Your Mystical Soul Symbol, Based on Your Birth Month

Saturday, October 14, 2023 • astrology
Celestial Masterpiece

You may be familiar with your Sun sign, but have you ever considered your soul symbol? Each month is said to have a unique energetic frequency that corresponds with a specific symbol from mythology and ancient spiritual wisdom. Exploring your mystical soul symbol is a fun way to delve deeper into your soul’s essence by providing you with a tangible archetype to work with.

Together, we’ll explore your mythical soul symbol to bring more insight, fun, and meaning into your life and show you how to tap into its energy! So, without further ado, here are the mythical soul signs associated with each month!

January - Dragon

Fierce, strong, loyal—these are just a few words to describe the powerful dragon. Dragons feature in many cultures' folklore as creatures with above-average intelligence and the ability to breathe fire. If you were born in January, you may possess a similar “breath of fire” in your ability to spark inspiration and creativity with the words you speak. In other words, you know how to rally a crowd behind your words and courageous actions.

So, my January friend, if you ever find yourself forgetting just how capable and strong you are, call upon the dragon for guidance. Imagine the dragon is by your side, helping you to burn through what no longer serves you, freeing you to soar through the air in peace and joy—which is what dragons truly long for.

In addition, dragons are also seen as the guardians of treasure. What is it you want to protect? Likely, the treasure is something deep within your soul. Following the direction of the dragon and working with its energy will help you understand what you are working so hard to protect and enjoy.

February - Phoenix

Ah, the immortal phoenix–the one who rises from the ashes again and again. Those born in February came here to transform and be transformed. The phoenix bird appeared in stories and artwork dating back to at least 1500 BC, and its fabulous resurrection story intrigues us just as much today as it did in ancient times.

The original phoenix story, which came from an ancient Egyptian legend, states that the phoenix originally lived in paradise forever but grew bored of this and left to travel to a world marked by life and death—a world of cycles, transformation, and realness.

So keep it real, February natives! Your soul is encoded with this phoenix energy, meaning it craves the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. Tapping into your natural rhythms will allow you to feel peace in the ashes and glory when it is time to rise. Trust that these cycles are for your highest good, and lean into them! Remember, you came here to heal your soul and uplift the spirits of others in your endless journey of ascension.

March - Yin Yang

March natives are on a life-long quest for balance and harmony. If you were born under the third month, the yin yang symbol imbues your soul with a unique capacity to hold space for polarity. In other words, you see the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful in everything around you.

This makes you particularly empathetic and compassionate to your fellow man. On the other hand, you may struggle to define your personal values and beliefs when everything takes such a non-dual approach. It may be fruitful to explore the Taoist metaphysics belief and fable that distinctions between good and bad are perceptual, not real. See what comes up for you. Your soul may even crave such intellectual and spiritually-oriented pursuits.

Being born in March means you came here to transcend limiting boxes that limit perceptions of self, others, and the world around us. But all of this transcendence can feel disorienting, as your love of totality can feel like you're drowning in the chaotic energy of the ocean. To swim instead of sink, you must return home to yourself often. Remember who you are—and then transcend that.

April - Lion

Like the fierce rulers of the jungle, April natives incarnated to learn what it means to be a true leader. Lions are known for their fierce and courageous demeanors, but the true purpose of the lion is to shine a light on others so they can step into their full potential. If you were born under the April Sun, your connection to solar energy and the lion makes this easy.

Think about it; the Sun shines a light on all beings in the world every single day, allowing them to come out from their slumber and into the world to create and live brightly. As you go about your life—regardless of whether you are in a “formal” leadership role—imagine yourself as the Sun. How do you shine a light on those you love and work with? This is the guiding question of the lion’s life and purpose.

The lion is also fiercely protective and loyal, making April natives wonderful friends and family members. You will go to the end of the world for your loved ones. You are blessed with a huge heart and enormous capacity to give, so go out into this world and give–bright Lion!

May - Wolf

The intuitive and mysterious wolf is a powerhouse and guide to those born under the May stars. If you were born in May, maybe you’ve noticed your ability to just know. Similarly, many cultures attribute wolves' impressive hunting capacities to their almost supernatural ability to sense even the slightest of stirrings to capture their prey. Highly intelligent creatures, you and the wolf know what you want and how to get it. Call upon the wolf inside to overcome any fear, indecision, and confusion along your path.

Many fairy tales depict wolves as being “bad,” but this is far from the truth. Wolves mate for life, care for their young, and protect their elders. When working with your soul symbol, you may also wish to tap into your ancestry and family lineage. Wolves also love playtime, and are often seen dancing, playing chase, sparring, and varied vocalizations. So make time for play to connect with your wild and free nature!

Wolves are complex creatures, reminding you to hold space for all parts of yourself—the intense, the wild, the communal, the loyal, the caring, the curious, and the playful.

June - Fish

Souls born under the fish symbol came here to swim through life, following their joy and curiosity wherever it takes them. If you were born in June, the infinite energy of the ocean lives within you—along with all its possibilities and currents. Enjoy your freedom by keeping responsibilities as light as possible. This will help you avoid sinking.

But the fish is not all rainbows and butterflies. These brave creatures have no physical protection (like skin). Instead, they are covered in hyper-sensitive scales, making them vulnerable to the state of the waters they swim in. Remember to swim where it’s clear, and don’t lose sight of the road ahead. Ground your desire for freedom with a healthy realism, as this world is unfortunately not designed for creatures as open and carefree as you.

Connect to the deep psychic component of your soul. June is the only aquatic soul symbol, pointing to its profound connection with the archetype of water, or our emotions, intuition, and memories. Listen to the quiet whispers of your heart, and follow your beautiful soul. It will likely guide you to beautiful waters.

July - Fire

Those born in the heat of the summer came here to experience the full intensity of life. If you were born under the seventh month, you have a deep fire burning inside of you that must be properly lit and tended to. Your soul is alive with the energy of inspiration, creation, action, leadership, and courage. These attributes will come naturally to a July native living in tune with their soul symbol and fiery purpose.

Stay open to the excitement and adventure of life to keep your fire expansive and warm. This fire can be channeled into your job, hobbies, relationships, personal goals, or charity work.

Equally important to lighting the fire is to keep it going with structure and care. Fire natives must learn to build housing containers for their fire to allow it to burn brightly without burning down your symbolic home. When July natives learn the lessons of fire, they don’t only warm themselves—they warm their entire home and community. You inspire others to pursue creative goals or new ventures, and to never stop seeing the amazement in each day’s unfoldment.

August - Horse

For those born in August, the magnificent energy of the horse runs through their veins, imbuing them with a rich sense of life and adventure. If this is you, your soul intends to run wildly and freely with the winds of life. Your hunger for new experiences and breaking free from the chains of the past drives you to new places and colors your life.

Horses are strong and hard-working creatures, so call upon your soul symbol to muster the courage and agility it takes to heal in this world. You can overcome obstacles and achieve anything you put your mind to. If you lose touch with this side of yourself, it may be because you’ve lost touch with your wild side. Do what makes you feel alive, and you will remember again and again just how capable you are!

Wild and free as they may be, horses are also extremely gentle and therapeutic by nature. In Native American totem beliefs, the horse symbolizes healing physically and spiritually. Learning how to balance your wild side with your tender and heart-opening side will make you an unstoppable being of light in our world!

September - Flower

Those born in September have a radiant energy that reminds everyone around them of the importance that beauty and art play in our lives. If you were born under the September stars, your life is a constant blooming and release. Flowers, no matter how magnificent they are when they open, always release at the end of the season and travel back to the soil in peace, knowing the seeds they released will bloom into new flowers forevermore.

In other words, your impact on this world far extends your immediate lifetime or creations. Just by being you, you naturally spread beauty and life force into this world. You create seeds for change in the heart of everyone you touch! You are delicate but strong. Consider the softness of each petal of a flower and how they are able to remain intact even with heavy breezes and summer storms. Your capacity to bloom and live in harmony inspires others to explore their blossoming potential. You remind others to transform, to live in peace, and to always be kind.

October - Star

As the leaves fall and the flowers die in October, humans turn to the light of the stars to remember the permanent beauty and comfort always holding us from above. For those born in October, people similarly turn to you for guidance through the dark.

Since the beginning of time, humans have turned to the stars to create meaning and direction in their lives. If you were born in October, you may already know that people similarly turn to you to illuminate what they cannot yet see within themselves. Like the comforting stars above, your unyielding presence and encouragement allows people to summon their inner navigation system to their conscious attention. You are a guide, simply by being present and providing loving encouragement. In the same way we thank the stars for their never-ending presence above us, people appreciate you in the same way. Hold the world as the stars hold you: Lovingly, and without control.

Those born under the influence of the star have a positive, sparkly, and even magical presence about them. Keep inspiring, October babies!

November - Tree

Just as the trees grow deep roots into the ground so they may rise freely into the sky, those born in November find stability so they can soar to new heights. If you were born under the November sky, your soul is closely linked to the symbol of the tree—meaning you are the one who takes care, protects, and provides for the people in your life. Think of how many creatures use the tree for protection, nurturance, and support! Think of everything the trees give to us—we wouldn’t be here without them. Your friends and family may very well say the same of you.

With this soul symbol, you are eternally tapped into the nurturing energy of Mother Earth. Your ability to drink from the deep reservoir below the surface enables you to give so openly and freely. But life circumstances will eventually make you feel uprooted. When this happens, simply focus your energy on rebuilding a foundation by doing the activities that ground you. Sip from your networks of support before giving endlessly to others—otherwise, you might tip right over!

December - Water

The fluid and ever-changing nature of water runs through the veins of those born in December, imbuing them with psychic powers and the ability to bring change wherever they go. If you were born in December, you are likely highly adaptable, intuitive, and emotionally sensitive. Consider how water takes the form of whatever container it's in. Similarly, you likely shapeshift based on whatever life presents you with. The trick, dear friend, is staying calm and going with the flow even in the most turbulent conditions—knowing that the wind and waves will eventually settle, and you will once again change form.

Your soul's connection to water also signifies a deep appreciation for the subconscious world of memories, emotions, and energy. December natives are adept dream workers, intuitives, and creatives because they can navigate this sometimes confusing space of symbolism and derive a deep sense of meaning and knowing. Developing your watery superpowers in whatever way speaks to you will yield glorious benefits!

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Joanne Salomon
7 months ago your message I thankyou all for the unconditional love which makes me feel so deeply content within my heart and soul but my true faith is in God I have a strong relationship with him he watches over me just like my mom in heaven, have a bless day and be safe and vigilant of your surroundings ❤️❤️🙏✌️

7 months ago
Reply to  Joanne Salomon

Hello Joanne,

Thank you for sharing your heartfelt sentiments. It's beautiful to see how your faith and relationship with God provide a solid foundation in your life. The deep bond you describe resonates with many of our readers, as we all seek connections that enrich our souls and spirits.

The mystical soul symbols associated with our birth months are wonderful tools to further explore and reflect upon our spiritual journey. They can offer insights into our innate strengths, passions, and destinies, aligning closely with the blessings we receive from the divine.

Your comment is a beautiful reminder that, irrespective of the soul symbol of our birth month, the true guiding light in our lives is the unconditional love and faith we hold in our hearts.

Stay safe, and may your days be filled with the blessings and protection of both your heavenly and earthly guardians. Sending you waves of love and light ❤️.

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