Unlocking Your Intuition Through Tarot

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how to tap into your intuition with tarot

We all possess the gift of intuition, yet as time passes, many of us find this innate ability sadly diminished. In our youth, our intuitive senses are at their peak, but as we mature, various obstacles hinder our intuitive prowess. Factors such as an over-reliance on rational thinking, anxiety, fear, expectations, judgment, bias, and cultural conditioning to dismiss emotions and feelings can all contribute to this loss.

Our intuition's potency is never permanent, and with determination, we can reclaim it. Intuition can sometimes clash with rational thought, leading to perplexing situations. Picture meeting someone who appears amicable, charismatic, and kindhearted, seemingly perfect in every aspect. Yet, inexplicably, an inner voice urges you to dislike them, and you cannot pinpoint the reason.

This is the voice of your intuition.

Intuition plays a crucial role for Tarot readers, as a single deck contains numerous cards, each carrying multiple meanings. Additionally, the deck encompasses numerology, astrology correlations, quints, elements, and court card interpretations – an immense wealth of knowledge to recall. While our rational minds excel at memorization, it is our intuitive minds that provide the necessary insight to truly comprehend the readings presented to us.

Discover how to harness your intuitive mind while working with Tarot cards!

Set Aside the Books...

While books, websites, and dedicated Tarot magazines are valuable resources, to truly strengthen your intuitive abilities with Tarot, it's essential to set aside materials that provide explanations of card meanings. Say goodbye to guidebooks, apps, and search engines for a while!

Intuitive reading transcends memorization. You might have learned that the 10 of Wands represents carrying a heavy burden, pushing oneself to the limit, or feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Yet, by engaging your intuition and focusing on the card while setting aside preconceived knowledge, you may discover that the 10 of Wands conveys a strikingly different meaning than what you've previously understood!

Your intuition might reveal that the card signifies an approaching end to your struggles or suggest that insufficient sleep is the root of your current physical discomfort. It could even symbolize a person with a stooped posture!

The possibilities are vast when interpreting intuitively (as long as they align with the card's imagery). Intuitive reading occurs when information simply arrives without explanation or comprehension of its source. Nevertheless, it stems from your intuition, and you can have faith in it.

... & Tune into Your Emotions

Believing in your emotions is crucial for intuitive reading. Observe the card's illustration and consider the feelings it evokes within you.

Imagine drawing the 9 of Swords, commonly associated with the 'darkest hour'.

Take a moment to examine it. What emotions arise?

Does the card evoke fear, anxiety, or concern? Or perhaps strength, power, or a sense of defeat?

The 9 of Swords can elicit a myriad of emotions, and countless others are possible too. The crux is honing in on the feelings and energy emanating from the card. Doing so can grant you a deeper understanding of the card's message at that specific moment.

Weaving Narratives with Tarot

Engaging your intuition as a reader can be truly enjoyable. Examine the cards you've spread before you and ponder the narrative they seem to convey.

Imagine drawing the Devil card, which depicts a towering horned figure with hooves, flanked by a chained, naked man and woman. The narrative portrays a pair of captive individuals, ensnared by a menacing presence in the background. The gloomy, morbid atmosphere is accentuated by intermittent flashes of fire.

Reflect upon the imagery and start posing inquiries, such as:

  • What led to their current predicament?
  • How did they end up here?
  • What thoughts occupy the background figure?
  • What emotions are etched on the faces of the figures?
  • What lies ahead for them?

Recording the responses to these inquiries and outlining the 'beginning, middle, and end' of the story can be helpful. Following this exercise, you can apply your discoveries to the reading at hand.

Suppose you inquired, "What are so-and-so's feelings toward me?" and the Devil card appeared.

Following the storytelling and intuitive reading process, you might deduce that their emotions toward you evoke a sense of entrapment. They could feel a compulsive attraction or fixation, perhaps experiencing feelings they believe they shouldn't have. The nudity depicted in the Devil card can also hint at a lustful desire for you, potentially of a forbidden nature.

Utilize your storytelling skills to tailor the narrative to the question's context and forge meaningful connections!

Final Thoughts...

Mastering intuitive Tarot reading is achievable through ample practice and confidence in one's abilities. Employing the techniques discussed earlier can undoubtedly enhance your intuition; however, the key lies in trusting yourself and your innate instincts.

With increased practice, your intuitive abilities will flourish, benefiting you not only in Tarot readings but also in all aspects of life!

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