Unlocking the Power of Crystals to Amplify Tarot Readings

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how to use crystals to enhance your tarot readings

Utilizing Tarot cards allows us to tap into our spiritual essence and the energies that surround us. On their own, these mystical cards can offer insights into our inner selves, our dreams, connections, and professional lives. However, when paired with the potent energy of crystals, Tarot readings can be heightened, unveiling even greater depths of understanding.

For those intrigued by the idea of integrating crystal healing into their Tarot practice, this article will guide you in selecting the right crystals for your rituals and how to effectively utilize them.

Empowering Crystals to Amplify Tarot Readings

Although numerous crystals complement Tarot cards exceptionally well, an extensive assortment is not required.

This compilation offers an introduction to crystals you can incorporate into your readings, but feel free to explore additional crystals not mentioned here.


Citrine boasts a myriad of applications, including its compatibility with Tarot. This unique stone possesses the ability to transmute negative energy surrounding it, creating an atmosphere of purification. Unlike other crystals, Citrine doesn't require cleansing due to its potent negativity-neutralizing abilities. Renowned for attracting opportunity and abundance, Citrine, when combined with Tarot, aids in clarifying the messages being conveyed to you.


Often referred to as the Stone of Magic, Labradorite aligns perfectly with the enchanting nature of Tarot. This remarkable crystal facilitates our connection to higher energies, enabling us to perceive the messages we receive. Its vibrations resonate around your cards, imbuing them with mystical power and guiding you in the selection of the most fitting cards.


Selenite resembles a crystal glass slipper, delicate, enchanting, and ethereal in nature. Possessing a purifying, positive aura, this crystal permeates your deck, rejuvenating it between readings. Selenite shares a strong connection with the Moon, amplifying its influence. Both the Moon and Selenite represent concealed mysteries and aid in unveiling them when engaged in Tarot work. Due to its intimate association with the Moon, Selenite serves as an exceptional crystal for Tarot readings centered around lunar cycles.


Amethyst makes a perfect companion for Tarot due to its exceptional ability to amplify and fortify intuition. This crystal enhances psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and serves as a spiritual guide. Furthermore, Amethyst provides a calming, soothing, and protective energy that elevates the vibrations of both you and your chosen deck. This versatile stone harmonizes with Tarot cards, enriching numerous aspects of the practice.

Though the crystals mentioned above are exceptional for Tarot work, numerous other options are available. If you have favorite crystals that you enjoy using for specific purposes, they may likely transfer their energy to the realm of Tarot. Therefore, feel free to explore and experiment with your cherished crystals, even if they haven't been mentioned here.

Ways to Integrate Crystal Healing into Tarot Practice

Numerous methods exist for enhancing Tarot practice with crystal healing, providing an opportunity for creativity and imagination.

Meditation serves as a remarkable method for integrating crystals into Tarot practice. Opting for intuitive stones, such as amethyst or labradorite, you can hold one in your left palm while meditating on its intuition-enhancing properties, letting their energy envelop your entire being. Crystals hold the power to help you enter the ideal mental state for a deep exploration of the enigmatic realm of Tarot.

Crystals can also influence your Tarot cards on a physical level. Like other tangible objects, Tarot decks accumulate and hold energy. If it has been some time since your last reading, your cards may harbor stagnant energy, which should be cleared before the next session. Without refreshing and recharging your cards, the reading may lack clarity. Citrine serves as the ideal crystal for purifying Tarot decks. You can place citrine atop your deck 30 minutes before a reading, store it with your Tarot to maintain cleanliness, or even create your own personal ritual.

Crystals excel at creating a mystical ambiance for Tarot sessions. Numerous crystal mats can also serve as stunning Tarot mats, or you can opt for a cherished scarf or fabric piece. Bring your metaphysical tools to a magical space of your choice, light a candle, burn sage or incense to cleanse the area, and invite spiritual energies while sitting comfortably. Lay your mat or fabric and arrange your chosen crystals based on the spread you plan to use. Not only will these crystals enhance the atmosphere, but they also work wonders on the surrounding energies. Furthermore, crystals possess an inherent beauty, adding an enchanting touch to any space they occupy.

Uncover Your Preferred Ritual

The enchanting aspect of metaphysical tools like astrology, crystal healing, numerology, and Tarot practice lies in their vast customizability. While some areas – such as numerology and astrology – adhere to specific rules, the choice of practice, timing, and setting remains in your hands. Crafting your ritual is a personal endeavor. Therefore, if you conceive a distinctive approach to combining crystal healing and Tarot work, don't hesitate to experiment!

The paramount aspect of embracing esoteric practices is forging a connection with your inner spirit and the cosmos. Engage in activities that resonate with your true self, be it savoring crystal-infused spring water while interpreting the cards outdoors on a radiant day or surrounding yourself with cherished crystals and exploring your deck in the comfort of your pajamas.

Enjoy the journey and feel free to develop an array of rituals. There is no incorrect approach when combining Tarot cards and crystals, and soon you'll discover their remarkable, harmonious connection.

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