3rd House Astrology: Everything You Need to Know About it

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3rd House Astrology

The 3rd house of astrology deals with three major things in your life. One of these three things is communication (giving the house its name, “the House of Communication”). The remaining 2 major things are your early education and transportation. 

When combined, these three can have a profound impact on your life. This is why in this article, we will be looking at 3rd house astrology in detail.

3rd House Astrology Meaning

Learning is the first theme that comes up in the third house. This is the place where we process ideas, information and language. The 3rd house stands for learning and understanding things that are close to us and how our brains register them. 

The zodiac sign passing through this house tells a lot about your mental framework concerning learning. Let’s say that Virgo is in the third house, it means that Virgo people were great in typical classroom-style study sessions. Yet for an Aquarian, such an educational setting won’t be optimal. 

I’ve observed this difference fairly closely. Let’s say that Virgo is in the third house, it means that Virgo children will fare greatly in a typical classroom-style study session and will be setting new record academic records, be it in their circle of friends and family, or even in their geographical location.

Yet for Aquarian kida, such an educational setting won’t be optimal, because they want freedom and innovation to excel academically. This is why Aquarian kids will be bored out of their minds in the conventional educational setting.

The second aspect in 3rd house astrology is communication, which plays a significant role in our lives and is one of the most direct ways that we use to express our feelings with each other. Whether you prefer small heart-to-heart talks or love in-depth long conversations that last for hours, communication is the key to both. 

Finally, the local community is the last important theme in 3rd house astrology. This house wants you to be in touch with your family, friends and neighbors. This house rules short trips as well, as traveling via any medium is how we bring ourselves closer to our loved ones.

With all of its planetary influences, transits, and the occasional emptiness, the third house impacts us in more ways than we can think. If you want to know influences of Saturn in second house and how it can affect you, read our post on it.

Which Zodiac Sign and Planet Rule the Third House?

Gemini brings intelligence and wisdom to 3rd house astrology and influences your ability to absorb knowledge. While Mercury is known as “The Messenger Planet”, which governs the expression and processing of information to this house.

You might not have your third house set in Gemini, and there’s nothing to worry about it. If you have a different sign, read on to understand what it means in your 3rd house astrology.

3rd House Astrology Meaning

Empty 3rd House Astrology Meaning 

Empty 3rd house astrology means that you’ll struggle to communicate properly with your family, friends, relatives and neighbors. While it doesn’t mean that you’ll face difficulty in talking with all of these people, it will certainly exist.

There will be scenes where you intended to say something, but you said it (inadvertently) in a way that gave your sentence a radically different meaning. I’ve seen this happen a few times, and believe me, it can suck! You can also face slurring or a speech problem, adding to people’s skewed interpretations of your meaning.

Lastly, there are two other factors that empty 3rd house astrology will influence. The first will be your inability to accept logic and your adamant reliance on your emotions when you know well that you’re in the wrong.

For example, you believe that a certain Chat GPT prompt will give you a very specific answer to your question, while your friends say otherwise. You test the prompt out and they get proven right. If you use your emotions here and remain adamant that it was supposed to be your way, you’ll obviously be in the wrong.

The second factor is your emphasis on your siblings (if you have any). You will be overly accommodating to them, even if they want to stay away from you or are being toxic and manipulative towards you.

3rd House Astrology and Planetary Influence

All of the 10 planets (including the Sun and the Moon and the Moon’s North and South Nodes ) as well as the asteroid Chiron will impact the third house and your ability to learn, your communication skills and your mental framework in a host of ways, with each planet being different when compared to the rest. 

Here I will briefly discuss their influence on 3rd house astrology.

3rd house astrology Planetary Influence

1. The Sun

You are a social butterfly and always like to be surrounded by people. You love meeting new people and sharing ideas while being complimented the whole time by them. 

A word of advice for people who tend to be this way, don’t get caught up in these circles and make your whole life revolve around them. 

Give yourself some time alone and do some practices of mindfulness. I’ve seen intensely extroverted people do these 2 things and make their lives much easier.

3rd House Astrology Meaning the sun

2. The Moon

Unlike other people, you don’t have a problem talking about your feelings. Yet you tend to intellectualize your emotions instead of feeling them. I’d recommend talking to someone very close to you about how you feel and “let off some steam” this way.

3rd House Astrology Meaning the Moon

3. Mercury

You feel scatterbrained at times and have a hard time concentrating on the more important things in life, but you shouldn’t worry about it, as it’s just your mind doing gymnastics. I’d recommend learning new ideas and expressing new concepts to your loved ones to keep your mind fresh.

3rd House Astrology Meaning Mercury

4. Venus

Whether you’re a poet or someone who talks very smoothly, you know your way with words. Moreover, 3rd house astrology says that an intellectual connection is at the top of your list when looking for your ideal life partner.

I’ve heard of people who were very good with words manipulate other people to their advantage in a ruthless, almost Machiavellian manner. So beware of your special ability’s dark side and you’ll be fine.

5. Mars

You have a lot of curiosity stored in you that makes you knowledgeable about many things in life and eager to share them with your people. 

In typical Mars fashion though, in a conflict-like setting, words can be both your armor and your sword, but I would recommend not going “all-out” in such a scenario, lest Mars take hold of you and go a bit “crazy” with the person in front of you.

6. Jupiter

There is no philosophy or ideology that you cannot understand. Your ability to see the big picture makes you well-liked by others and helps you in staying positive. Keep at it and you’ll be content with what you have.

3rd House Astrology Meaning Jupiter

7. Saturn

You’re being too hard on yourself with your pessimism and serious communication style. Take it easy on yourself and don’t drive yourself too hard that you always feel tired and crash into the bed the moment you get back home.

8. Uranus

Boredom is your worst enemy and will make your life monotonous quicker than you can expect. I’d recommend thinking outside of the box and thriving in spaces where you can let your mind roam and be carefree, even if for a few minutes.

9. Neptune

You have a very imaginative mind which makes you more of a visual than a textual learner. 

I’d say that you’re best suited to artistic professions and you may even be able to read other people’s minds! Imagine your friends lining up outside of your home just to know if you can tell what they’re thinking, sounds fun! However, try not to be aloof and lost in your head.

3rd House Astrology Meaning Neptune

10. Pluto

Your soul feels emotionally rested when you intellectually understand the world around you. It’s asking you to transcend the limits of the rational mind and take a dive into your intuition. Answer its call and you’ll be able to tap in and out of the metaphysical realm on a whim.

11. Chiron 

A fear of rejection will make expressing your thoughts and ideas difficult for you. A probable reason for this is early wounds of feeling misunderstood.

12. The Moon’s North Node

3rd house astrology says that you tend to hold onto your beliefs regardless of the obvious facts that go against said beliefs. 

13. The Moon’s South Node

You may have an attachment to logic which dominated your past, however, your journey demands that you listen to your gut feeling. When you’ll do that, you’ll find yourself teaching and sharing knowledge, be it in a classroom setting or something else.

Transits and 3rd House Astrology

If a planet moves through the third house, it will have an impact on your conversations and on how you think. Every planet will have a unique impact and its energy could either bring new opportunities or obstacles.

If Saturn passes through this house, you may feel the need to have a serious conversation with a loved one. Or you may face a difficulty with a medium of transportation. If a powerful Pluto passes through the third house, you’ll feel a shift in the way you communicate your ideas. 

The trick in transits and 3rd house astrology is to keep an eye on planetary movement to avoid communication mishaps and to keep your head in the game. 

Transits and 3rd House Astrology

3rd House Astrology and the Zodiac Signs

Each zodiac sign is affected differently when it passes through the third house. Here we’ll briefly look at all of them.

1. Aries

I’ve seen that Aries can be very stubborn in their beliefs and quick to jump to conclusions when their sign is in the 3rd house. 

A behavior like this will make communicating your thoughts harder for you, as you sometimes seem a bit “rough on the edges” for other people. So try to be a little more patient, and reap the rewards for years to come.

2. Taurus

Taureans tend to be very grounded in their beliefs, but when their sign passes through the third house, their grounding devolves into stubbornness. 

I recommend a more gentle approach towards your relationships and trying out new ideas and beliefs to spice things up in life.

3. Gemini

As this is your sign’s house, third house astrology says that you’ll be very curious about everything with a deep desire to learn. You have no difficulty in expressing yourself and will be very social and outgoing when Gemini passes through this house.

One thing I’d recommend to all the Geminis here is to watch for the inevitable “information overload” (which naturally comes with being curious) which might make you a little stressed out.

4. Cancer

When Cancer passes through this house, you will have a thirst for knowledge (like Gemini) and a hyperactive mind that always wants more. 

However, there’s a downside to this hyperactivity too, which is boredom. You’ll get bored quickly, though you’ll be able to balance it out with your social and communicative skills.

5. Leo

No zodiac is as bold and opinionated as a Leo. Leos won’t struggle to express themselves when their sign passes through the 3rd house and will have very rigid opinions and beliefs that will not change easily. 

I’d recommend you to make sure you don’t get assertive with your viewpoints with other people when your zodiac is in this house.

6. Virgo

Virgos are precise, but persuasive communicators who like to gather all the information they can get their hands on before they make a rational decision.

If this is your sign going through the 3rd house, you might feel like you have the answers to everything. But it’s important to give a chance to everyone else around you before jumping to conclusions.

7. Libra

Imagine a zodiac sign that is an elegant communicator who loves talking to others and is in harmony with all its actions. If you’re a Libra, guess what, this is you!

One word of advice for the Librans over here, be careful of being respectful to others when Libra is in the third house and don’t expect much from people in return to avoid heartbreaks.

8. Scorpios

Scorpios love to be mysterious, and I’ve seen it so many times that I can’t even count anymore! Although you as a Scorpio can be full of wit and close off your emotions, you can also be easy to talk to. 

You know the reason for this and so do I, Scorpios tend to be a vulnerable sign who will cease all interactions with people you deem “unnecessary” or “unimportant”. The solution to this is simple, be at ease (when your sign passes through the third house) in sharing your feelings and don’t make lightning judgments of other people.

If you want to know what happens to Scorpio when multiple planets affect it (a Scorpio stellium), and how it can impact your life, read our article.

9. Sagittarius

In 3rd house astrology, the sign that has pretty much “everything” that its people need to succeed in life is Sagittarius, and it gets better when Sagittarius is in the third house.

You’ll have a philosophical outlook on life, will be committed to your goals, and will easily express your thoughts. Talk about everything!

However, the one place where I see Sagittarians lack is their interpersonal relationships with their friends and family. If you work on this aspect, you’ll be golden!

3rd House Astrology Meaning Sagittarius

10. Capricorn

If you’re a Capricorn, you know the importance of discipline and pragmatism well and how it can change your life. And while you overcome every challenge that comes your way, you’ll seem hostile at times to people when your sign passes through the third house because you think before you speak.

Changing this habit is very simple, respect other people’s viewpoints and give them a chance to speak, while cultivating long-lasting relationships in the process.

11. Aquarius

Aquarians are renowned for being full of energy and having the boldest ideas. If you’re an Aquarian, you know how easily you can communicate your feelings in a way that no other zodiac sign can. Aquarians also tend to have the most progressive ideas, mostly on humanitarianism. 

These aspects of your life will be amplified when your sign transits the 3rd house. I’d advise aquarians to practice patience, as y’all can get pretty impatient pretty quickly. This way you’ll get to know about other people’s unique perspectives and understand life on a deeper level.

12. Pisces

3rd house astrology says that Pisceans are the craftspeople of the zodiac and are the most in touch with their emotional side. These facets of your life will come to prominence when Pisces goes through the third house.

While things generally look good for Pissceas, I’ve seen them struggle with one thing immensely, and that’s with communicating their feelings. 

I know this girl who is really in touch with the metaphysical realm and can even tell people’s thoughts. But in the past, when it came to sharing her thoughts, she struggled like hell. 

So I told her to create a daily routine to help her make sense of her surroundings and enjoy the company of her close relationships. She’d been doing fine ever since! Try this tip and see how it works for you!

3rd House Astrology Meaning Pisces

Summing Up 3rd House Astrology

The third house deals with early education, transport, and most importantly, communication. Every zodiac sign responds to this house differently, Gemini will feel at ease with communicating their thoughts, while Pisceans will have to open up a bit to express their emotions.

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