What is the Page of Wands as Feelings in Relationships?

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page of wands as feelings

In the world of Tarot cards, the Page of Wands represents a person, situation or feeling related to love and relationships.

Overview of the Page of Wands as Feelings for Someone

The meanings of the Page of Wands as feelings depend upon how the card was drawn from a Tarot deck. Here we have listed both of these meanings.

The Page of Wands as Feelings: Upright

When the Page of Wands is drawn from a Tarot deck upright, it means a range of positive feelings in relationships and love. Some of these feelings are:

Commitment and Focus

While the Page motivates people to try new experiences, it also reminds them to be committed to their goals and remain focused in love and relationships. It warns against losing track of what’s important while pursuing adventure and excitement.

Spontaneity and Impulsiveness

The Page uplifts people in taking risks, following their instincts and being spontaneous. Though this doesn’t mean that they become reckless, but to balance impulsiveness with thoughtfulness.

Adventure and Excitement

It inspires senses of willingness and adventure to explore new possibilities in love, encouraging those who know its meaning to leave their comfort zones and try new things. 

Exploring New Ways to Express Your Love

The Page of Wands as feelings for someone suggests that it’s time that you experiment with different ways of expressing love to that special someone. Being creative and passionate will go a long way and there’s no harm in trying something new.

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The Page of Wands as Feelings: Reversed

Similarly, when the Page of Wands (as feelings) is drawn reversed, it means a range of negative feelings that might arise in your relationships. Some of these feelings are:


While it is acceptable to make some swift decisions every now and then, it is highly immature for a grown-up person to act in a reckless manner. The same goes for one’s love life as well, where one may be taking unnecessary risks and be unaware of the consequences that lie.


The reversed Page of Wands warns against being unreliable in not just love, but any kind of relationships. The reason for this is such behavior may lead to conflict and tensions, which will almost certainly impact other areas of life.

Boredom and Disinterest

There may be times where someone might not be feeling as if his/her love towards his/her significant other has been the way it initially was. The Page thus alerts us that the person may feel unsatisfied in his/her current situation.


The card also represents feeling directionless and without any purpose in life. The person may feel uncertain and lost about what he/she desires in life and struggle with finding meaning.

page of wands as feelings

How the Page of Wands as Feelings Affects Different Stages of Relationships

The Page will affect all three (initial, middle and final) stages of a relationship in many ways, whether upright or reversed.

Initial Stage

If the Page of Wand (as feelings) is upright, it suggests that the person feels excited, enthusiastic and receptive to new experiences in this relationship. He/she may be willing to experiment and explore, which will lead to unique growth and adventures. 

Though, if the Page appears as reversed, this means that the person will soon experience restlessness, unpredictability and impatience, all of which will lead to a lack of direction and focus.

Middle Stage

In this stage if the Page appears upright, it means that the person is committed and loyal in the relationship and wants to see it bloom and prosper with this loved one. He/she will find new ways to keep the love fresh by planning something exciting.

However, if the Page of Wands appears as reversed, this would mean that either party, or both, is/are feeling bored and disinterested in the relationship and the relationship is headed downhill.

Final Stage

If the Page appears upright in the last stage, it translates to an undying love that the person experiences towards his/her loved one (and vice versa). This is a relationship that has stood the test of time and the two in it are enthusiastic about the future.

Once again, if the Page appears as reversed, it obviously means that the relationship is over and there isn’t much to salvage here.

page of wands as feelings with relationship steps

How to Understand the Page of Wands as Feelings in a Love Reading?

For those who don’t know, a “reading” is when cards are drawn at random from a tarot deck. Understanding the Page is important when you’re drawing cards to find out about your love and relationships, so follow these steps:

1. Identify the Card’s Position

See whether the card is upright or reversed.

2. Identify the Surrounding Cards

Look at the cards surrounding the Page and see how they interact with the Page.

3. Consider the Querent’s Question

Remember his/her question when interpreting the card.

4. Analyze the Page’s Meaning Concerning the Question

Use your knowledge of the Page to understand the meaning of the querent’s question.

The Page of Wands as Feelings: For Singles

When the Page is upright, for singles it represents inspiration and enchantment. This is their sign that there are good possibilities between him/her and his/her love interest. The upright Page serves as a great indicator that something good is around the corner.

Though such a person must remember that a spark can burn out as quickly as it lit up, and not all that glitters is gold. But things can go south for singles if the Page of Wands as feelings is reversed. Now it’ll signify indecisiveness and impulsiveness. The person you have in your mind isn’t sure about what he/she wants in the long run. 

This isn’t related to you, but the person you have in your mind and a reflection of him/her. This person has been burnt many times over and isn’t ready to try again. He/she is going around in circles due to uncertainty regarding the future and what it holds. They need to change themselves before trying again.

The Page And Exes

An upright Page means that there still is some hope between your ex and you. It’s possible that she/he may have changed his/her feelings about you and is seeking a fresh start to a relationship. The Page suggests that you’ll hear from him/her again if you’re looking to reconcile.

A reversed Page though means that your old love interest is confused about you and unsure regarding their feelings. Sometimes he/she may feel good when thinking about you and sometimes it would be the opposite. 

This person is unsure about his/her goals in life and this isn’t the right time for you to try and “get back together”. This person must first work on his/herself before getting into a relationship again.

page of wands as feelings in love reading

Misconceptions Regarding the Page of Wands as Feelings

Here we have answered some common misconceptions regarding the Page of Wands, these are:

Misconception #1: “The Page of Wands Represents a Young Person”

This is incorrect, the card represents any person of any age.

Misconception #2: “The Page Always Represents a Person”

This is also incorrect, the card represents a situation or feeling related to relationships or love.

Misconception #3: “The Page Always Represents Positive Feelings”

Incorrect, yet again, as this card represents both positive and negative feelings.

Summing it All about page of wands as feelings Up

The Page of Wands as feelings for someone has significant importance when it comes to love and relationships. The Page means the start of new chapters in your relationships with both your friends and family. It encourages us to explore new possibilities, take risks and embrace our adventurous side.

Though the Page also reminds us to not take impulsive decisions and lose focus, as these are harmful in any relationship. It reminds us to approach love and relationships with passion, optimism and adventure. That we must balance spontaneity with thoughtfulness and be committed to our goals.

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