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Virgo 2023 Yearly Fate Horoscope


As I peer into the heavens and determine what is in store for Virgo in 2023, I sense the cogs of fate turning. The fortuitous planet of love, Venus, is very active in your chart this year. This bodes well for new and current relationships. Two of the major eclipses occurring in 2023 will trigger your natal 7th house’s ruler, promising auspicious opportunities and positive life changes in the realm of relationships. 

As transiting Uranus moves through the sign of Taurus, your life is enriched with the swirling tendrils of creativity and excitement. While this goes against your stereotypical nature, you are eager for change this year and will be charting your course forward with courage in your steps and hope in your heart. The stars send you a new and profound optimism which enables you to seek out new experiences and discover greater insights in regards to yourself and the world around you. 

The realm of love is no different – you are eager to start a new chapter in this sphere of your life as well. You might embark on a new romance this year, Virgo, shedding the past like an old coat. The theme of renewal and fresh perspectives also applies to those Virgos who are currently coupled. If in a relationship, you might feel a tickle in your pointer finger to press the “reboot” button. Dynamic change could transform your connection for the better, allowing it, too, to shed its old skin and take on a new, more exhilarating energy that reminds you of the beginning. You might even feel called to take some space from your partner in a trial separation so that you can both return to your relationship refreshed, ready to continue your growth together, embrace new attitudes, and leave the baggage of the past behind you. 

This year, Virgo will discover the confidence to make bold decisions, develop greater insight into ongoing problems, and to make positive progress in all aspects of life. You’ll be stepping outside of your comfort zone as well – instead of relying on your own wits and believing that you know the best way to accomplish something, you will expand your mind to other possibilities and input from others. These valuable insights which will come from many different parts of the external world will assist you in leveling-up your career, relationships and personal routine. Open your mind to the advice of others – there is great treasure found there and an abundance of learning opportunities. All sorts of relationships will benefit from the breakthroughs destined to appear in your path this year, Virgo, whether they be romantic, platonic or professional. 

Lastly, the transiting North Node in Taurus positions the nodal axis in your natal 9th and 3rd houses. This transit calls forth the balance between faith and discernment. While it is in Virgo’s nature to be more skeptical and analytical, the stars push you towards a leap of faith and to see beyond facts and apparent reality. You cannot always see the bigger picture, dear earth sign. Sometimes you have to trust that things are working out for you behind the curtain and let go of your desire to control a situation through logic and worry. More than intuition, this practice will challenge your innate, inner wisdom which can connect the dots based on your previous experiences and remain optimistic.

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