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Aquarius 2023 Yearly Fate Horoscope


As I gaze into the whirlwinds of fate to determine what 2023 has in store for you, Aquarius, I sense the spinning wheels of fate at work. This year, the stars flood your Eastern Hemisphere, which could mean one of two things. You might be incredibly motivated and feel like you’re at the peak of your game, or, you might feel extremely down on yourself and barren in terms of ambition and motivation. Either way, your desire to see your dreams manifest is strong. This can cause you to be immersed in your own perspective, though, often failing to see beyond your own nose. The transits make you more sensitive to perceived slights or differing opinions. Because it will be difficult for you to face criticism this year, especially in regards to subjects you care about deeply, you might reject the views of others and push forward without consideration.

You have a tendency to be quite hard-headed and single-minded, dear Aquarius. You feel you stand out above the rest and don’t often identify typical “human” qualities in yourself. This stubbornness can cause you to be a bit blind when it comes to your own follies and harmful behaviors – be careful not to overlook these qualities as your relationships can suffer in your neglect to hold yourself accountable. When the opportunity for guidance comes up, don’t resist it because you think you know better. Humble yourself and see what you can learn from alternative points of view. Don’t allow a change in your own perspective to feel like a defeat. This guidance will allow you to learn how to emotionally regulate yourself so that hard feelings do not dictate your actions. 

Family will take center stage for Aquarius in 2023. You will feel more inclined to take on extra responsibility in your personal life rather than in your career. If you feel bogged down by your professional responsibilities, the stars will work to free up some of your time so that you can dedicate yourself more to your family. This opportunity will wash over you like a blessing and fill you up with contentment and ease. Close connection promises you healing and rejuvenation in the coming months – enjoy it. 

 The Sun forms a conjunction with Pluto at the ingress while the North Node sits in Taurus and Saturn in Aquarius. This transit highlights challenging themes of control over the self, the other, and the external world. This need for control will cause contention in your personal and professional life. You must be careful with where this instinct comes from. Investigate it gently when it comes up, and release it if you find it spawns from a place of fear or lack. Avoid becoming overbearing by embracing ease and channeling abundance. On a more positive note, this transit also indicates that you will be marvelous as an independent agent, taking massive strides without the assistance of anyone else. This year promises the auspicious discovery of new directions and opening doors which will lead you towards your greatest desires. But be careful of resisting feedback, dear Aquarius. Do not allow this momentum to lead to hubris and realize your natural limits. 

You long for romance and affection, but this year, you will struggle with focusing too much on your own individuality. Your awareness will mostly prioritize what you want from others and neglect to see what you can offer. The needs of your potential partner might fall to the wayside as you carry an egotistical nature this year. Be careful in your love life to not let your priorities be dominated by only your needs and desires. Make your best effort to be curious about your potential partners and ask them questions so you can strengthen your connection to others. 

There is an abundance of opportunity coming your way which will facilitate growth and learning, dear air sign. Remain open to this transit, even when it seems difficult for you to be so vulnerable. Be radically honest with your feelings, and remember to be inquisitive when it comes to the tender emotions of others. You are capable of being a great friend and nurturer when you engage that part of yourself. If failures come up, look deep within and harness your intuition to determine whether it is time to let go of a situation or to continue to work at it. Trust your heart.

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