright, a carnelian is what you need. It’s said that ancient warriors would wear carnelians around their necks to be blessed with its luck-bringing abilities. This is a stone oozing with life, and only someone who wants to live his/her life to the fullest would want it. 

In this list, you’ll come across many stones that bring forth luck, Carnelian goes a step further by creativity, confidence and courage too into your life, ensuring that your luck goes deep into your skin and pierces through your being. This makes it, in my opinion, the most powerful stone to attract luck. 

7. Smokey Quartz

Don’t be fooled by the smokey appearance of this type of quartz! Smokey quartz is here to rid your mind of doubts and make your intentions as clear as blue water to everyone around you! 

It also helps luck and fortune flow towards you by clearing your energy fields and eliminating all the negative energies inside of you. 

This soft stone is also known as the stone of power for it gives you the perfect hint for what you want to achieve in life and then shows you the path to get there. All of these qualities make it one of the most powerful stone to attract luck.

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck Smokey Quartz

6. Clear Quartz

This clear and bright stone is the perfect and, arguably, the most important stone to attract luck with. This stone has super strength energy meaning that it can take a fleeting thought and send it out in a larger-than-life way into the universe. Yes, this is how we attract fortune and luck, by emitting our intentions out there.

So if you’re someone who doesn’t feel like they don’t have a powerful voice to attract wealth, bring a clear quartz into your life and send out your message loud and clear.

If you want to attract not just good luck, but also money through clear quartz, then read our article on it money attraction crystals.

5. Green Aventurine

While there are other stones in this list that help you gain more luck and wealth, green aventurine tends to be different than them. This is because it won’t just bring forth more wealth and luck for you, but also stabilize them!

This stone was known as “gamblers gold” in the past, and for good reason. It’s the physical manifestation of raw and unharnessed luck, where even the word aventurine means chance in Latin. 

It can be the most powerful stone to attract luck and money if you keep finding wealth slip through your fingers.

4. Citrine

Just one look at this sunny and bright stone reminds you that it’s drenched in luck. Like the first rays of spring after a freezing winter. An instant “pick me up”, this happy-go-lucky stone is loaded with wealth and luck. After all, it was called “the merchant’s stone” in the past. 

If you’re looking to lean into your dreams and feel the sweet flow of optimism, you’ll surely be rewarded. Finally, good follows this stone wherever it goes, so be sure to get it and unlock your solar plexus and sacral chakras as you make the most of those fortune-bringing, radiant and creative energies.

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck Citrine

3. Tiger’s Eye

Lined with paths of success, a tiger eye’s black and gold bands remind us that we’re the masters of our own destiny and this is what makes us lucky in this world. 

One reason why I would list it in the list of the most powerful stone to attract luck has to do with all the vitality and energy that’ll pull you out of a slump and get you to take action in life. 

Also, like the big cat that this stone is named after, this stone will keep you alert to all the abundance and possibilities that surround you.

But the most important characteristic that a tiger’s eye stone displays is to awaken your senses and make you realize your worth. When that happens, it puts you in a place where you can see your dream become reality and find the strength to reach your goals.

2. Red Jade

Red jade is one of the most versatile stones out there, for it can tap into your boldest and brightest energy, extinguish your fears and stir up your chi (your life force). All of those actions will propel you towards success and make you more likely to make lucky decisions, rather than being held back. 

This is one of the most “practical” and most powerful stone to attract luck as encourages you to go out there, take risks and try time and again until you make a name for yourself. 

Red Jade gives everything that you need to step into the light of your fullest potential. It’s a stone that says yes to all of your big dreams, while keeping you stable and grounded so you have firm footing as you take your next big leap.

But the underlying theme in all of these stones is to harness their power and use them as much as you like to your benefit. If you want to know more about some other gemstones and their hidden abilities, read this post spiritual meaning of stones.

Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck Red Jade

1. Green Jade

For centuries, green jade has been used to attract wealth and luck. The Chinese have used it in their medicine for ages, and all around the world, it has been used as a good luck charm. 

It’s an awesome stone that clears your thoughts and fills you with the confidence you need to make it big in life. Green jade is also a money-attracting stone, often found in business places and it can protect you from making unwise financial decisions while bringing money to your door.

The last reason why green jade is the most powerful stone to attract wealth and ranks at the top of our list is it protects your personal energy from being lost. Suffice it to say, a green jade is truly a jack of all trades.

Summing Up the Most Powerful Stone to Attract Luck

Getting good luck to walk towards you and bless you with all that it has to offer is possible with these stones. Each of them helps you in a different way. One will help you in love, another will rid you of mental barriers and some will help you in getting more lucky with everything.

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