Diving Into Intuition and the Subconscious: Pisces and the Moon Card

Tuesday, November 07, 2023 • tarot, zodiac
pisces moon card insights

PISCES - The Fish - February 19-March 20 Welcome Pisces to an article about the card that is all about you – the Moon Card! The Moon card is usually illustrated by a large moon rising between two towers while a dog and a wolf howl at it. A sea creature, usually a crustacean of some kind rises from a pool of water at the bottom of the card. The water and the creature rising from it is the hint that tells us that this card belongs to Pisces. The Moon card is a perfect match for you, Pisces. Your dreamy, artistic, and sensitive nature is beautifully illustrated by this card. Symbols representing your adaptability and love of romance are threaded through The Moon card. Pisces are known for being very adaptable. Your mental flexibility allows you to easily consider new information and concepts. I am guessing that you are ready to dive into the Moon card to discover how its symbolism can inform you and provide you with tools to make valuable changes in your life.

Why This Pairing Makes Sense

Pisces, you often find yourself adrift in a sea of dreams. Your romantic nature and willingness to abandon the every day in favor of your elaborately beautiful thoughts results in a personality that is ever-changing, adaptive, and filled with empathy. You also feel things very deeply, which leads to a compassionate, empathetic approach to others and a sympathetic approach to other people. The Moon is the card of intuition and psychicism, representing all of the mysteries the night holds. Under the Moon’s changeable glow, patterns shift and meanings subtly alter themselves. Nothing is quite what it seems once it appears in the sky. A dreamer at heart, you are strongly influenced by your intuition and subconscious. You receive messages from them so effortlessly that you often don’t even realize the source of the information. But you are a natural at absorbing what you sense and acting on it, seamlessly weaving your perceptions into your waking life. The Moon card symbolizes receptivity and reflection. It is a powerful magnifier of psychic and intuitive abilities. It also represents instability or frequent changes. People may think you are acting randomly when in fact you are being guided by your inner voice. You have a deep appreciation for art, Pisces. This appreciation reaches beyond the art itself and incorporates the entire artistic process. You understand how deep an artist must dive into themselves and how difficult it can be to translate wordless inspiration into a physical form. You also recognize the spiritual process that is inherent in the creation of art. The Moon card is a representative of the creative process and the way artists must give themselves over their intuition to fully bring their creations to life. It represents the surrender that is required to seek out inspiration.

The Moon Card and Your Strengths

Pisces, your senses, particularly your intuition are often wide open, and you are perpetually tuned in to the people around you. Though this can result in a kind of exhaustion for you, requiring you to seek solitude to recharge yourself, it also results in a deep empathetic understanding of others. You can sense the smallest change in mood or pick up on the tiniest hint of tension in a room. You make an excellent and sympathetic listener. Just like a fish, you can flow like water, Pisces. Comfortable navigating the most unstable situations, you can alter your plans and opinions in a blink of an eye. You don’t waste a lot of time mourning what could have been or wishing things had happened another way. You are much more interested in following the flow of events and finding out what happens next. With this ability to conform to the surrounding situation, you often find yourself in the strangest of places. What starts as a simple trip to the grocery store could end up with you exploring a local cave system or helping a neighbor move into their new home. Understanding the Moon card can help you take advantage of your natural abilities. The Moon card represents the powers of reflection and absorption. But please recall that the Moon is not always full. She waxes and wanes, and her ability to reflect light and her influence on the Earth below also changes. The Moon card is a reminder to learn how to fine tune your intuition so that you don’t run the risk of getting overwhelmed by it. Figure out how to create mental and spiritual barriers that protect your peace of mind. Due to its changeableness, the Moon card can symbolize ambiguity and a lack of permanence. You are so comfortable with both of these that you might find it hard to believe that others struggle with them. You can help others learn to go with the flow by shedding light on the dark corners of uncertainty, teaching them that it is okay not to know something for sure.

The Moon Card (Reversed) and Your Weaknesses

Though you don’t struggle with much, Pisces, you do struggle with making decisions. You have a natural disinclination for solidifying plans. You may feel that choosing one route causes you to miss out on the possibilities that the other options could provide to you. Or you might just hate feeling pinned down, preferring to have the ability to change your mind at a moment’s notice. This tendency can make others feel like you are being evasive or that you are unwilling to commit to a course of action. While your empathy and understanding of others’ viewpoints can make you a comforting friend and great listener, it can also make you overly tolerant of their flaws. You likely struggle with creating healthy boundaries, particularly with those who are closest to you. People may get in the habit of disregarding your needs, leaving you feeling ignored. When you are forgiving someone for standing you up for the fifth time in a row, are you really being understanding or are you refusing to stand up for yourself? You lead a rich and involved inner life, Pisces. Flights of fancy, intricate daydreams, and your dreams at night all contribute to a private landscape built upon your subconscious and your intuition. This place can be a safe haven for you, but it can also distract you from what is going on around you. You may not even realize that you are slipping away into your own thoughts until someone draws your attention to it. You might be accused of being disconnected or distracted. Listen to the advice of the (Reversed) Moon card to help mitigate some of your weaknesses. While the Moon can represent mystery and illusion, the Moon reversed represents a clearing away of the clouds and a focus on what is really there. The Moon card reversed can also point you towards grounding your daydreams in the material world, solidifying them and choosing action over inaction. Remember that the Moon is in constant flux, and you can make an effort to stop your effortless flow occasionally to set some healthy boundaries and be more direct about what you want.

The Moon Card and Problem Solving

Pisces, when you have a problem, you may not even realize you have a problem. Your empathy for others and your selflessness may convince you that no matter what happens, you are not suffering as much as the people you know. Or your adaptability may automatically step in and allow you to circumvent the issue without much effort. You often have an intuitive approach to problem solving, giving yourself time for the solution to well up from your subconscious rather than actively pursuing it. When you must consciously work on finding a solution, your approach is multi-branched and creative and you may pursue several solutions at the same time. When people close to you bring you their problems, it often isn’t so that you can help them find a solution. Instead, they want a sympathetic ear and some of your empathy. They want commiseration and understanding. All of which you can easily provide. But understand that the step of emoting, expressing concerns, and telling their story is actually part of the problem solving process. It is imperative to handle the emotions related to an issue so that a sensible real-world solution can be identified. Your ability to actively listen and participate in their story allows people to begin healing from whatever damage the problem caused. When you are working through a problem, remember the lessons of the Moon card. Sometimes things are not always what they seem. What could appear as a dangerous wolf might be a friendly dog. Your problems may dissolve once you examine them. Allow your intuition to be your guide when problem solving. It is a gateway to your powerful subconscious which can provide you with an endless supply of creative solutions. Sometimes, problems do not need to be confronted head-on. You can easily flow around them if you remain flexible and adaptable.

The Moon Card and Your Work Life

I doubt it will come as a surprise that as a Pisces, you are well suited for careers that allow you to help others or indulge in your creative abilities. Your amazing listening skills and the sympathy you feel for others can direct you towards jobs like nursing, social work, or therapy. Or you could choose to incorporate your intuition even more and work as a Tarot reader or professional psychic. Of course, there is the chance that your creativity may desire a more direct outlet, in which case you would make an excellent artist, musician, or writer. No matter what kind of job you have, your Piscean skills of listening, understanding, and intuiting information can be a great help. Though it is important to remember the lesson of the Moon card reversed, there are times where setting boundaries and making concrete plans are beneficial. You may find yourself being the listener and unofficial counselor in any workplace, which can require a lot of energy. Make sure that your desire to help others doesn’t interfere with your performance.

The Moon Card and Your Relationships

Pisces, you often attract people who like to go on adventures. You also attract people who like to talk because you are such an amazing listener. Though you meet a lot of people, you prefer to keep a small circle of close friends since people occasionally exhaust you. And you may often find yourself being a friend to the friendless, or reaching out to people others would consider outcasts. You prefer to be among fellow dreamers and artists, exploring new artistic frontiers. If you are on the hunt for close friends or romantic partners, look for people who enjoy the quiet and wouldn’t mind secluding themselves away with you. People with an artistic temperament, or who think deep thoughts appeal to your creative side. For healthy relationships, those closest to you must be willing to respect boundaries so that you don’t need to expend your energy on repeatedly defending them.

The Moon Card’s Guidance

Pisces, you have a beautiful and complex soul. As you go about your day, meditate on the meaning of the Moon card to plumb your depths and get a better understanding of yourself. When you have a few quiet moments, take some deep calming breaths. When you feel ready, picture yourself in the Moon card. Where are you and what are you doing? Are you confronting the dog and wolf? Are you far in the distance, standing between the two towers or are you inside of one. Perhaps you are swimming in the pool at the bottom of the scene. Wherever you find yourself, look around and see what is happening. Focus on how it makes you feel. Work towards understanding what that means about your personality.

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