Wrestling the Lion Within: Leo and the Strength Card

Tuesday, November 07, 2023 • tarot, zodiac
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LEO - The Lion - July 23-August 22 Greetings Leo and allow me to introduce you to the Tarot card that is all about you - Strength! The image most often associated with the Strength card is a woman grappling with a lion. She stands calmly with her hands on the mouth, gently closing its mouth. The fierce lion is synonymous with this card and is the visual queue that lets you know it belongs to Leos. If you pause for a moment to think about it, the association of Leo with the Strength card makes sense, and not just because of its lion imagery. Leos are known for their determination and internal fortitude, which are two key interpretations of the Strength card. Leos never shy away from the spotlight. Their knowledge of their own self-worth and their pride allows them to gracefully accept the appreciation of others. Though some joke about Leo’s egocentricity, it is often just their complete and utter acceptance of themselves that shines through, giving them the confidence needed to get things done. This analysis of the Strength card is meant to shine the lights on all the facets of your personality, Leo. With this knowledge, you can find ways to expand and develop your natural talents.

Why This Pairing Makes Sense

Leos are the charismatic leaders of the Zodiac. Your charm and generosity win people over to your side. And once you have won someone over, you are a loyal and stalwart friend. You have a big heart and can be generous to a fault, spending time and resources on the people you care about. You are creative and dramatic, so your acts of kindness are big and showy. You prefer to be at the center of every crowd, putting on a show and leading others towards your chosen destination. To put it mildly, Leos have big personalities. The Strength card illustrates a dramatic scene. What is more eye-catching than a woman in a flowing robe wrestling with a lion? But the card secretly represents the inner strength and willpower that goes on behind the dramatic show. The lady uses her inner strength to control the actions of the powerful lion, who is not actually a separate entity, but her own drives and ambitions. Leo, in most cases, your first instinct is to put on a show. No matter what you are doing, you assume that someone is watching. You often feel the pressure to perform whether you want to or not. You are very aware of your image and concerned with how people perceive you and your actions. The woman on the Strength card is aware that she both is and isn’t a spectacle. She presents a shocking image, but the situation would be even more dramatic if she allowed the lion to rampage unchecked. She uses her willpower to control the Lion, thereby managing the situation and presenting the image she wishes to reveal. Leos are known for their determination and drive. If you have a goal, you will do absolutely everything you can to accomplish it. Once you decide a project is worthy of your attention, you will move heaven and earth to see it through to the end. This level of commitment to a cause can be interpreted as a form of stubbornness. Your persistence may come off as pushiness or selfishness. The Strength card symbolizes this high level of commitment to a cause. The lady did not learn to train the lion in one day. It took great effort and persistence to curb the lion’s natural instincts. The lion watches her carefully because she has not just physically overwhelmed it. She has trained it to bend to her will.

Strength and Your Strengths

Your charm is what draws people, but then they stick around because of your generous spirit. Though you love the limelight, you are perfectly comfortable sharing it with others. In fact, you like to share everything from your interests and time to the cash you have on hand. You don’t mind dealing with large groups of people and have a natural ease in front of crowds. In fact, being in front of a crowd often brings out the showman in you. Your loyalty to your friends is beyond compare and you won’t back down from a fight if you think one of them is being threatened. Your drive is formidable and you go after what you want with everything you have. You aren’t easily discouraged and won’t give up on an idea until you have proven to yourself that you have tried everything you can. This trait combined with your ability to attract others makes you a natural leader. Despite your commitment to your goals, you can be very playful and light-hearted, which helps to keep up everyone’s morale when things go wrong. A closer look at the Strength card can show you how to enhance and develop these traits. The woman on the strength card operates from a position of deep inner knowledge. She understands herself and her drives and has learned how to control them. The Strength card depicts someone who knows how to channel their boundless energy in a healthy and productive way. Though she participates in the drama surrounding her and may even enjoy it, she doesn’t allow it to get out of hand. Her self-control allows her to manage her surroundings and achieve results. Her courage allows her to persist but her self-confidence allows her to respond with gentle moderation instead of force. When you are wrestling with your own inner drives, emulate Strength’s patient application of directed control.

Strength (Reversed) and Your Weaknesses

What happens when a half-trained lion slips from the woman’s grasp and roams free? When the strength is inverted, it illustrates a particular kind of weakness. When you are out of control of your inner drives, Leo, your love of the spotlight turns into a need that forces others into the shadows. Your desire for attention becomes paramount, and your flair for the dramatic pushes you towards bigger and more extreme acts to attain it. If you are out of balance, your generosity can transform into a bargaining chip. You will hesitate to give unless you can clearly see what is in it for you. Or you will be too busy being the star to notice the people around you who may be in need. If you aren’t successful at wrestling your lion into submission, your boundless courage may begin to fail you. Your ability to stand up to a challenge will dissolve and you will tuck your tail and run from situations that wouldn’t usually bother you. When the Strength card is reversed, it is a call for getting yourself back under control. Refocus your attention on yourself and identify what instincts are not working in your favor. You already have the patience and skill to put yourself in order, you just must be willing to spend the time to do so. Once you get yourself in order, evaluate your friendships and relationships. A Leo that is out of balance may be tempted to give away too much of themselves or their belongings in an attempt to maintain their relationships. How much have you given away and was it appropriate? If not, reclaim your time or property and re-establish your kingdom. An injured lion is more likely to strike out against others and be harder to control than usual. Part of the process of training your lion may involve curbing your temper and learning how to communicate with others in a healthy way.

The Strength card and Problem Solving

How dare a problem arise in my perfect kingdom? Banish it immediately! This may be your reaction, Leo, when a problem arises. When you are in control of yourself and your life, your desire for order turns any problem into a personal affront. Your first impulse may be to talk yourself out of the issue or to charismatically convince others to do the work for you. As a natural leader, you must be careful not to take advantage of your ability to sway others. It really is best for you to get involved, Leo. Your commanding presence can make short work of interpersonal conflicts. Your generous spirit often prompts you to find a solution that works for everyone. When a friend has a problem, you tend to react in one of two ways. You may not even identify it as a problem, especially if it is something that you are naturally good at. Leos tend to believe that everyone has been blessed with their set of skills. So, you might need to have the situation pointed out to you. If you do notice what is going on, you are more than ready to leap in to assist, even if you aren’t asked. The courageous lion will want to strike out and drive away all their troubles. Before you do, check in with your friend to make sure that your help is required. Your enthusiasm for helping a friend could be misconstrued as a lack of faith. You don’t mind solving your problems out in the open, Leo. Your self-confidence and commitment to resolving the issue take precedence and you will happily work towards a solution even if you have an audience. Others may not feel the same, and you might have to control your urge to solve it all until you can do it privately. Sometimes your enthusiasm to get to a resolution must be gently wrestled into submission so that you can pay attention to how the problem should be solved.

The Strength Card and Your Work Life

There is plenty of work out there for a brave and dynamic Leo to do! If you particularly love the spotlight, you might find yourself acting or making music. Anything that can be done in front of an audience, including stand-up comedy might appeal to you. Your bravery and confidence makes you comfortable with risk-taking, which can lead you into Entrepreneurship or small business ownership. Of course, Leos make great leaders, so management, coaching, and jobs that allow you to plan events or activities are also a good fit. No matter the field in which you work, the Strength card can give you a roadmap to success. Work to understand yourself and what drives you. Harness your drives and urges so that they work for you instead of against you. Indulge your dramatic tendencies in moderation. Apply your courage to your career and continuously challenge yourself. Develop patience and persistence.

The Strength Card and Your Relationships

Leo, it is likely that one of your favorite things is going out to see and be seen. Even if you are the rare Leo that doesn’t like to go out to socialize, your social circle will be large. Your generosity and fun-loving nature attract others who want to enjoy themselves. When you go out in public, you often end up putting on a performance, entertaining the people you are with. The life of the party, you can liven up any social event. It might take you a while for people to get to know the real you, since you are often putting on an act when you are out in public. To find friends that suit you or to identify the perfect romantic partner, find people who appreciate being entertained. A romantic partner should also appreciate a passionate romantic because when you fall in love, you wear your heart on your sleeve. You tend to declare your affection in dramatic and sometimes public ways. A partner who shies away from the limelight probably won’t be the best match for you. Seek out partners and friends who help you to draw out your better nature and will cheer you on as you wrestle with your instincts.

The Strength Card’s Guidance

The images you can find on versions of the Strength card can help guide you to greater achievements and a happier life. Frequent meditation on its symbols can help you identify what parts of your personality may not be fully in control. When you have a few quiet moments, take some deep breaths and picture yourself materializing in the Strength card. Take note of where and how you appear. Are you taking the place of the calm lion tamer or the tamed lion? How tame is the lion? Interact with the other figure in the card until you can achieve balance.

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