Lessons in Thanksgiving: What Shimmers on Your List of Gratitude?

Tuesday, November 07, 2023 • spirituality
gratitude lessons what is on your gratitude list

As an astrology scholar, it's always struck me as remarkably fitting that the Thanksgiving celebration coincides with the reign of the bountiful and benevolent Sagittarius. The Archer's epoch is recognized for its expansiveness and an overarching sense of gratitude. Reflect on the rhythm of the agricultural year. In the preceding 3 months to Sagittarius, farmers have been persistently focused on the harvest. Our forebears commemorated the initial days of August with a joyous event named Lammas or Lughnasadh. Lammas, translating to "First Bread," marked the year's inaugural harvest. As the calendar flips to August, I've often sensed a whisper of Autumn in the breeze, signaling the slow and steady march towards Winter's embrace.

Following Lammas, we greet the Autumn Equinox celebration known as Mabon, culminating in the end-of-October festivity of Halloween, also revered as "Samhain" — a term that translates to "Summer's End." This is the last celebration prior to Thanksgiving, a time when we express heartfelt gratitude for the bounty of our harvests. Yet, as my journey through the study of spiritual ideologies and rituals has deepened, I've come to realize that Thanksgiving need not be confined to merely the 4th Thursday of the 11th month each year.

Just as the seasons ebb and flow, so too do the projects and relationships in our lives. They often follow comparable cycles of labor, succeeded by joyous celebrations acknowledging the work accomplished. Although the agricultural timeline from fall into winter offers a tangible parallel, in our individual orbits around the sun of experience, the Sagittarius phase may hold unique significance. Nonetheless, at certain junctures, we are all drawn to celebrate our triumphs and honor the contributions of others on this shared journey.

The List of Gratitude: An Instrument for Spiritual Elevation

Although I sometimes lose sight of this, my aspiration is to embrace the spirit of gratitude every day of the week, throughout the 52 weeks of the year. In moments of melancholy, no remedy uplifts my spirit quite like a gratitude list. I have an abundance of blessings to be thankful for, and undoubtedly, so do you. This list is a cherished ally, notably when the December festivities begin to fray at the edges and indeed, proves invaluable during the depth of winter. There's truly nothing quite like crafting a gratitude list while savoring a cup of warm chai tea amid the stark beauty of a January day!

Today, I am basking in gratitude for my life's work, for the opportunity to utilize my talents in service of others and their challenges. I am grateful for the security and comfort of a roof above my head and sustenance on my table, and for being a dweller in a town that has warmly enveloped me into its fold. I express gratitude for fellow spiritual voyagers charting similar courses, with whom I can exchange wisdom, experiences and encouragement, either via heart-to-heart conversations or in person, as we journey forth. I am thankful for my vehicle, for my housemate and her trio of delightful felines, and for my proximity to my surroudings. Lastly, my heart fills with gratitude for the breathtaking natural beauty that our world generously bestows upon us.

Notice how straightforward this practice is? This tool, wielded with faith, has guided me through moments of uncertainty, even when the prospect of my next meal seemed elusive. I encourage you to embrace this practice the next time shadows of despair begin to encroach. You may find the results astonishing. I've come to regard gratitude as a potent antidote to the muck of negative cognition. It has the power to dissolve these murky thoughts swiftly — a veritable "soul cleanser," if I may borrow the phrase.

Amplifying the Energies of Others

After penning down a list steeped in gratitude, I sense an undeniable surge of energy coursing through me. By paying homage to my life's journey, I've discovered a pathway to bolster my self-esteem. Moreover, I've realized that this rejuvenated energy can be channelled outwardly in encouraging ways. Gratitude, in harmony with virtues such as love, forgiveness, acceptance, and encouragement, fortifies our common spirit. It's indeed gratifying to nurture this spirit of gratitude, to find ways to empower others. We all seek validation and affirmation in wholesome ways, which in turn, fosters our sense of self-worth.

When was the last time you expressed pride in someone else's achievements? This simple gesture is a powerful tool, capable of uplifting your spirit while bestowing recognition and encouragement upon another. I've encountered individuals who've articulated their pride through song, serenading the other person with a heartfelt melody of appreciation. Despite the potential for initial embarrassment, the simplicity of repeating "I'm Proud of You" in song form can bring a profound impact. And to cap it off, you could conclude by crooning, "And I hope that you, too, are proud of you!"

Gratitude further enhances our capacity for keen observation and attentive listening. Upon the stirrings of this profound emotion, a comforting warmth begins to emanate from my heart, accompanied by a deepened appreciation for my environs. The desire to fully immerse myself in the moment grows, extending to the heightened awareness of others sharing my journey. Recollecting my earlier expression of gratitude for my housemate's trio of felines, I've observed how just running my fingers through a cat's soft fur evokes magnified sentiments of adoration, inspiring me to extend acts of kindness towards others. Surprisingly often, gratitude urges me towards self-improvement, enabling me to set aside the petty troubles that my egocentric mind tends to magnify.

Embracing the Dawn of December!

As we collectively pause in the United States to express our gratitude, my aspiration is for readers to remember these valuable techniques. These pragmatic skills can guide us through the approaching year-end celebrations, enabling us to swiftly dissipate any stress that we might confront on our journey.

So, when you find yourself sharing a queue with a customer who's exasperating a store clerk, or coming across drivers struggling to navigate the snow-laden roads, a swift moment of gratitude can ease your frustrations. A simple thought such as, "I'm grateful for this cozy and dependable vehicle," can work wonders in soothing your tensions.

Lifting the spirits of friends who find December challenging, by expressing your heartfelt appreciation of them, will elevate not only their mood but yours as well. In doing so, you'll amplify the authentic joys that this season has to offer.

Happy Thanksgiving! What blessings light up your list of gratitude? Leave a comment to let us know!

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6 months ago

I’m so grateful & happily look to read your words & the ways you speak of makes me very grateful for your supporting words & encouraging ways that totally & they come through exactly how & what i feel about & inside myself wish to be & become a better me everyday Thank You TKA

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