The 4 Best Crystals for Virgo That Can Enhance Your Abilities

Friday, January 12, 2024 • crystals-and-gemstones
Crystals for Virgo

Virgos are full of earthly energy. It’s the sixth sign of the zodiac and is full of kindness, and positive energy. They’re known as the problem solvers of the zodiac. It's no surprise that this earth sign knows how to keep one foot on the floor even when it seems to be forever striving for greatness. 

But some aspects of a Virgo’s life can sometimes trouble them. I have seen many Virgos become lost in their thoughts, or find it difficult to express their feelings. Moreover, the feeling of being burned out also keeps them on the edge.

The solution to these issues lies in crystals. Different crystals have different abilities that, when used, can impact your life significantly. The same is true for a sign like Virgo too.

So in this article, I’ll be looking at the 4 best crystals for Virgo and see how each of them can impact you. If you want to know the money attracting crystals, I’ve an article on that which you should read.

Crystals for Virgo

1. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz doesn’t just look clear, it also gives you mental clarity. If you’re looking for one of the best crystals for Virgo to ramp up your energy, clear quartz is one of them.

One thing that I have seen frequently about Virgos is their level-headedness. As a Virgo, if you want to increase your problem-solving capabilities and think even more rationally, clear quartz will greatly help you.

Moreover, it is said that it stirs up your brighter feelings and aligns all your chakras. This promotes balance and makes you feel at ease. 

Finally, if you find yourself being overly critical of yourself, a clear quartz will release your negative thought patterns. Thus eliminating this behavior.

Crystals for Virgo Clear Quartz

2. Amethyst

If you find yourself overthinking and over-analyzing everything that you do, it may be a good idea to relax a bit. And with an amethyst, you get exactly that.

This is one of the best crystals for Virgo as it reduces your perfectionism and level-headedness. While I really love these Virgo traits, if they keep on increasing, they’ll make you an emotionless machine.

Also, if you find yourself being overburdened with a ton of responsibilities and pending work, amethyst will help you with this too. It does this by clearing your mind and making sure that you’re in the right mental state. So to keep your emotional and logical sides in balance, an amethyst can be very useful. 

crystals for Virgo Amythest

3. Carnelian

This stone is full to the brim with energy and vitality. As a Virgo, there are times when you feel vulnerable and out of your element, without any confidence or determination. This is where Carnelian comes in. 

Carnelian is one of the few crystals for Virgo that can significantly increase your motivation. It also helps with your confidence, giving you the strength you need to tackle your weaknesses.

A trait that I have noticed a few times in Virgos is them “getting lost in their heads”. As a Virgo, while you are a very analytical person, you sometimes end up “over-analyzing” things. But a stone like Carnelian can help you with it.

This is because Carnelian has grounding abilities that will help you stay on track. It will prevent you from becoming lost in your head. Finally, this stone is also helpful in communication and lends you supportive energy that aids you in properly expressing your thoughts.

Carnelian is one of the most powerful stones to attract luck. If you want to know how that works, read the linked article.

crystals for Virgo Carnelian

4. Amazonite

If you feel very anxious at times and want something to soothe your heart and mind, an Amazonite is one of the crystals for Virgo that you need. It radiates a positive energy that will calm your senses and provide some relief amidst the chaos you’re going through.

I have seen a trait in some Virgos that when it comes to communication, they struggle immensely. Again, this might be because Virgos like to “think before they act”, and sometimes, they end up overdoing it. 

This is where Amazonite can help you. It will enhance your essential relationships by ensuring that you can express your ideas freely, and can connect with people easily. If you struggle to find the right words, it will help you with them as well, so you don’t end up alienating or upsetting someone. 

Finally, Amazonite also helps with soft thinking and establishing inner peace. This provides you with a sense of inner respite from your tiresome routine and the endless “to-do lists”.

crystals for Virgo Amazonite
Stones of Virgo, including Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Amazonite, Garnet, Chrysocolla and Moss Agate

Summing Up The Best Crystals for Virgo

These crystals will restore your energy and make sure that your kindness, compassion and analytical sides become balanced again. Their gentle aura will affect you in a soothing manner, calming your nerves and ensuring that you become well-grounded again.

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