Are you the best or worst sign to date, based on your star sign?

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Let's get one thing straight: we all have shortcomings.

However, depending on your zodiac sign, you may find it easier—or more difficult—to date. This isn't to say you don't have strengths or that you can't improve.

However, it all begins with understanding your zodiac sign (and innate character!) in terms of dating and relationships.

Do you have more red flags in your relationships than others? Is it possible for you to be a little toxic? Or are you the most attractive zodiac sign on the planet? You're about to find out.

So, let's take a look at this and see if your zodiac love compatibility is good or bad.

The Top 6 Zodiac Signs of All Time​

Inevitably, compatibility will play a role. Simultaneously, some zodiac signs are a little simpler to get along with and romantically engage with.

Are you the most attractive zodiac sign you've ever met? The top six are listed below!

1. The sign of Leo

For their partner, dating a Leo is usually a fantastic experience. When it comes to partnerships, this zodiac sign gives it all because they are highly devoted and giving people.

One disadvantage is that Leos might grow possessive if they don't feel their efforts are reciprocated.

However, excellent communication can help you overcome these obstacles and find your ideal companion! Leo, as a Fire sign, can be bold and reckless, making for an intriguing pairing!

2. Cancer

Look no further than the sensitive Cancer if you're looking for emotional depth. Cancers get along best with other Water signs, although they can also get along with earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn.

So, what makes Cancers such good partners?

They are extremely empathic and emotionally aware, which allows them to "understand" people better than other signs. You'll feel understood and heard while you're with them.

3. Scorpio

Scorpios aren't always the first sign that comes to mind when considering the best zodiac sign for dating. A Scorpio, on the other hand, desires deep intimacy with someone. They don't want to date just for the sake of dating or for the sake of having fun; they want to connect.

In a world where that can be hard to come by, a Scorpio can provide something that no one else can. In fact, Pluto, their ruling planet, is linked to the subconscious, so they're a little deeper than you might think!

4. Virgo

Virgos, like Scorpios, will not just commit to a relationship. They, too, yearn for a relationship, but one that is meaningful. They desire a partner with whom they can work toward a common goal.

You may also tell them anything and be confident that they will remember and listen to you, which can be difficult to come by in a couple.

5. Capricorn

Capricorns are another sign with a strong sense of loyalty.

They also have a strong emotional and thoughtful connection with people. As an Earth sign, they are grounded yet ambitious, creating a healthy balance of the two worlds and a spouse that others enjoy being around.

6. Pisces

It's lovely to see a Pisces in love!

They have the ability to be sympathetic, giving, and supportive, essentially providing the relationship trifecta. Their kindness may come as no surprise, given that their ruling planet, Neptune, is famed for it.

To put it another way, dating a Pisces is likely to make you feel understood and seen.

The Worst Zodiac Signs to Go Out With​

So, what about the red flags in a relationship? What are some of the most dreadful zodiac signs ever?

You can probably predict based on the fact that there are six in the section above. Again, nothing is set in stone, and you may always fight to overcome whatever poisonous characteristics you may have.

With that in mind, what are the zodiac signs that are the worst in terms of romance?

1. Taurus

A Taurus isn't always a horrible choice for a spouse. They do, however, have one key poisonous trait: they despise being alone. For the sake of not being alone, they will ignore any indicators that a relationship isn't worth it.

2. Aquarius

A dating relationship with an Aquarius is frequently perplexing. The other person is usually unsure if an Aquarius is interested or not. This is due to Aquarius' proclivity for taking time to open out.

Being honest and truthful, on the other hand, can help you get past this potentially awkward stumbling block.

3. Gemini

Geminis (not all, but the majority) have issues with their self-worth. This indicates that they will quickly settle, even if someone else isn't the appropriate match for them. This can develop to bitterness and more down the road, making Gemini an unsuitable spouse in various circumstances.

Gemini, whose ruling planet is Mercury, can be perplexing since they are outgoing and flirtatious, leading others astray.

4. Sagittarius

Unfortunately, a Sagittarius will ignore any red flags, putting themselves and a possible mate in an unsuitable relationship setting.

Simultaneously, they can be blunt, which, depending on the recipient, might be perceived as harsh.

5. Libra

A Libra isn't always a poor spouse, either. Libras, as sociable creatures, enjoy being in the company of others, and others enjoy being in the company of Libras. Dating a Libra, on the other hand, might rapidly develop into a nightmare for someone who is more of a homebody or insecure.

Maybe this zodiac sign is more of a niche or specialized taste!

6. Aries

When it comes to dating, Aries have a major flaw: they move too quickly! This can result in a variety of issues, including mismatches and more. Aries is enamoured with "newness."

Aries' ruling planet is Mars, which makes them extremely sexual, determined, and energetic. Aries may make excellent companions in the right circumstances.

Keep an eye out for red flags!

At the end of the day, it's up to you to make sure you're content in your chosen relationship.

At the same time, it's crucial to keep in mind that not everyone gets along. While we identified the best zodiac sign to date and the worst zodiac sign to date above, it all boils down to finding the right person and zodiac sign for you.

We've all had red flags up our sleeve. But it's how we pair up that matters the most!

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