Conducting Your Personal Daily Tarot Reading

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how to do your own tarot reading

A tarot reading can be a guiding beacon when you're grappling with life's challenging decisions. Whether it revolves around matters of the heart, career dilemmas, financial uncertainties, or navigating through the waves of change, the tarot cards can serve as your cosmic counselors. But what if a seasoned tarot reader isn't readily accessible? Fear not, because a variety of tarot layouts are at your disposal, designed for you to perform at your convenience, offering immediate insight and guidance precisely when you need it. One such layout is the 3-card tarot spread, adeptly crafted to disclose the chronicles of your past, the realities of your present, and the potentialities of your future, applicable to nearly any subject.

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Essential Tools You'll Require

  • A pack of tarot cards
  • Guidebook for tarot interpretation
  • A tranquil and focused mind
  • Consistent practice and dedication

Executing the Tarot Reading

Mixing the Tarot Cards

When it comes to shuffling tarot cards, there's really no incorrect method. You might choose to spread them out, shuffle them akin to a seasoned card player, or separate them into various piles; all approaches are perfectly acceptable. As you're engaged in this, take a moment to contemplate the question you aim for the tarot to elucidate. For numerous tarot interpreters, the capacity to hone their mental focus onto a query is deemed the crux of the reading procedure. However, remember this concentration shouldn't cause undue strain or tension.

Pick Out 3 Cards

As you shuffle, slice, and select your cards, your personal energy resonates with the reading. Different individuals employ different methods: some divide the deck into three tidy stacks, selecting the top card from each; others spread them out in a chaotic flurry; yet others refrain from cutting the deck at all, opting to choose the top three cards. Regardless of your preferred method, it isn't the shuffling technique that matters the most. What's crucial is to remember the sequence in which you drew your three cards, align them accordingly, and interpret them from left to right.

Interpreting Your Tarot Cards: Past, Present, and Future

The key to deciphering tarot lies in the acknowledgement that the answers you seek already reside within you, only awaiting revelation. Each symbol etched on the cards you have drawn uncovers a segment of your reading. In a past, present, and future reading layout, the card on the left embodies the past; the central card symbolizes the present; and the card on the right foretells the future, all in relation to the question that you've posed.

Now comes the moment to unfurl your reliable tarot interpretation guide, and instigate the exciting phase: unraveling the meanings of your tarot cards and the messages they wish to convey. Initiate by arranging your tarot cards face-up before you in the sequence you chose them. Maintain an open mind, and allow the cards to commence their dialogue with you.

Deciphering Your Cards

Card One: The Past

The inaugural card stands for preceding incidents and issues correlating to your query. It may also disclose events from your past that had a hand in shaping the situation you sought answers for whilst shuffling. Court cards might embody individuals who had significant influence over the circumstance.

Card Two: The Present

The card of the present embodies the current condition of the situation pertaining to your query. This is where undisclosed knowledge, secrets, or hidden insights might come to light. You might gain a deeper understanding of your true position in relation to your query.

Card Three: The Future

As expected, the third card you draw symbolizes the future and the probable aftermath of the matter at hand. This card holds valuable insights about the likely culmination of your situation. Moreover, it may illuminate actions you can undertake to steer the outcome in your favor.

Delve into the unique meanings of each tarot card and relate your understanding to the question you pondered while shuffling the tarot cards. The result of your reading may take you by surprise, offering an optimistic or pessimistic perspective. Pose yourself the queries: "Do the Tarot interpretations resonate? What initial thoughts surface when you comprehend the significances of these cards?" As you gradually embrace the tarot symbolism and form a profound bond with your deck, your intuition will unfailingly navigate your readings.

A word of prudence regarding receiving unfavorable news from the tarot, as it occasionally transpires. Utilize your reading to either alter those unfolding events or soften their impact. Don't concern yourself excessively if you've drawn a couple of ominous cards. Each tarot reading and its resultant answers are contingent on the present circumstances, which are in a constant state of flux. There might be instances when the cards merely mirror your personal fears or apprehensions regarding a specific scenario.

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The Commencement of Your Tarot Odyssey

Embarking on your tarot exploration with a basic 3-card tarot reading can assure a smooth commencement. As time progresses, you may choose to incorporate more cards into your layout, delving into the 7-card relationship spread, Celtic Cross, and a myriad of other configurations that will steadily amplify your appreciation for tarot. Regardless of the experience you accumulate, never undermine the worth of the 3-card reading. Despite its simplicity, it brims with insightful wisdom.

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