Which Virgo Spirit Animal Best Suits You?

Friday, September 08, 2023 • astrology, spirituality
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Before we discuss what is a Virgo spirit animal and what qualities each possesses, let’s first see what a spirit animal is and the history behind the term.

What is a Virgo Spirit Animal?

In certain cultures and spiritual traditions, a spirit animal is a spirit that guides or protects someone and whose characteristics that person shares or embodies. The ancient concept of animal guides is seen in many cultures and religions, most notably in Native American ones. 

It was adopted in Wiccan and Pagan spiritual traditions in the 1990s and in these contexts, spirit animals are taken literally, referring to spiritual guides who appear to humans as animals to guide them along perilous journeys.

A Virgo spirit animal is a spirit that guides Virgos through the uncertainties of life and brings out the best qualities in them.

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How Many Spirit Animals Does Virgo Have?

There is much debate regarding how many spirit animals for Virgo exist, ranging from 3 to dozens. Today we’re going to put this debate to rest by listing all of them. Let’s dive in.  

1. Cat

It might come as a surprise to some, but cats are very much like Virgos. Self-sufficient and independent, they don’t like creating a mess, put themselves first and are content with themselves, preferring to do their own thing most of the time. They’ll come out to play or do something fun only to get a reward, like a massage or food.

Virgos are fairly similar in this regard and the cat spirit is a great virgo woman spirit animal. They don’t like to ask for help and are very self-contained. Though Virgo’s individualism can be exploited by others as they won’t ask for help, even when they need it. Both Virgos and cats like to appear elegant, and will strive hard for it. If you’re into getting tattoos, a cat Virgo spirit animal tattoo might be a good choice. 

Lastly, cats are pretty shrewd and will wait for hours to catch their prey. Virgos tend to be the same way as they make calculated decisions that aren’t based on emotions or feelings.

What Does the Cat Spirit Represent?

Independence, elegance, self-sufficiency and shrewdness.

Virgo spirit animal Cat

2. Bee

Have you ever wondered why every single hexagon in a beehive has perfect walls? And why is it a hexagon anyway and not any other shape? All of it has to do with bees and their creativity. They know by intuition that the hexagon is structurally the best shape to build their hive around, and that’s how they’re a great spirit animal for Virgo. 

Virgos are perfectionists like bees who won’t settle for less, come what may. They make for excellent team workers due to their diligent nature. Your business always needs a Virgo employee for they are very hard-working. The bee makes a great spirit animal for Virgo, ruled by quick-thinking Mercury, to dial in their craft through consistency, diligence and practice. 

Bees act quickly and don’t slack around in their “work hours”, much like Virgos. Moreover, bees are possessive of their property (honey) and will sting you, dying in the process, in order to save their family, home and property. Virgos are hardwired the same way. Getting on their wrong side won’t be something good as they’ll go to lengths to defend what they love. 

What Does the Bee Spirit Represent?

Communitarian mindset, resourcefulness, harmony, creativity, wealth and freedom. 

Virgo spirit animal Bee

3. Vulture

Don’t be shocked to see this bird on the list! People usually don’t have much love for vultures, even though they act as “nature’s waste control system. Instead, they’re called “harbingers of doom” when they’re seen circling a dead body. 

But today we’re setting the record straight for vultures. They eat and easily digest dead, something other animals can’t ever do. They aren’t afraid of getting into tough situations and neither are Virgos, which makes it a great spirit animal for Virgo. Vultures are able to detach themselves emotionally with great ease from the most demanding and gruelling jobs. 

Virgos are “built differently” in the same way, their detachability allows them to enter fields like medicine, where blood and gore don’t make them squeamish like others, but tough and hardy.

What Does the Vulture Spirit Represent?

A go-getter attitude, hardiness and an individualistic mindset.

Virgo spirit animal Vulture

4. Fox

In the animal kingdom, foxes are a sign of cleverness and incredible intelligence. They are no strangers to knowing practical nature with their hyper-sharp instincts and awareness. A fox will always find multiple solutions to one problem. They are go-getters and seekers in the true essence of the word. 

Foxes share remarkable similarities with Virgos as a Virgo spirit animal. Virgos have a hard time opening up in front of anyone who isn’t in their “circle,” like foxes. Both Virgos and foxes are a joy to be around, especially when they’re in their element. 

The fox spirit assists Virgos in making strategic decisions by allowing creativity to flow, both at home and at work. The spirit also encourages Virgo to be vulnerable, but around a select few. 

What Does the Fox Spirit Represent?

Beauty, independence, protection, intelligence and shrewdness. 

Virgo spirit animal Fox

5. Brown Bear 

Brown bears represent raw strength and courage. Their observant sense proves that they will always prioritize security and protection. Not only do they display outstanding loyalty to their family and community, but also create long-lasting social bonds. All of these qualities are seen in Virgos too, making the brown bear a great Virgo spirit animal. 

Virgos won’t be seen cowering in fear when they have to make a decision, instead, they’ll take up the reins and lead in an effortless manner. Brown bears share this ability with Virgos that charisma almost oozes out of them and they command respect. Like a bear, you instinctively know to never mess with a Virgo.

Brown bears and Virgos both are territorial too. They don’t want anyone loitering around what’s rightfully theirs and are quick to “let others know” that they mean it. Lastly, both brown bears and Virgos are known for their insatiable curiosity for life and intelligence.

What Does the Bear Spirit Represent?

Living life to its fullest, intelligence, reliability and dependability.

Virgo spirit animal Bear

6. Wolf

It goes without saying that wolves are very communitarian and have a very distinct way of protecting their families and close ones. They have a deep connection to Mother Earth and its elements. In Western astrology, Virgo is directly connected with the wolf spirit. 

Being fierce and highly family-oriented, wolves are in tune with the moon’s cycles and the rhythms of nature. If a Virgo connects with the wolf spirit, he/she can tap into an enormous source of determination and strength.

This spirit animal for Virgo is ideal, as wolves don’t just stick with each other in both good and bad times, they’re also hardy in nature, living in the freezing wilderness of North America, Scandinavia and Siberia. 

Virgos are much like wolves, vigilant and ever-observant for the best opportunity to pounce upon. Another connection that Virgos share with wolves is seeing through deception, similar to how wolves possess a superior sense of smell that alerts them to potential danger.

Lastly, wolves are no strangers to hunting in their infamous “wolfpack”. They coordinate their tactics to not just eat, but also to defend their families. Virgos too are possessive about things near and dear to them and will defend them no matter what. 

What Does the Wolf Spirit Represent?

Patience, grit, courage, loyalty, a communitarian approach and maintaining strong family ties. 

Virgo spirit animal Wolf

7. Koala

Not all Virgos are the same, just like their spirit animals. While some spirit animals (like wolves and brown bears) are aggressive and highly territorial, others are very laid-back and relaxed, like the koala. The koala is a very peaceful Virgo spirit animal and has a very easygoing attitude, much like some Virgos.

Virgos like to go with the flow, rarely, if ever, making a fuss or confronting anyone. This is probably because Virgo is one of the mutable/non-confrontational signs of the zodiac. 

Both koalas and Virgos mind their business and do their own thing, not challenging authority and being accommodating. Koalas therefore can be a great Virgo spirit animal.

What Does the Koala Spirit Represent?

Relaxed mentality, non-violence, submission to authority, calmness and peacefulness.

Virgo spirit animal Koala

8. Snake

Virgos tend to be very self-contained, much like snakes, their spirit animal. Snakes are also very skeptical of trusting anyone, which makes them a zodiac sign Virgo spirit animal as Virgos can be very individualistic and usually keep to themselves, opening up to only a select few.

Virgos like to keep themselves clean at all times, another characteristic that they share with snakes. Snakes grow new skin underneath the older ones on a yearly basis. Meanwhile, Virgos tend to leave behind their past to focus more on their future. 

What Does the Snake Spirit Represent?

Sleekness, cleanliness and self-containment.

Virgo spirit animal Snake

9. Camel

Camels are hardy creatures who can store up to 20 gallons of water in their bodies due to the scorching heat they live in. This is a remarkable capability and they share it with Virgos, who always come prepared and are always 5 steps ahead of everyone.

Virgo’s pessimism combined with their practicality makes them prepare for any mishap in advance. They’re rarely, if ever, taken off-guard. Yet Virgos are also dependable like camels, which makes camels a great spirit animal for Virgo. 

Virgos always have a plan B. They are people who will frequently be carrying power banks, chargers, snacks, tools and water bottles in their cars just in case things go south. These are the people you want to turn to in crisis as they always have a solution.

What Does the Camel Spirit Represent?

Resourcefulness, preparedness and dependability. 

Virgo spirit animal Camel

10. Emperor Penguin

Emperor penguins are very resilient, living in sub-zero temperatures and being able to swim in the coldest waters of Earth, they’ve honed their survival techniques, much like Virgo.

They’re also full of perseverance and courage, being able to survive blizzards and live in conditions that man cannot survive a day in without many supplies. Emperor penguins live life like Virgos, that is to say on their terms and not asking anyone for help, no matter how hard life gets, making emperor penguins a Virgo woman spirit animal. 

Finally, emperor penguins are very loyal, systematic and logical. Once they’ve chosen a partner, they’ll stay loyal to them for the rest of their lives. Virgo, even here, shares the same trait. 

What Does the Emperor Penguin Spirit Represent?

Loyalty, logic, courage, perseverance and survivalism.

Virgo spirit animal Penguin

11. Owl

Owls in numerous cultures are seen as a symbol of wisdom and intellect. As Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intelligence, it is understandable that the owl is a Virgo spirit animal. 

Owls have an incredible way of detaching themselves from reality to see all the perspectives of a situation. Much like Virgo, who will ponder tirelessly to solve a problem. Virgos are intelligent, just like owls, and display level-headedness even in the most unfavorable of situations. 

Both owls and Virgos will search endlessly for a solution to a problem they do not know the solution for. Both are naturally curious and enjoy learning new things. Virgo matches the wise owl perfectly, as both are smart and practical problem-solvers.

What Does Owl Spirit Represent?

Intelligence, wisdom, inquisitiveness and curiosity.

Virgo spirit animal Owl

12. Beluga Whale

Beluga whales are called the caretakers of their ocean due to their inherent loving nature. They adopt narwhals into their communities, while narwhals have nothing in common with belugas and are an entirely different species.

Belugas are very community-oriented, making them a great spirit animal for the Virgo zodiac sign. Virgos who connect to belugas as their spirit animals are often wise, gentle and are deeply connected to their intuition.

What Does the Beluga Whale Spirit Represent?

Compassion, kindness, mercy and protectiveness.

Virgo spirit animal Beluga Whale

13. Elephant

Elephants are renowned for their loyalty and trustworthiness. Not only are they tough and can carry a lot of weight, but are also protective of their families and deeply committed towards them. In this way, the elephant can be a great spirit animal for Virgo.

Another great characteristic that Virgos and elephants share is memory. A Virgo won’t forget who stood by his/her side and who wronged him/her. Due to this memory, Virgos are sharp and make level-headed decisions, just like elephants.

Lastly, elephants have a sense of intuition and practicality, two traits that are very aligned with Virgo’s outlook on life.

What Does the Elephant Spirit Represent?

Practicality, intuition, intelligence, loyalty and trustworthiness. 

Virgo spirit animal Elephant

How Can I Identify My Spirit Animal?

There are many ways to identify your spirit animal, like:

1. Learn About Spirit Animals in Your Culture

Many Native American cultures request non-Native Americans to not copy Native spiritual imagery and practices out of respect for Native cultures. Therefore, find out about, say, your Virgo spirit animal in your culture first.

2. Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Our waking lives are connected to our dreams, so every time you see an animal in your dreams, write it down the next morning to see which particular animal you see the most.

3. Think About Your Previous Connections to Certain Animals

Think about your favorite animal, starting from your childhood, be the pets or some wild animals you crossed paths with when you were younger. 

4. Write Down About Animals You Feel Attached Towards

Consider each Virgo spirit animal and then think: If that animal were my guardian, what lessons would it teach me regarding my inner strength and personal power? 

Do this exercise for as many animals as you want and keep writing down the answers. Then come back to it a few days later and see which animal resonates the most with you.

What Does it Mean to See Your Spirit Animal?

Whether you see your spirit animal(s) in some image or real life is always a good sign. These animals serve as protectors and guides, often appearing to usher Virgos into newer and more exciting phases of their lives.

For some people, this is a sign to dial in their craft and go after what their heart truly desires. For others, it means that you’re tuned into the rhythms of nature and are connected to the natural world.

Should I Carry A Symbol or Token of My Spirit Animal?

Some people carry or wear a physical representation of their spirit animal, others keep just the image of the spirit in their minds as a source of guidance and strength.

Though there are some who go as far as to tattoo their spirit animal. A Virgo spirit animal tattoo would be a good choice for Virgos looking to keep their favorite spirit animal with them, no matter the place.

There isn’t a right or wrong answer here when it comes to this decision. Do what you like to do. Many beautiful pieces of jewellery and other items are available on the market to serve as reminders of your spirit animal. Alternatively, you may keep a picture of that animal in your wallet or purse.

Summing it All Up

There are a lot of spirit animals and each one of them has a different meaning for Virgo. Some command authority while others obey it.

Some live in communities while others live alone. Some are laid back, others aggressive. Some are highly observant while others aren’t. But there is one thing in common in all of them, their relation with the Virgo zodiac, and that’s what makes them unique.

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6 months ago

Just yesterday I took a video of a fox outside my bedroom window. He was laying in the yard soaking up some sun. I've spoke to it a few times now & it continues to visit on occasion. I'll take it as a sign!!

5 months ago
Reply to  Jillian

It's quite fascinating that a fox has been visiting you; they are often seen as symbols of cleverness and adaptability in many cultures. The fact that it's comfortable enough to relax in your yard and even respond to your presence is indeed special. It seems like the fox might be a strong contender for your Virgo spirit animal! Keep relishing in these unique experiences with your wild guest. Hearing about such deeply personal ties to the natural world is always great.Thank you for sharing!

5 months ago

In the last 6 months I have had a male peacock show up at my place and he has never left. I feed him every morning now and he roosts every night in the tree right next to my house in my front yard. I have named him Buddy❤️ We have become very close lol he knows my voice and his name😇
I also had a dream about him after he first started coming around. He was laying onmy front porch with his tail stretched across❤️‼️💯
He has definitely Ben a blessing to me.
I also have 2 cats (females) and I am Virgo💯‼️

5 months ago
Reply to  Carolyn

Hi Carolyn,

It's fascinating to hear about your unique bond with Buddy, the peacock! Your experience beautifully illustrates the connection between Virgos and their spirit animals. Peacocks are known for their grace and beauty, aligning well with the Virgo spirit, which often embodies elegance and a detail-oriented nature. This special relationship you've developed with Buddy, alongside your dream about him, suggests a deep, spiritual link, further emphasizing the Virgo's affinity for meaningful connections with nature and animals. Thank you for sharing this delightful story!

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