The 15 Best Money Attraction Crystals You Must Know About

Wednesday, November 08, 2023 • crystals-and-gemstones, manifestation
money attraction crystals

Have you ever heard of mystical money-attracting crystals that help you in gaining more wealth than you can count? Crystals that help you generate so much moolah that you can finance that long-awaited trip to Bali while still saving tons in your bank for a rainy day? Chances are that you haven’t. 

Not many people have heard of such crystals in their entire lives anyway. So now that you know about them, consider yourself lucky for soon you’ll be thanking me for reading this article! 

In this article, we’ll be looking at the 15 Best Money Attraction Crystals you need to get your hands on right now. Let’s begin.

The 15 Best Money Attraction Crystals

These are the 15 best money attraction crystals to help you attract more wealth and fortune.

1. Pyrite

Pyrite’s more common name is “fool’s gold” as it resembles a lot with real gold. It is used to attain more wealth and fame. Every time you see it, it’ll remind you of fame and success. 

If you’re a business owner struggling to make an important business decision, it’ll help you clear your mind so you can easily understand which decision to take that will be the most profitable for your business. 

Pyrite will also help people who have recently gotten new jobs or have been promoted, as it emits positive energy and helps you get good luck, both of which you need for new beginnings. Lastly, it’s one of the most powerful crystals for manifestation skills and enhancing your willpower.

2. Green Jade

One of the 15 best money attraction crystals is green jade, which has been used for centuries by the Chinese to attract wealth and by the indigenous New Zealanders (the Maori people) in their rituals to bring forth abundance and luck.

If you’re someone who has amassed a lot of wealth, yet has become too caught up in attaining materialistic possessions, this is the stone you need to stabilize your life. Its balancing energy will put your heart and soul at ease. 

Placing a green jade crystal in the southeastern part of your home will result in attracting wealth and will boost your confidence and self-belief, allowing you to turn your dreams into reality. 

money attraction crystals

3. Green Aventurine

If you’re looking for some major business or career opportunities, a green aventurine is all you need. It’s also called “the Stone of Opportunity” as it channels prosperity and abundance.

Only a few people all over the world know this, but the word “aventurine” is derived from Latin, which means chance! A green aventurine is nature’s way of giving you “the easy way” to gain more fortune in life. 

One of its hidden benefits is wealth retention. With it, you won’t be just “gaining more wealth”, but you’ll also have the ability to keep it. In our fast-paced world where everyone wants to spend money on useless items, this is a good skill to have.

Finally, it’s linked to your heart chakra and will promote positive energy and courage, so you feel that you’re worthy of gaining all of this wealth.

4. Malachite

Malachite is one of the 15 best money attraction crystals, yet its powers are hidden from millions of people throughout the world. If you keep attracting negative energies financially and have lost a lot of money, you need Malachite’s protection.

This stone is known for removing these bad energies and warding off dangers from our environment. If bad financial luck doesn’t leave you alone, this crystal will turn things around for you and bring prosperity back into your life! It’s nature’s way of getting you back on track, but at a faster pace.

5. Citrine

Citrine is known to be “the merchant’s stone” as it attracts wealth in abundance. It’s connected to your sacral chakra, which is all about boosting your creativity, expressing your wants and desires and of course, managing your financial desires in a better way.

If you’re having financial problems and find yourself running out of cash frequently, it might be because your sacral chakra is blocked. This blockage causes many issues in life, such as poor money habits, getting into debt time and again, spending like crazy and feeling guilty about every dollar you spend on yourself.

Citrine will help in removing this blockage in your sacral chakra and release your fears and beliefs around money to create a more practical relationship with it. This change in your behavior will boost your financial health.

So if you want to get rid of debt and control your spending spree, start your journey with citrine and see how it changes your life! If you want to know more about the sacral chakra and 12 other stones that can unblock it, read our post on it sacral chakra crystals.

6. Amazonite

Amazonite is what you need for better communication skills at your workplace and to attain more wealth. It fires up your throat chakra, which is related to how you talk and whom you talk to. It also breaks down the barriers that are stopping you from obtaining more money. 

Amazonite acts as an all-rounder in this list of 15 best money attraction crystals as it attracts not just money, but also love, health and everything else that you’ve always wanted. I would recommend placing an Amazonite stone under your pillow so that you wake up charged and confident, ready to take on everything that comes your way!

money attraction crystals

7. Garnet

Garnet is highly recommended for attracting prosperity in your life. You’ll be surprised to know that it also will bring forth confidence, charisma, courage and creativity into your life. 

Keep this stone with you if you’re going through a “make or break” type situation, like a very important interview before a promotion, as it will significantly increase your chances of nailing that interview!

If you want to know more about garnet and other gemstones that can positively impact your life in many ways, read our article on it spiritual meaning of stones

8. Green Moss Agate

If you’ve suffered a business loss or had a financial setback lately, a green moss agate will help you cope with the situation, lift up your spirits and get your head back in the game. 

It has very gentle healing abilities and will help you get back to the top, even if you’re at rock bottom right now. It will also bring forth abundance and prosperity and will clear energetic blockages in your chakra system by creating a protective ring around you. 

Using this stone while manifesting money daily can be very beneficial and if you do it, you’ll soon see your life get back on track to abundance and new opportunities. 

9. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz has a special ability that you might not know. It’s one of the few crystals in our list of the 15 best money attraction crystals that can amplify another crystal’s power! This way you won’t be just getting “more money” in the future, but it will come to you faster!

I would recommend using clear quartz to eliminate any deep-rooted beliefs and thought patterns that you may have regarding money. As this stone stimulates the upper chakras (like the third eye and crown chakras), it will help you see wealth with a fresh perspective.

Apart from these specific abilities, clear quartz is another all-rounder stone that will help you manifest anything you want

10. Tiger’s Eye

Are you looking to stay away from dodgy business deals, to be protected from bad omens and any other unfortunate events where you may lose money? If yes, your luck needs a boost, and the tiger’s eye can help with it!

This is one of the 15 best money attraction crystals out there that helps you boost your confidence and stand out in the business world. With its help, you’ll be firmly connected with your personal power through your solar plexus chakra, which deals with personal identity. 

If you’re looking to get a raise or a promotion, or if you have your own business and are looking to secure better deals, this crystal will help in those matters. 

money attraction crystals

11. Sunstone

The sunstone is nicknamed the “stone of leadership” as it helps in unleashing your leadership qualities that are essential if you want to get more wealth in life.

This stone with its warm orange tone is a must for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to express their aims and objectives clearly to their teams and ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

So if you’re leading your subordinates toward your vision of success and wealth, keep a small sunstone in your wallet or wear a sunstone bracelet.

12. Yellow Sapphire 

Not many people know that you can manifest money with yellow sapphires, for they have many excellent qualities that can help you in getting rich. This is one of the 15 best money attraction crystals out there and will be especially lucky for you if you’re a Pisces or Sagittarius zodiac sign person.

If you keep doubting the monetary decisions that you make and lack self-belief, a yellow sapphire will be ideal for you. Its bright color connects to the solar plexus chakra and will make you emanate positivity and release your inner doubts about money.

Wearing this stone will make you stand out in any crowd for two reasons, the first being its shiny color, and the second being your “winner’s vibe” which you’ll emanate. 

13. Peridot

In Hinduism, peridots have been associated with wealth for centuries. This is because this gemstone is connected with the Hindu goddess of wealth and fortune, Lakshmi. 

Aside from alluring wealth, peridot is also connected to the heart chakra. You might wonder about what this has to do with wealth? Well, it will help you in releasing negative behavior and emotional traits like anger and jealousy that hold you back. 

Finally, peridot can also increase self-worth and self-love, creating a positive and healthy mindset to attract wealth. 

14. Amethyst 

Amethyst’s purple color (associated with riches and royalty) can be beneficial in attracting monetary abundance into your life. And not just that, it’s also one of the most potent healing crystals, having the ability to raise your vibration and bring more wealth, clarity and ease into your life. 

Another reason why I’ve included it in one of the 15 best money attraction crystals has to do with its anxiety-reducing and calming abilities. It will soothe you in times of distress and relax your nervous system when you’re confused about making a monetary decision. 

money attraction crystals

15. Rose Quartz

While rose quartz is mostly used to manifest love, it also can be used to get more material wealth in life. Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra and will help you cut back on negative thoughts like “I don’t deserve this much money” and other beliefs that hold you back.

Another reason why this stone makes it to our list of the 15 best money attraction crystals has to do with its connection to the throat chakra. The crystal will help you be more effective in communication at your workplace and, for example, be more skilled at asking for a pay raise or answering a job interview’s questions in the best way.

How to “Program” Crystals to Attract Wealth?

In case you don’t know, gemstones need to be charged and activated before they’re used. Setting an intention with your “money magnet” crystal is also essential. It declares to the universe your aims and clarifies what you want the crystal to do.

This is how it’s done…

Step 1: Cleanse the crystal by either leaving it under the moonlight overnight or soaking it in water.

Step 2: Write your intention down as an affirmation, this can be general or specific, like “I’m attracting increasing amounts of wealth into my life right now”.

Step 3: Hold your crystal in your non-dominant hand and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths to center yourself.

Step 4: When you feel connected and ready, repeat your affirmation by either saying it out loud or in your mind, whatever feels right for you. 

As you repeat the affirmation, imagine yourself achieving your monetary goals and being surrounded by wealth. Feel gratitude for what you see in this vision.

Step 5: Continue this imagination process for some minutes, repeating the affirmation as often as you like. Then gently open your eyes.

6 Surprising Ways to Attract Wealth With Crystals

Now that you know the 15 best money attraction crystals, you will be thinking about all the ways in which they can be used to get all of that wealth and success. 

So I’ve listed 6 surprising ways to attract wealth with crystals below that I find to be the most useful.

1. Using Them in Manifestation Rituals

As these crystals help in drawing money towards you, you can use them in your meditations and manifestation rituals. These could be as simple as holding them in your hand while saying an affirmation, or using them in a visual meditation (like the one above) where you imagine a life of financial abundance.

Some common affirmations are:

“I attract money easily and effortlessly.”

“Money flows to me with ease and in abundance.”

“I deserve a life of financial success.”

“Money comes to me quickly and in increasing quantities.”

2. Create a Feng Shui Money Corner

Feng shui says that we all have a “wealth corner” in our homes. According to Chinese history, the wealth corner is located in the southwest corner of your home. So when you stand at your front door, look at the far left corner of your home. This is the place where you should keep your money attraction crystals. 

3. Place Them By Your Home’s Entrance

One of the 6 surprising ways to attract wealth with crystals is to place them by your home’s entrance, as it’s another area associated with monetary abundance. This is where good energies come in, so make it a place to draw good energy like a magnet and to ward off negativity. 

4. Keep Them on Your Desk

You can also keep a money magnet stone on your office desk. As it’s where you create money, placing a stone like citrine there will enhance your creativity, help you achieve more success and give you more fulfillment in your career.

money attraction crystals

5. Carry Crystals in Your Wallet

For on-the-go money manifestations, keep a small money crystal in your wallet. For me, this is one of the best ways out of the 6 surprising ways to attract wealth with crystals and makes sense when you think about it. The crystal’s properties will infuse your existing money with an intense energy of abundance.

If you’re someone dealing with many limiting beliefs around your wealth or if you’re trying to break free from that oft-repeated scarcity mindset that parents instill in their children, do this. 

Write down your favorite affirmation (which could be either something you made for yourself or one of the 5 I’ve written above), fold it and keep it with the stone in your wallet. 

6. Wear Money Stones As Jewelry

The last way to use crystals to bring forth prosperity is to wear them. You can buy them either in stores or online and wear them, attracting good fortune wherever you go. The stone-to-skin contact will ensure that the stone’s potent effects take place consistently in your auric field. 

Summing Up The 15 Best Money Attraction Crystals

Attracting money, as well as good fortune, health, happiness, clarity and ease is very possible when you harness the power of these crystals. While each crystal has a commonality, in that they all attract money, they have different “specialties” too. 

It is important that you know the major differences between all of them and how to use them before you commit to using (or more than) one.

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