The 13 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals You Need to Know About

Wednesday, October 11, 2023 • crystals-and-gemstones
sacral chakra crystals

The sacral chakra crystals is the second of all seven chakras and is located right below the navel. It’s responsible for your emotions, sexuality, pleasure, and even your creativity. When it’s balanced, you will feel highly creative and full of joy. And when it is out of balance, you’ll feel less creative, lethargic and demotivated. 

The Importance of Sacral Chakra Crystals

If you’re a beginner in the world of chakra crystals, you might not know their importance, but these little stones really pack a ton of power in them. Unlike us humans, a chakra crystal has much more vibrational energy emanating from within. This allows it to influence everything around it, including people.

You and I, in contrast, have a much smaller vibrational energy and are prone to outside influences. These influences may block any number of chakras, the sacral chakra included. In situations like these, we need the help of sacral chakra crystals to unblock the sacral chakra and restore our energy and creativity.

But How Do You Use Sacral Chakra Crystals?

Before you get into the crystals themselves, you should know how to use them. Simply put, all of the crystals (whether mentioned below or otherwise) can be worn as rings, bracelets, or necklaces. You can also carry them with you in a special pouch or bag.

You may also hang or place them wherever you spend the most time, be it in your living room, bedroom, or even your office. Similarly, you can also use some of these crystals in special baths or oils for an added boost to their energy.

If you enjoy meditation or are just getting into it, some sacral chakra stones can be immensely helpful in your spiritual journey. To use a crystal in meditation, simply hold it in your hand and focus on the energy it emanates.

With that done, let’s get to the crystals.

sacral chakra crystal

1. Carnelian

Carnelian is one of the best sacral chakra stones out there if you’re looking for a boost to your enthusiasm and an increase in your vitality. It will also assist you in releasing pent-up anger and opening inner spiritual blockages and make you feel much more light-hearted and full of joy.

It will help you unlock your sacral chakra and is renowned for helping in creative hobbies like theater, music and art. It’s one the best stones out there that helps in motivating you towards your aspirations and goals.

You might not know but Carnelian was worn and worshipped by the ancient Egyptians because of its elegant color. Orange-colored stones played a vital part in their culture and were associated with blessings, especially towards women.

sacral chakra crystal

2. Citrine

If you’re looking to restore your sacral chakra, rejuvenate your inner energy and increase your vitality, then look no further than citrine. It’s one of the finest sacral chakra crystals available and will also help you enhance your creativity and give your self-confidence a significant boost.

This yellow crystal is famous for being “the merchant’s stone” because it’s believed to increase wealth and prosperity. If you’re looking for a deeper connection to your solar plexus chakra (the one located close to your heart) then this crystal will help in establishing that and more.

Lastly, if you’re looking for motivation to get any kind of task done, this is one of the best crystal sources to get it from. Moreover, it also emanates a deeper sense of optimism and encourages you to express yourself freely in front of the world. It’ll greatly enhance your interpersonal relationships and make you feel like living your life to the fullest.

sacral chakra crystal

3. Moonstone

If you’re a lady going through “that time of the month”, you might not believe it, but moonstone sacral chakra crystals will help alleviate that pain and even menstrual cramps! Moonstones are an amazing way to balance out your sacral chakra and can be incredibly effective in getting you “back in the fight” when you’re feeling low.

This stone is said to have the same energy as the Moon (which explains the name) and is very helpful when you need a tidal wave of positive energy back in your life. It is full of feminine energy and assists with emotional balance.

Finally, for those of you looking for a new beginning in life, this crystal will be a perfect companion as it heals your sense of attachment and helps you in realizing your worth. Through its vibrations, it will help you move on from past trauma and make you feel as light as a feather.

sacral chakra crystal

4. Tiger’s Eye

Sometimes we go through phases of life where we’re very fearful of the consequences of every action that we do. Nothing seems to be going right and the overriding feeling of “all of this is going the down the drain” persists. In these trying times, the tiger’s eye is one of the few sacral chakra stones that can calm us and release that inner fear.

The tiger’s eye can help you with stabilizing your mood swings and also aids with grounding. Its bands fuse the energies of the Earth and the Sun to accelerate your personal power and boost your inner vibrational state, which has a soothing effect.

I would recommend you wear it as a talisman or a pendant for short periods to create an energetic field around you and raise your consciousness. With this stone, you’ll be able to tackle whatever life throws at you head-on, come what may.

sacral chakra crystal

5. Snowflake Obsidian

Born from fire and lava and cooled through the passage of time, this is the stone you would need to keep yourself firm and level-headed no matter how hard the going gets. It’s one of the finest sacral chakra crystals and will aid you in staying anchored and in a spiritually stable place.

This stone is used to cut away old karmic wounds and heal your soul from unresolved grief. It brings order to chaos and will help you settle stagnant thought patterns so you may move ahead in life. 

Because of these abilities, it will help clear your sacral chakra of harmful thoughts, jealousy and all kinds of burdens that may be keeping you down. Finally, you may also try to use it to improve your connections with your mind, body and spirit. 

sacral chakra crystal

6. Red Jasper

This is one of a handful of sacral chakra stones that you can use for a host of things. Be it endurance, stamina, vitality, security or safety, you name it and it’ll help with that aspect of your life. It can also help in providing a soothing sense of peace and tranquility.

Red jasper will help you with its nurturing energy and calming your emotions. It can be placed anywhere on the skin and helps you with understanding and facing problems before they pose a serious danger. 

Lastly, it assists women with setting up personal boundaries so they may not be fearful, no matter the location or situation. It makes women feel more courageous than ever and gives them the strength of a warrior. Lush, deep and utterly nurturing for the soul, this is the stone you need to face reality head-on.

sacral chakra crystal

7. Orange Calcite

For those of you who are looking to get emotionally balanced and not have to worry about your mood swings, orange calcite might be one of the best sacral chakra crystals out there. 

This orange stone with specs of white can be your partner in relieving stress and anxiety and help with balancing your feelings.

It’s said that this stone can help attract spiritual energy into your life and make your connection with the metaphysical realm stronger than ever. It is a protective stone that blocks negative energy and defends you from harmful thoughts.

Finally, it’ll help you become much more creative and lead a healthy and fulfilled life and help in releasing negative emotions as well as getting rid of old patterns of behavior. 

sacral chakra crystal

8. Sunstone

This is one of the best sacral chakra stones to channel your enthusiastic side through. With this stone, you’ll feel like conquering the world as the energy of the Sun in these crystals lights up new and adventurous paths for you and you embark upon a new journey.

If you feel less confident than usual lately and are struggling to maintain your real, unfiltered personality in front of the world, then let this crystal guide you into expressing your true self. Whether you’re in a platonic or romantic relationship, this stone will give you the confidence you need to be your real self in front of that special someone.

The sunstone is a proponent of feelings of joy and positive emotions and is the ideal stone to carry with you when you want to be surrounded by happiness and positivity. Finally, it’s one of the few crystals that may be used with another crystal, like amber.

sacral chakra crystal

9. Amber

Are you having a hard time trying to make an important decision? Why not use this stone? And yes, it is a well-known fact that amber isn’t a crystal, but is birthed from trees. Regardless, it can easily rival other sacral chakra crystals due to its vibrant earthly energy that helps in making crucial decisions.

This stone is full of ancient wisdom and is said to be a natural pain reliever. If you’re looking to reclaim your power, clear your inner pathways and regain your positivity, this is the stone you’ve always been looking for. Amber stores energy from the Earth and the Sun and gives you a heightened sense of spontaneity

Moreover, it also gives the wearer a better sense of intuition and reconnects him/her with our ancestral selves, so he/she may gain a better understanding of the world that he/she lives in.

sacral chakra crystal

10. Goldstone

This gemstone unleashes the human mind and helps us set and navigate a better course of life. It greatly benefits the sacral chakra by connecting with it and clearing it.

When you come into contact with this crystal, the possibility of you achieving all that you have always dreamed of will become true. 

Goldstone is full of energy that will calm you even on the toughest of days and lends a helping hand in steadying your emotions. While goldstone is one of a few sacral chakra stones that are manmade, it possesses the healing potency of glass and copper and can be very beneficial for you in achieving success and glory.

Goldstone is the best crystal that gives rest to a lethargic mind and comes in many colors, like black, brown and navy blue. Lastly, it will help you in attaining your life’s purpose and is helpful in personal development.

sacral chakra crystal

11. Clear Quartz

The word “quartz” is derived from Greek and means “ice”. The ancient Greeks believed that this crystal was a permanently frozen form of ice that would never melt, no matter what.

This is the crystal you could use when you’re struggling with negative energy and want to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Clear quartz makes your spirit shine and uplifts your aura as you rid yourself of emotional blockages, all the while amplifying your intuition and creativity.

It’s one of the most powerful and energizing sacral chakra crystals and aids you immensely in preventing any kind of imbalance or mood swings in your body. Clear quartz will also help you in healing your emotional body, especially when you’re looking to create newer and healthier relationships.

Finally, it can amplify energy, be it yours or of any other gemstone. It also acts as a master healer and works to bring all 7 chakras into balance. 

sacral chakra crystal

12. Tangerine Quartz

There are times when we want to unleash our creativity and express it in ways that would shock everyone who’d come to know about it. However, we often deplete our creativity pretty quickly and once that happens, it gets hard to do anything exciting or adventurous.

You know that feeling and so do I. This is where tangerine quartz comes in to fix this problem and make sure we can show the world what we’re made of. It does this by stimulating your chi’s flow through your body. It can be an amazing addition to your collection of sacral chakra stones and helps in increasing happiness, inner energy and vitality.

The other name of this crystal is the “golden healer quartz” and for a good reason. It will help you let go of old and unpleasant memories that keep holding you back and will help with lifting your vibration. This will fill you with a youthful energy, rejuvenating you, and inspiring passion and creativity.

sacral chakra crystal

13. Aragonite Star Clusters

The tiger’s eye and aragonite are two very similar sacral chakra stones as both of them can be used for some much-needed emotional stability and as a means to explore our existence. It will teach you that balance in all aspects of your life is essential. Aragonite is also used for self-care and has the ability to reduce frustration levels and mental stress.

If you’re someone who meditates or is just getting into the habit of meditation, you’ll find this crystal to be of extraordinary value. It’s an amazing tool to release your negative thoughts and anger. It makes us self-reliant and gives us a great boost of confidence when we need it the most. 

Furthermore, if you find it difficult to concentrate on minute details these days (all thanks to things like Instagram and TikTok), you’ll see that aragonite clusters will considerably increase your ability to concentrate and remember the nitty-gritty of certain things.

sacral chakra crystal

Summing Up All You Need to Know About Sacral Chakra Stones

There are countless sacral chakra stones that help us in more ways than we can imagine. Some of them, like moonstone, have a calming and nurturing effect. Some are like the sunstone and help us turn a corner in our lives. Others, like the tiger’s eye and aragonite clusters, help us in focusing on the minute details of bigger problems. 

However, the basic theme of all 13 chakra crystals that I’ve listed here is very simple. All of them support us in one capacity or another. Some will make our chi flow to bring about our creativity, some will block negative energy, and others will uplift and balance our mood. Lastly, some of these gemstones will give us a sense of security, vitality and stamina. 

But the most noteworthy thing is that each and every one of these crystals helps the sacral chakra by affecting it positively in one way or another, allowing us to connect in a better manner with the metaphysical realm.

Harnessing the power of sacral chakra stones is a transformative journey, guiding us through the vast spectrum of emotions, creativity, and connection. Yet, our journey into the realm of energy and metaphysics doesn't end here. Ever wondered about the enigmatic aura colors that surround us? Dive into our next enlightening read, What is a White Aura and How Does it Affect Your Life? to explore the essence of this pure hue and its profound impact on our existence. Let the exploration continue!

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