Exploring Pisces’ Relationship with Neptune in 12th House

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neptune in 12th house

Neptune in 12th house is an astrological placement that can be profound for Pisceans, as both Neptune and the 12th astrological house are related to your feelings, emotions, secrets and dreams. When both of them combine, they affect Pisces (which is the most sensitive of all zodiacs) in many aspects of life. 

In this post, we’ll be looking at this phenomenon in depth, and see how many ways it can affect Pisces. But first, we need to understand what an astrological house is.

What is a House in Astrology?

Astrology has 12 houses which are based on your natal/birth chart. It’s common for people to get confused between these 12 houses and the 12 zodiac signs, as they’re two astrological systems that astrologists fuse when talking about horoscope predictions.

The houses represent the Earth’s 24-hour rotation around its axis and each house represents 2 hours of the Sun’s movement each day. The last of these houses is the twelfth, which we’ll be looking at closely today.

The Twelfth House and Its Meaning

In the sky, the twelfth house exists just beneath the horizon and is like the darkness right before dawn. This house is considered the “unseen realm” and governs everything that has no form, like secrets, dreams and emotions. People born in this house are very intuitive, possibly even psychic.

The twelfth corresponds with Pisces heavily and influences dreamy and aloof Pisceans in ways that they couldn’t have ever imagined. While they’ll be more compassionate towards everyone (whether they know that person or not) around them and have their creative abilities heightened (more on this later), they can also become lost in their thoughts and lose their decision-making skills greatly.

The Meaning of Neptune in Astrology

Neptune is the planet of inspiration and brings beauty to a higher and more spiritual level. It controls your dreams, thoughts, fantasies, illusions and everything enchanting and magical.

Moreover, Neptune will teach you to be very compassionate and will intensify your intuition, allowing you to think things better and go into the details of every situation that you’re in. It will often ask you to sacrifice a want or need of yours for the greater good.

Neptune will refine, cleanse and purify your soul and will help you escape the mundane and boring reality that we all grow accustomed to. It’ll assist you in entering a more ideal and heavenly state and urge you to expand your horizons.

Yet at the same time, Neptune will make you disillusioned with reality and will cloud your judgment when you least expect it to. It’ll complicate issues and make it harder to decipher facts. Sometimes it will have others deceive you, yet other times it will help you in deceiving them.

Finally, Neptune can be called the exact opposite of Saturn in astrological placements. Neptune influences Pisceans and has them take a backseat towards many matters in life. 

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Neptune in 12th House Meaning

The Meaning of Neptune in 12th House

Neptune in 12th house has a whole host of positive and negative things for a Pisces person. When this astrological arrangement takes place. You as a Piscean will be more sensitive to subtle energies and will be able to understand what a person is feeling or thinking. Also, as Pisceans are all about art and music, they’ll find it easier to express themselves through these two mediums. 

Though, not all is sunshine and rainbows for you Pisceans out there, as you’ll be prone to feelings of delusion, confusion and instability. You’ll also have difficulty differentiating between fantasy and reality, and there’s a reason behind it…

Only a Pisces knows best when they should “escape from reality” and go back to their fantasies again. As a Piscean, in a Neptune in 12th house scenario, your differentiating line between reality and fantasy will be blurred and you might mistake one for the other time and again.

Lastly, you’ll find it difficult to maintain relationships. A Piscean is a very free-willed and flower child-like person who seeks independence and idealism, and these two traits of yours will be put to the test Neptune in 12th house makes it difficult for you to connect with others.

Transiting Neptune in 12th House

When Neptune is transiting the twelfth house, Pisces people will see some of their traits strengthened and others weakened. Your urge to explore the subconscious will be heightened and you’ll find it easy to reflect, seek answers within and meditate.

But you will be facing some disadvantages too, like the aforementioned difficulty in making decisions and not being able to understand the difference between fantasy and reality.

Transiting Neptune in 12th House

Neptune in 12th House and Synastry

In synastry, the placement of Neptune in 12th house of your natal chart and its connection to the planets of another person’s chart will indicate a special spiritual connection. 

While this aspect suggests a deep sense of empathy and understanding in your relationship with someone, you must not forget that it can also signify potential challenges related to personal boundaries and enabling the other person’s behavior.

The bottom line here is simple. You as Pisces need to be more vocal about what you feel about a given scenario in your relationship, yet be open to your loved one’s opinions too. Only through this way can you have a supporting and nurturing relationship that lasts for years. 

Challenges in Relationships When Neptune in 12th House

As a Piscean, there will be some bumps in your road toward a successful relationship with your loved one. Here I will be listing some of the most common ones to give you an idea of what may lie ahead in a Neptune in 12th house scenario.

The first of these challenges is over-reliance on your partner. This specific astrological alignment will make you as Pisces rely so much on your loved one that they might feel like you’re being clingy. 

This is caused by Pisces naturally being introverted and open to a select few people. The solution is to communicate and establish clear boundaries.

Another challenge that arises with Neptune in 12th house is an emotionally intense bond. You know well as a Piscean that you look for people who are as sensitive and mysterious as you and seek romantic relationships with them. 

Yet it can also become dangerous if you and your loved one become emotionally involved so much that you start neglecting your responsibilities and daily life just because “he never has time for me”. This will inevitably lead to conflict, and the best way to avoid it is to remind each other about your responsibilities and be considerate about them.

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Challenges in Relationships When Neptune in 12th House

Careers and Neptune in 12th House

Pisceans are people with very imaginative and creative minds who excel the most in arts and music. If you choose to make fields like writing, poetry, photography, painting, filmmaking and music as your profession, you will excel immensely. 

However, with Neptune in 12th house, you will find yourself being much more compassionate and merciful towards people, even complete strangers, and this opens up a whole host of new professions for you. 

You can choose to go into counseling, medicine, nursing, therapy, spirituality, social, alternative healing modalities and working with the less fortunate. 

One last thing that you need to remember as a Piscean is you’ll be facing a lack of direction and clarity in career-related things too. You might feel lost or indecisive about which particular profession you should take up and turn into a source of income. In such a case, I would highly recommend taking practical guidance.

Careers and Neptune in 12th House

Summing Neptune in 12th House Up

Neptune in this astrological placement can be very challenging for a Piscean to handle, but it does have its perks as well. Your creative sight will be fired up and you’ll be free-willed, not bound by any rules or restrictions. Yet at the same time, you’ll be prone to being overly emotional and indecisive. The key, as always, lies in balance.

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