Saturn in Second House and What It Means For You

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Saturn in Second House

Saturn in second house is an astrological placement where Saturn has a profound impact on your life, especially on the financial decisions that you make. These impacts can be both positive, leading to an accumulation of wealth and an increase in your standard of living, or negative, which will lead you to poverty. 

In this post, we will be discussing this phenomenon in depth and see what it means for you. But first, we need to understand what a house is in Astrology.

What is a House in Astrology?

There are 12 houses in Astrology which are based on your birth/natal chart. Many people get confused between the 12 zodiac signs and the 12 houses, as they’re two systems that astrologists fuse when talking about horoscope predictions. 

The houses represent the Earth’s 24-hour rotation around its axis and each house represents 2 hours of the Sun’s movement each day. One of these is the second house, which we’ll be looking at more closely.

The Second House and Its Meaning

The second house is related to your finances, the concept of value and material possessions. While this house does rule money, it is also concerned with emotions (which often affect us more than wealth). It’s deeply related to Taurus, the sign of stubbornness and hard work. 

It is a succedent house, supporting the matters of the preceding first) house, the house of self. In the natal/birth chart, it shows what you value in life, your financial assets and possessions, your talents and much more.

Saturn’s Meaning in Astrology

Saturn isn’t going to make things easy for you, after all, it’s the taskmaster of the zodiac and is one of many “masculine energy” planets. It’s all about hard work and rigid discipline in life. Saturn tells you to be responsible for your actions and to leave your comfort zone behind for good if you want to make it big in life. 

This is the planet of concentration, tangible rewards, permanence, tenacity and ambition. Like a disciplinarian father, Saturn grabs you by the collar and tells you (without any sugar coating) that the world you live in is cruel, and if you want to make it big here, you have to put in the reps. 

Moreover, Saturn is related to order, structure and having an organized way in which you conduct your life. It also tells you to contract and reign in your assets. Finally, Saturn is also related to karma and the lessons that past experiences may bring into the present. 

Taurus, which Saturn influences heavily, is one of the strongest and most driven zodiac signs that there is. If you want to know more about Taurus in this regard, click up.

Saturn in Second House Meaning

The Meaning of Saturn in Second House

Trials and tabulations are headed your way if you have Saturn in second house. The days of slumber are over, and soon you’ll be seeing days full of your fears and challenges which you wouldn’t want to touch even with a ten-foot-long pole. 

Your finances will be impacted more than any other aspect of your life, as Saturn in second house, you will have to restrict your income immensely and a lot of luxuries will have to be sacrificed to save money for the future.

A well-placed Saturn in this location indicates someone who can profit the most by investing the least. While a poorly-placed Saturn will deprive a person of wealth, or at least bring some fears to the surface related to money. 

Positive Saturn

A positive Saturn in second house will make you hardworking and committed towards your goals. You’ll thrive in working to achieve many comforts and luxuries in life you can and will be careful about weighing the pros and cons of any financial decision before fully committing to it.

Moreover, you’ll be calm, collected and methodical in your approach toward life and will feel automatically deterred from haste, recklessness and careless behavior. 

Finally, you’ll cherish every moment that you spend with your friends and family and will go out of your way at times to make sure that everyone around you is comfortable and taken care of. 

Negative Saturn in Second House

As you might’ve already guessed, a negative Saturn is essentially a “bad dream come to life”. You’ll be lazy and neglect your duties as a spouse and parent. You’ll display no drive or commitment towards achieving your goals and will not consider the pros and cons of any major decision in your life, finances included, which will breed recklessness, haste and carelessness. 

Finally, you’ll be “tolerated” at best by your friends and family who will actively seek to distance themselves from you and will try repeatedly to make you come to grips with reality and steer you clear from the dangerous path you’re walking on. 

Taureans, whom Saturn influences in the second house, rank very highly on our list of the most attractive zodiac signs out there! Read all about Taurus and the other signs here.

Retrograde of Saturn in Second House

Saturn’s retrogression will lead you towards your fears and insecurities. All of your subconscious patterns will come to the surface and will create psychological problems for you. You’ll resort to outright lying in many situations and will become lazy. There’s also a chance that you might end up in financial loss.

Retrograde of Saturn in Second House

Combust Saturn

A combust Saturn in second house will trouble you with serious health and relationship problems. Expect to see some diseases and physical damage your way when this happens. Finally, there might be some unease in your married life too.

Saturn and Work

Saturn will be primed to work in the second house of Taurus and will put down strong roots. You will notice a newfound drive to achieve your goals in life and to make sacrifices in the present to reap rewards in the future.

In a Saturn in second house scenario, traditional astrology will direct you towards paths that have “real” value. Your gut feeling will draw you towards places like real estate, land construction and renovation, craftsmanship, or mastery of an art form.

The possibilities with this astrological arrangement in your professional life don’t stop there. You can also consider going into the restaurant and catering businesses, as well as interior design, engineering and landscape architecture. 

Some other avenues of interest can be starting a microbrewery, a boutique, a salon, or an aromatherapy or herbal product line. The reason why I’ve listed so many professions is to emphasize Saturn’s drive to create “substance”. You want to see visible proof of all the effort and time you’ve spent to make this dream a reality.

Lastly, this physical proof of substance also significantly reduces your fears of “not having enough”. This proof will eventually translate into fine furnishings, or reaching a specific level of net worth in your life as reminders of what you have accomplished.

Saturn in Second House and Burnout

It’s very easy for Saturn to be breathing ice-cold breaths down your neck and to become an overbearing taskmaster which drives you to the point of burnout. Naturally, no one can live a sustainable life this way, where you wake up every day, haul yourself through work and get back home only to crash in your bed.

The solution is to look for collaborators in your projects. Build a strong team that is capable of handling a part of your workload and share both the work and rewards with them.

Saturn in second house and work

Personal Values and Saturn 

Taurus and the second house both are about personal values. Saturn in the second house means that you’re a driven person who knows what they’re doing. You have a strong sense of self-reliance and the grit needed to make the most of your natural gifts.

You need to be inflexible in your approach towards many aspects of life, like your business and finances because it took you a long time to build them up. However, you shouldn’t be completely inflexible either and lay back a little when the time is right while marveling at the sight of what you have created. 

Summing Up Saturn in Second House

Saturn will initiate a lot of activity in your life once it enters the second house. This activity can be positive, as in getting a better job, starting a profitable business, accumulating wealth and having a supporting circle of friends and having a lovely family. 

Yet at the same time, Saturn can also herald the beginning of a dark chapter of your life where you become lazy, deceitful and lying, going into tremendous financial losses as your friends and family try to rescue you and you find yourself disciplining yourself in a more difficult way than you’d have imagined. 

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