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Scorpio 2023 Yearly Fate Horoscope


As I gaze into the sky and read the stars to see what is in store for Scorpio in 2023, I sense the wheels of fate turning. This year is sure to be an energetic one for you, dear water sign. While you are naturally assertive and willful, the transits of this year will amplify these characteristics, making you even more pugnacious. Your vitality is ignited as you feel a renewed determination to make headway on your goals. This is an excellent year to pick up any kind of sport or competitive activity. You will be dedicated and full of grit when it comes to pursuing your dreams and ambitions.  

Transiting Jupiter enters Pisces and forms a conjunction with Neptune. This transit rains blessings down upon you in the realm of love. Scorpios in 2023 will be blessed with piercing clarity that allows them to be straightforward and honest. If you are coupled, this auspicious transit invigorates your boldness and makes your partner feel more secure as you shelter them under your protective wing. If you are single, prepare to command the room. You will ooze confidence, and your blunt approach to dating will entice even the most aloof partner. Your boldness will be magnetic. Jupiter promises abundance in whatever it touches, so expect to feel the breeze of fantasy and romance sweep through your year. You might even feel like you’re living in a fairytale. 

As Saturn moves through Aquarius, critical developments in your life arise. External tensions might challenge your aims and ambitions, causing you to second guess or doubt yourself. Your sense of security might be challenged as well, either in a financial context or self-worth context. Saturn is trying to show you what you lack so you can prepare for your abundance. This planet is a karmic teacher. Do not resist its wisdom, but do not dismiss yourself so easily either. Focus on your invigorated sense of self and renewed confidence, but don’t allow it to become hubris. 

Transiting Sun, Moon, and Mercury will square Neptune, and transiting Saturn will square your Sun, at the time of the December eclipse. While this year does promise heightened levels of energy, they will not be consistently so. At times, it will feel as though you’re constantly hitting a brick wall and battling against adversity. Be patient and utilize that Scorpio perseverance of yours. Keep pressing ahead, and avoid changing your momentum by shifting into the reverse gear. There is no way back to things that felt safer, not really. Even if you did somehow find your way back to that exact time and place where you’ve convinced yourself things were better, you would arrive irrevocably changed. That’s part of growth, Scorpio. Release the past and embrace your competitive spirit this year – try to have fun and let go of any overwhelming expectations you have of yourself.

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