The Power Within: The Strength Card Explained

Wednesday, April 03, 2024 • tarot
understanding the strength tarot card

Walking in a barren place, you see a woman struggling in the distance. As the sunset grows darker, her white gown stands out in the gloom. As you get closer, you see that she is actually wrestling with a lion and a spike of fear enters your heart. But as you cautiously approach, she turns to you, with a smile on her face. With the most gentle and casual movement, she closes the lion’s mouth.

When we explore the Strength card, we have the opportunity to learn about various types of strength, including internal and external power and mental fortitude. Let us watch this graceful woman subdue the snarling lion and see what lessons we can learn from her.

Love - Strength Upright

The strength card represents passions and desires of many kinds, including romance and sexual passions. When this card appears in a reading about love, it indicates extremely strong emotions and great desire. Though it may not look like it at first glance, this card is a representation of lust in its purest form. Its presence in a romance reading means that there is definite sexual chemistry between two people. Whether or not you get the chance to act upon your passions, the spark is there.

Though this card is one of passion and instinct, never forget that the primary figure on the card is the woman who is wrestling the lion. The lion represents all our desires and drives. The woman on the card represents our higher selves subduing those passions while controlling and channeling them. This is a reminder that though we can feel great attraction and sexual excitement for someone, we should do our best to stay in control so that we do not take any inappropriate actions or make any hasty decisions.

When the strength card appears, it can symbolize a short fling or a long-term, established relationship. Whatever type of relationship it illustrates, it is assured that great emotion and the partners understand each other on an instinctual level.

Love - Strength Reversed

When the Strength card is reversed it means that the lady is losing her wrestling match with the lion. That means our inner urges and drives are overcoming our higher selves, blinding us to reason and making us lose control. We are unable to channel our desires productively and could find ourselves spiraling into obsession or overwhelmed with passion. We could be unable to fully function in other areas of our lives.

Part of being in love is enjoying that first feeling of infatuation and a loss of control often comes with that feeling. However, if the strength card is reversed, it indicates that this is an extreme case that is likely to derail other parts of your life until you get your feelings under control. The temptation to indulge our passions can be a major distraction, so it is time to wrestle our internal lion until it is under control. Then we can channel our energy into something that is productive and non-destructive.
A reversed Strength card is a warning sign that allows you to correct your course. Overwhelming passions and desires can damage new and existing relationships. Healthy expression of your emotions is paramount for a successful relationship. If this card appears in your reading, use tools for self-reflection to work through the issue and resolve it so that it does not cause any damage to you or your loved ones.

Career - Strength Upright

The appearance of the Strength card in a reading about your career is a great sign. It indicates that you are a powerhouse of ideas and skills, and you will be able to accomplish many of your goals. You aren't exactly unstoppable, but you have the ability to overcome most obstacles. In fact, you may not even recognize them as obstacles! Though challenges may arise, you have the internal and external strengths required to face them all.

When this card appears in a reading about your job, it can indicate that you hold a particularly important position. It may not be an official role, but you are likely the person that everyone turns to for support. It is a good chance that you are the “answer person” or the problem solver or even the person that people come to resolve workplace conflicts. This can be a wonderful position to have, particularly if you are proud of your workplace and emotionally engaged in it. However, at times, if you aren't in an official leadership position, it can feel as though you are doing much more work than what you're getting paid for.
The Strength card is all about channeling your inner passion and desire so it can work for you rather than against you. Its appearance in your reading is a symbol of your ability to manage your emotions and reactions so that you can successfully get the job done.

Career - Strength Reversed

When the lady and the lion are fighting in the workplace, and the lion is winning, it can represent an inappropriate use of force or the inability to manage your emotions and inner drives. You could find yourself in a situation where someone is trying to throw their weight around and have more control in the workplace than they should. You might have a pushy coworker who tries to monitor everyone's activities or wants to force others to follow their lead.

Conversely, this card can represent your own inability to master your emotions and drives in the workplace. Any job is frustrating eventually, and if you are not able to control your emotions you may express them at an inappropriate time or in an inappropriate way. (Please note that emotions themselves are not inappropriate but expressing them in the workplace can cause some difficulties.) Repression of your feelings or a need to act out or rebel could cause anxiety or other mental health concerns. If you feel this way, try to take a break from work to reset yourself and regain your balance.
The reverse strength card can also symbolize a power struggle at your job. You may just be an observer, or you could be part of the fight. It can represent people striving for the same position or two peers competing against each other in an unhealthy way. This card’s reversed appearance is an indication that someone is failing to manage their internal drives and the situation is not likely to improve until they regain control.

Finances- Strength Upright

Conquest, accomplishment, in self-control are all indicated when the Strength card appears in a reading about your finances. There are times when we are greatly tempted to make bad choices about how to manage our money. Emotions get involved in the decision-making process, and we struggle for objectivity because we want something so badly. However, the Strength card means that you have what it takes to control your impulses and plan for your future. You can conquer your temptations and make the right choices.

This card can also indicate your ability to control your financial situation. There are times in life when others want to influence our financial choices, or even when others have partial or full control over finances. This car is an indication that you can establish control over your personal finances. Do not allow others to convince you that you're incapable of managing your own money. Take advice where needed, but then make fully informed decisions on your own.

Because this card is also associated with the concept of fortitude, it can indicate that you have the ability to stick to a financial plan over time, reliably contribute to your savings, and be consistent in your decision-making. Fortitude can also help you resist requests for assistance from others. Though it is admirable to help others when you can, it takes strength to turn down requests when you know you cannot afford to help.

Finances - Strength Reversed

When the reversed Strength card appears in a reading about your finances, it means that you are not in control of your money. It is likely that you allow your impulses to guide your spending instead of using your better judgment to manage your cash flow. Spontaneous spending, over-taxing your credit cards, and not keeping a close eye on your overall financial plan can all be represented by this card.
The appearance of this card means that there is a need for you to strengthen your resolve and put some guidelines around how you deal with your money. If financial planning is not your forte, reach out to someone who can help you. You may find consultation with a professional to be a benefit or you may have a money-savvy friend who can lend a hand. However, the best financial plans will not help you if you do not learn how to control yourself. Develop the ability to delay your gratification so that you can use your money how you intend to use it. This card is a hint that you should work on your self-control and accept the limits you place upon yourself for your own good.

Health - Strength Upright

The strength card indicates general good health, and the ability to weather most illnesses. It represents the self-discipline that is required to follow a health regimen, and the willingness to adhere to the instructions that are given to you by your healthcare professionals. This card can also indicate triumph over a health issue, particularly a mental health issue. This card is a representation of not only physical strength but also successfully using your mental strength to wrestle with internal issues.

When this card appears in a reading about your health, it is a reassurance that you have what it takes to manage any health situation that you need to deal with. You not only have the physical strength to combat a disease, but you also have the mental fortitude and perseverance required to fully recover and cope with any lingering symptoms. It sends a reminder that strength comes in all forms, and you have access to all of them.

This card can also indicate the benefits of using positive thinking and spiritual work to augment physical and mental healing. Its appearance can be a sign that you should consider meditation, prayer, or some other spiritual practice to use in conjunction with other healing modalities to speed up your recovery. It is an encouragement to take advantage of your strength of mind to improve your health.

Health - Strength Reversed

The appearance of a reversed strength card in a reading about your health is a warning sign that a weakness could cause you to run the risk of suffering an injury or other health issue. This could be a physical weakness, but it also could be related to your mental health or an inability to control yourself. If this card appears in your reading, it does not indicate that all is lost. Consider it an early warning sign that will allow you to assess your behaviors and make any necessary improvements before suffering the consequences of a potential issue.

This card can also represent someone who knows exactly what they need to do in order to improve or maintain their health, but who is unwilling or who struggles with the idea of doing what needs to be done. There is a need for them to reassess priorities, reset expectations, and reorient themselves to resolve their health issues.
When this card appears in your reading, you could suffer from a health issue that results in a systematic weakness, such as something that weakens your immune system or otherwise makes it more difficult to ward off sickness. When it appears, consider adopting some practices that will strengthen your health, such as taking dietary supplements, eating the right foods, or getting out in the fresh air and sunshine.

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