Everything You Need To Know About A Soul Contract

Wednesday, December 13, 2023 • spirituality
Soul Contract Meaning

If you were to ask me about “what is life to you?” I would say “to be a spiritual being and have a human experience”. And, as a matter of fact, it’s true. The life you’re experiencing right now is just a small chapter in your soul’s journey.

In many belief systems, like Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s said that a soul reincarnates numerous times. Your soul has reincarnated more times than you can count. And the driving force behind all of your physical and metaphysical experiences is the soul contract.

In this article, I’ll be going over this very unknown and highly metaphysical topic in a simplified way.

Soul Contract Meaning

Now I know you’re wondering “what is a soul contract anyway?”. Before we’re born on Earth, we live up in the skies as souls. Call this an incubation period if you will. The purpose of this life is to help you decide which lessons you will learn in the life to come. 

You collaborate and take the help of other souls to decide who is going to be a part of those future lessons. Let’s say that you want to learn forgiveness. So someone will have to hurt you deeply, thus giving you the choice of forgiving them, or being resentful.

This is a soul contract. An agreement between two or more souls before their births to determine a specific event in life. Even the most annoying relationships “down here” were intentionally designed “up there”.

Soul Contract Meaning

What Can You Include in A Soul Contract?

Pretty much anything can be written in a soul contract. They aren’t always huge agreements that will influence the outcome of your life. From a small energy exchange that you weren’t even aware of, to fulfilling a vital role in someone’s life.

I’ve made a list to give you a rough idea of what can be contracted, though it isn’t an exhaustive one. These ideas are:

  • Fulfilling your roles in your family and friend circle
  • The passing on of knowledge
  • Subtle energy exchanges
  • Synchronistic encounters
  • Soul code exchanges
  • Providing healing

Soul urge number 9 can help you a lot as it urges you to be more caring and compassionate in life. I would recommend reading that article as well for more detail.

Soul Contracts and Free Will: The Connection

You and I live in a world where contracts are made for a variety of reasons. For any two people (or more) to be in a contract, they need to agree willingly to be a part of it. 

The same thing happens to our souls in the metaphysical world. Although a soul contract is a binding agreement, it still has your soul’s explicit consent. No contract can be enforced upon your soul unless it agrees to be a part of it.

Once a contract gets going, it has to be taken to its logical conclusion. Your soul cannot revoke it, or pretend that the contract never happened. 

And here comes my favorite part of a contract. The time frame. Yes, in case you’re wondering, these contracts too have timeframes, which are of your own choosing. 

However, the contract’s quality overrides its speed. Your soul can technically sit on a contract for thousands of years before the right opportunity presents itself. So while you have to fulfill the contract, the right time is left to you.

Soul Contract and Connections
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How is A Soul Contract Resolved?

In many cases, you won’t have to worry about resolving a soul contract at all. As long as you’re aware of your actions and are doing meaningful actions, you’re doing all that you can to fulfill them.

You don’t need to “be on the hunt” for situations where soul contracts have to be resolved. All you need to do is to live your life in a synchronized manner, and the contracts will find you.

I personally believe that there is an advantage to knowing that soul contracts exist. To know that most of the experiences that you’re going through aren’t just a series of random events. This allows you to step back and take an objective point of view.

Then you can ask why you are experiencing what you are right now. When you realize that everything in this world is here to teach you something, it allows you to take control of how you respond to life.

Walk-in Contracts and How They Can Become Contract Holders

Yes, I can see you raise an eyebrow from right here. Allow me to explain. A walk-in is a soul sent to replace the soul in your body. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is that this was pre-arranged between your soul and another soul and that it was to take place at a specified time. As you can already guess, this is fairly unusual.

The other reason seems very peculiar to me and is based on metaphysical justice. This is when a walk-in comes into human form if a soul has been found to excessively exploit universal law and has to be ejected by the walk-in.

In case you’re wondering, the walk-in soul does take over some of the characteristics of the original soul. And while this phenomenon does seem very “Hollywood, it is what it is. While the walk-in will bring their own personality and values, they'll still be influenced by the mental and cognitive abilities of the body.

Soul Contract Resolved

Summing Soul Contract Up

Soul contracts are necessary because they’re made by your soul to be taught valuable lessons in life. They can be both short and long-term, ranging from barely a day to decades. Souls are generally given a free hand when they wish to execute a soul contract.

However, if a soul is found to be exploiting the timeframe, a walk-in soul is sent to replace it so it may honor the contract. Though this happens in extreme scenarios and contracts usually end in the predetermined time frame.

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