Aries and Taurus: Worst Jobs for Aries and Worst Careers for Taurus

Friday, December 08, 2023 • zodiac
Worst Careers for Taurus

There comes at least one point in our lives where we feel tired of our existing jobs and want to switch either that job or that career itself. 

If you’re an Aries person looking to get your first job these days or are a Taurus person planning a career switch because you’re tired of your existing job, this article will be very useful for you.

Because today, I will be telling you the 5 worst jobs for Aries and the 5 worst careers for Taurus that don’t align with your zodiac signs. First, we will discuss Aries’ jobs, and then Taurus’ jobs.

5 Worst Jobs for Aries

1. Librarian

Librarian and Aries? Reminds me of this scene from The Office. 


Let’s face it, an Aries person is not cut out to be a librarian! Now, I know that all of you Aries are reading this and wondering “why not? Why can’t I be a librarian?” The answer’s simple, monotony.

Yes, while a library is a fascinating place to visit (regardless of your zodiac sign) and libraries are full of books that will quite literally change your life, the work is very boring for a charged-up zodiac like Aries. 

Sorting and racking books, making library cards and ensuring that there’s silence at all times make being a librarian one of the worst jobs for Aries.

Worst jobs for Aries Librarian

2. Accountant

Imagine yourself as an Aries, sitting in front of a desk that has 5 files on it, with your PC having three different Excel sheets open. Your phone buzzes every 3 minutes because your boss is being relentless with the last “bank reconciliation” he assigned you as you hold your head in your hands wondering “why am I even here?”

Being an accountant might be fun for other zodiacs, but it's one of the worst jobs for Aries as Aries cannot do “traditional” desk jobs, one of which is being an accountant. 

So a word of advice, choose a profession that has you handle your own money, and not someone else’s.

Worst jobs for Aries Accountant

3. Negotiator

A negotiating role where you have to get the best deals for your business (whether you’re buying or selling something) is one of the worst jobs for Aries because these roles require meticulous thinking and planning things in advance, something Aries isn’t exactly good at.

Aries is by default a “hot-headed” sign that likes to “get in on the action” as soon as possible and leave “do the thinking” later on. Yet in a negotiating capacity, where you need to think a lot and gauge the other person’s mind, Aries will get less-than-ideal deals that will be harmful to their organization.

Worst jobs for Aries Negotiator

4. Customer Service Representative

A Customer Service Representative (CSR) can be one of the worst jobs for Aries as it demands that the representative be soft-spoken and patient with the customer’s problems, something people with Aries star-sign aren’t known to excel at.

There will be times when you, as an Aries CSR, will face disgruntled, angry and outright verbally abusive customers. They’ll start yelling in your ears in frustration causing you to “return fire” and start a tirade of their own.

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Worst jobs for Aries Customer service Representative

5. Receptionist

Finally, the last of the worst jobs for Aries is to be a receptionist. Receptionists have to greet everyone with a smile, book meetings, arrange and distribute post and couriers, and answer and forward phone calls. While all of this may be fascinating for other zodiac signs, for Aries, it can be a painful place to be in.

Like I’ve said before, Aries people are go-getters and leaders by nature who hate “desk jobs” as such jobs have nothing exciting in it for them. They aspire to be in positions where they can channel their leadership skills and be in control of the situation, something that a job like receptionist can never provide.

Worst jobs for Aries Receptionist

5 Worst Careers for Taurus

With Aries and its worst jobs aside, let’s have a look at Taurus and see which jobs are ill-suited for methodical and determined Taureans.

1. Emergency Room Doctor

Taurus loves to be slow and methodical in their approach towards everything in life and dislike doing everything with speed. They prefer a stable work environment with set hours and a steady and unchanging routine that allows them to be fully committed to their work.

An emergency room doctor position can be a nightmare for most Taureans and is among some of the worst careers for Taurus because it’s the exact opposite of what Taurus wants. Long hours, changing shifts and a new emergency every few minutes aren’t what Taurus can get behind.

Worst Careers for Taurus emergency room Doctor

2. Journalist

Journalism is yet another highly fast-paced profession that is among some of the worst careers for Taurus. This is because news outlets always want their organization to be the first to bring any news to the public and that speed demands people who themselves are speedy by nature. This doesn’t gel with Taurus’s slow and methodical style.

Worst Careers for Taurus Journalist
Journalists holding a microphones conducting an TV or radio interview

3. Bartender

While Taureans are very fond of enjoying the finer things in life, including good alcohol, serving alcohol as a bartender is definitely not one of them. 

Bartending is one of the worst careers for Taurus as it can get very rowdy on a weekend night in a bar with drunk customers asking for more and more refills, as the night progresses and new ones keep coming through the door. 

Worst Careers for Taurus bartender

4. Welfare

Taureans are headstrong and determined people who don’t take kindly to “living off government welfare”. This makes welfare and social work one of the worst careers for Taurus. 

The rationale behind this is they want to achieve everything without any external support and will downright frown upon either getting or working in government welfare services. 

When Saturn in second house, it can influence Taurus in a host of positive and negative ways. If you want to know about Saturn in the 2nd house in detail, read our article.

Worst Careers for Taurus welfare

5. Work From Home (WFH) Jobs

The last type of worst careers for Taurus is WFH jobs, as these are almost diametrically opposed to Taurus’ habits.

WFH jobs can get very boring and monotonous for Taureans, as they have neither human interaction nor the office environment that Taureans would want. This will cause Taurus to be burned out in this role very quickly, which might lead to disillusionment with the job.

Worst Careers for Taurus Work from home

Summing Up The 5 Worst Jobs for Aries and The 5 Worst Careers for Taurus

Both Aries and Taurus are some of the most determined and committed zodiac signs that need to pursue jobs that align with their nature. You cannot expect a Taurus to be an ER doctor, and an Aries can never be an accountant. 

These are zodiacs that thrive when they are given leadership over certain organizational affairs, and they function without that leadership.

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