How Can Second House Cancer Impact a Cancerian’s Life?

Saturday, December 30, 2023 • houses
second house cancer

Cancer is universally seen as one of the most kind and compassionate zodiacs out there. If you’re a Cancerian yourself, you know well how considerate you can be towards your loved ones. 

But what happens when Cancer enters the second house? The house of material possession? In this article, I will be discussing second house cancer in detail and see how it can affect you.

What is The Second House?

The second house is related to material possessions, financial stability and ethical standards. It deals with everything you value and the money you earn, spend and save. All of these aspects are severely impacted by the position of the planets. 

It signifies the way you attract or repel money. Note that this house doesn’t deal with houses and land. It’s only concerned with liquid money.

Saturn in second house is another astrological placement with some commonalities as second house cancer. I’d recommend you read up on it as well.

Second house cancer meaning

Which Planet Rules the Second House?

This house is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. It rules Libra and Taurus and represents our ability to attract what you desire in your life. Venus is inherently feminine and receptive, so it pulls your “wants” towards you.

To me, Venus is all about beauty and grace. It has a harmonizing effect on every house that it passes through and brings out your artistic and “refined” side. It has a “shadow” expression too, like laziness, vanity, gluttony and self-indulgence.

The Personality of A Second House Cancer

You will be very aware of your worth as a second house cancer person. Cancerians by default are very loving and compassionate, and in the second house, this trait only gets better. So you’ll find yourself to be empathetic towards your loved ones and will feel content you’ve taken solid care of them.

Generating wealth is an important part of a Cancerian’s life. And in this house, you’ll be more attached to your wealth and will try to generate more of it. As with everything in your life, there are positives and negatives with this as well.

The positive side is that you’ll be more safe financially compared to the past. More wealth automatically translates to investing more and more in luxuries. So your lifestyle will get better too.

However, this is where the negatives come along. I’ve seen that Cancerians have an underlying fear that everything good may not last forever. This will result in you hoarding all of your wealth and becoming stingy with it. 

Finally, as a Cancerian, you’re very family-oriented. This trait of yours will be amplified in the second house, as you greatly emphasize the importance of the family. You’ll place their needs before your own, even if it causes you great emotional pain or stress.

second house cancer personality

Positive Traits of a Second House Cancer Person

According to my research, the biggest positive trait in you is your charitable nature. Cancer in the second house can lead you to become very lucky with money. 

This, combined with your communitarian nature, will make you spend it for the betterment of your closed ones. As you’re a very sensitive person, you’ll be able to sympathize with them greatly.

Negative Traits of A Second House Cancer Person

The wealth that you attract has immense potential to make you greedy. I think that this is the single worst trait that you can develop. 

You’ll become attached to your material objects because you’ve worked hard to build up your empire. This, as I’ve mentioned earlier, will make you a stingy person, who’s always counting their cash and bank balances. 

Second house cancer traits

Careers and Second House Cancer

Career options for a second house cancer person seem limited to me, but there’s a reason behind it. 

Cancer stands for things that are “inherited” or passed down from one generation to the other. This can be actual/monetary inheritance, or it can be wisdom and familial responsibility.

I have seen that when Cancer enters the second house, Cancerians show great affection towards their money. Whether this is their own money, or that generational wealth that they were handed down isn’t the question. 

Of course, this also deals with how you utilize this wealth. You may want to use it on your loved ones, or only on yourself. Hell, you may not want to inherit this money at all! 

However, if you do intend to use this inherited wealth, some avenues will satisfy your creative side. You can spend it on starting a business. Or you can use it to get even better at creative skills like graphics and writing.

If you want to attract money like a supercharged magnet, I’d recommend reading up on some money magnet crystals.

Love and Cancer

As a second house cancer person, you know well that when you love someone, you love them with all your heart. The best partner for you will be someone on the same level of care and affection as you.

Allow me to explain. Cancerians are very compassionate and will go to lengths to make sure that their loved ones are well taken care of. So someone who greatly understands your affection and reciprocates it will be the ideal one for you.

Cancerians also need to be reassured now and then that they are loved. This adds another layer to romantically investing in a partner who values your efforts.

A crucial aspect I’d like to address is clinginess, which I’ve seen in many Cancerians. As I’ve mentioned at the start, Cancer has an underlying fear of losing everything. This translates into their romance as well.

You will easily become attached to a person who’s on the same romantic level as you. This can easily cause you to become wildly possessive of them and cling to their entire existence. And I’m talking about “missing my loved one when they’re at work” levels of wildness.

The solution to this is simple. Set solid boundaries right at the start of your relationship. This will not only help your love to grow but also keep it “logical” and non-interfering when the other one is busy. 

second house cancer love

Summing Up Second House Cancer

Cancer in this house will be a force to be reckoned with. Not only are you compassionate with your loved ones, you’re also benevolent with your wealth. Just be sure to not let your inner fear regarding wealth take hold of you, and you’ll be fine.

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