What Does It Mean To Be A Mars in Aquarius Man?

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Mars in Aquarius Man

In case you don’t know, Mars is all about action, combativeness and assertion. So when Mars and Aquarius unite in an astrological placement, you get Mars in Aquarius. While it affects men and women equally, in this article, I’ll be looking at men specifically. You’ll see what it means to be a Mars in Aquarius man and what it means to be one.

Aquarius is the most creative and forward-thinking of all zodiacs. A zodiac that is full of intellectualism and independence. This sign comes loaded with sociability and a thirst for knowledge. Generally, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, yet there are some instances when Mars rules it. 

Furthermore, I’ll also talk about this placement’s relationship with your love life and career. Another astrological placement that involves Aquarius is Pluto in Aquarius. Check the link to learn more about it in detail. 

Mars in Aquarius Man: Independence, Sociability and Being A Humanitarian

If Aquarius is your sign, you have many qualities that are distinct from everyone else. These are independence, a strong sense of humanitarianism and intellectual prowess that’s hard to match.

I used to wonder years ago if Aquarius was a water sign. Until I eventually realized that Aquarius is an air sign. This is because Aquarians cannot stand still, like water signs. They’re visionary people who are always ready to achieve the next big milestone of their lives. 

If you’re an Aquarius, you’re wiser and more insightful than countless people. And the sooner you can harness this ability, the better your life will be. You have a forward-thinking nature that paves the way for groundbreaking ideas. 

Moreover, Aquarius is a very friendly zodiac sign. You may have noticed it yourself, that you get along with people easily. This is also due to your sociable and open-minded nature. 

You can detach yourself from your environment very easily. But that doesn’t mean that you stay aloof the whole time. Because you can easily be social and are very friendly.

I mentioned earlier that Uranus rules Aquarius, the planet of innovation and rebellion. Uranus gives you the willingness to embrace the unknown and do what is considered “unconventional”. But what happens if you add Mars to this equation of rebellion and sudden change?

Mars in Aquarius Man Meaning

Mars And Its Fiery Effects

Mars is the most energetic and determined planet in Astrology. And being deified in ancient Rome as the “god of war”, you can expect it to be pretty active. I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen Mars people to be “in their element”. Being full of determination, passion, grit and “a can-do attitude” is what you get with Mars.

Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio, and both of these signs are full of energy themselves. Scorpios like to lay back and strategically work harder than anyone else. While Aries is all about being headstrong and charging into whatever life throws at them.

For me, Mars is the most impactful celestial body in Astrology. Because it throws challenge after challenge towards you to make you stronger. Furthermore, it also tells you to be assertive and competitive in life. All of these traits eventually create a magnetic allure around you that is hard to miss.

Finally, Mars makes you a natural leader who commands authority and respect. Everyone, no matter who they may be, will be proud of knowing you. 

Your presence alone in and will be a source of inspiration among your friends, family and acquaintances. People will rally around whatever cause you’ll present to them with full commitment and undying loyalty.

Who Is A Mars in Aquarius Man?

As you can already guess, Mars in Aquarius man is a very powerful combination. This astrological placement endows men with passion and visionary ideals. You will display a profound intellect, thriving on innovative exploration and abstract thinking. 

This arrangement brings out the best of both Uranus and Mars in you. With Uranus, you get a tendency to break with the norm and be unique in your own right. And with Mars, you get a lot of assertiveness and discipline that helps you stay level-headed.

You’ll have a very rebellious spirit that cannot be confined to a specific set of ideas or actions. For that would be the antithesis of everything that you believe in. It is natural for you to challenge established rules and norms and create your own regulations. 

To me, such a man is a trailblazer, a daredevil who will stop at no limits. He will assert his will one way or the other, whether people like it or not. 

But this man is also a humanitarian who’s fighting for justice. If this person sounds like you, I’ve got some good news for you. Doing acts of humanitarianism will make you very famous and influential. Because you can gather many people for your cause and make them fight for it. 

Have you ever wondered whether Aquarius is a “strong” zodiac sign, or a “weak” one? This article has your answer.

Mars in Aquarius Man Humanity

Mars in Aquarius Man and Love

It is my observation that a Mars in Aquarius man looks for a woman like him in love. Now, by this, I do not mean that you’ll seek a woman who’s exactly like you, but a female. Instead, some specific traits draw such a man into liking a woman. Here I will discuss some of them. 

The first trait is intellectual pursuits. Such men are very “brainy” and cannot settle for a woman who isn’t as intelligent as them. She needs to be wise, learned and know how the world that she lives in works. This will lead to very interesting and insightful conversations now and then. And you two will frequently find yourselves imparting knowledge to the other.

Moreover, she needs to be unconventional and independent like him. I’ve seen that when two unconventional people who can’t be bound by rules get together, their lives become exciting. Expect a lot of socializing and unplanned trips as both of you embrace your communal and lively sides.

Finally, a Mars in Aquarius man looks for a woman who’s authentic and open-minded. You want someone who isn’t “ordinary” like everyone else. Instead, she needs to be unabashedly “herself”. 

To me, this pair can work easily, but only when both of you take out the time for each other. It’s easy to drift apart and get really busy in your lives in this relationship. 

Especially for the Aquarian man for being very independent and not being a fan of monogamous relationships. So staying committed to each other has to be a priority here.

Mars in Aquarius Man and Careers 

One thing that I have seen about Mars in Aquarius man scenario and careers is relentlessness. And it’s entirely possible that you may or may not have noticed it. But this relentlessness is what drives you professionally, and is the basis of your successful career. 

As an Aquarian with a fire in your belly, a comfortable executive position with a big salary isn’t your definition of success. Instead, you like to push humanity forward and fight against inequality. 

You possess a significant amount of influence in your organization and are an expert in communication. Combined, you can use them both to organize people easily and delegate things. This results in you and your people overperforming everyone around you and more stuff getting done in less time. 

Moreover, you’re also great at solving problems. In these problematic scenarios, you use your inventive mind and creative imagination to come up with creative solutions. 

The careers that would fit you best are social advocacy and non-profit careers. As they align the most with your humanitarian nature. Moreover, I’ve seen Aquarians do well in creative, problem-solving and intellectual capacities too. So technology, psychology and education can be good domains too for you.

Who Is A Mars in Aquarius Man

Summing Mars in Aquarius Man Up

A Mars in Aquarius man is no stranger to being a leader. He commands respect and expects authority wherever he goes. He’s assertive and combative when he needs to be. Yet he’s also a humanitarian and a driver of social change when the hour calls for it. 

To me, such a man can be unpredictable at times, due to his demanding nature. But he can also be very kind and gentle to people who are close to him.

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