What Are Zodiac Sign by Name Alphabets?

Friday, December 01, 2023 • zodiac
zodiac sign by name alphabets

You may not know, but zodiac sign by name alphabets work in more ways than you can imagine. Based on zodiac signs, there are certain alphabets that can help you immensely in your career and propel you towards success. 

They’re like nature’s boost to your life, an easier way out compared to everyone else you know who has to spend years figuring out which career they want to choose in life. Today, we’ll be looking at these alphabets and also see which zodiac sign you have based on your first name’s starting alphabet.

Zodiac Sign By Name Alphabets

1. Aries

People whose names start with Aa, Chu, Che, Cho, Le, Le, Lee, Lu and Lo have Aries as their zodiac sign and their ruling planet is Mars.

Aries people are well aware that their sign is one of the most determined ones out there. Knowing how fiery your sign is, zodiac signs by name alphabets M, B, and Ch are the best ones for you. They provide your sign with the finest nourishing atmosphere and an outlet to channel your creative energies.

Medicine, pharma, chemicals, steel, sewing and finance will be the best walks of life for you.

Zodiac Sign by Name Alphabets Aries

2. Taurus

If your name starts with A, E, O, Oo, Va, Vee, Ve, Vo, or Wu, your zodiac sign is Taurus and your ruling planet is Venus.

Throughout my life, whenever I’ve come across a Taurean committed to making their lives better than their current state, I have always been pleasantly surprised. And for a sign like this, names starting with a G and P are the best. This is because they’ll foster creativity in you and help you excel to newer heights.

You'll be very successful if you pick a name for your business with these letters in farming, dairy, music, sewing, painting, banking and insurance.

3. Gemini

If your name starts with A, Ch or D, there’s a good chance that your sign is Gemini, while your ruling planet is Mercury.

While Geminis are vibrant people who like to be the “talk of the town” wherever they go, I’ve noticed over the years that they can melt in the face of adversity fairly quickly. To remedy this, you should have a name starting with K or R, as they’ll shield you from being weak and indecisive.

Geminis will do well in industries like photography, education, journalism, research and development, engineering and photography and should seriously consider K and R. 

4. Cancer 

People whose names start with Da, Day, Dee, Do, Hey, Hi, Hu, Ho and Ve have Cancer as their zodiac sign, while their ruling planet is the Moon.

If you know a Cancerian well, you will know well that they’re some of the most kind and considerate people that you’ll ever come across. But Cancerians sometimes can be directionless, which is why I would recommend the letters D, H and N as zodiac sign by name letters to give you more direction and get you closer to your goals.

When talking about careers, you can use these letters to go into commerce, furnishing, export of commodities, health and education as professions that would best suit your zodiac.

If you want to know which zodiac signs are strongest to weakest, read our post on it over here.

zodiac sign by name alphabets Cancer 

5. Leo

If your name begins with Ma, Me, Moo, Me, Mo, Ta, Tee, Tu and Tay, your zodiac sign is Leo and your ruling planet is the Sun.

Leos are undoubtedly the most bold and courageous people that you’ll ever meet and their charming leadership will never cease to amaze you. For all you Leos reading this, names starting with A, L and Y are the most beneficial for you as they’ll amplify your charisma and leadership skills.

In terms of career, you can enter the fields of jewelry, dentistry, law and haircare by opening businesses with these letters in the name.

6. Virgo

People whose first names start with Dho, N, Pa, Pi, Pe, Po, Poo, Sha or Th have Virgo as their zodiac sign and their ruling planet is Mercury.

Virgos are people who are naturally lucky with money and are highly creative at what they do. If you’re a Virgo, the letters P and G will be the most beneficial for you, as they’ll channel your innovative side and make you even better at communicating your feelings.

When it comes to careers, you should go for baking, catering and other food-related businesses that start with P and G. If you want to know about 5 more lucky zodiac signs and see if your sign is in it, click here.

7. Libra

If your name begins with Ra, Ri, Ru, Re, Ro, Ta, Ti, Tu or Te, you’re a Libra and your ruling planet is Venus.

Librans are some of the most successful people you’ll ever come across. Don’t believe me? Just Google Will Smith or Eminem and you’ll see it for yourself. If you’re a Libra and you want to attain success in life. I would suggest entering into artistic professions that start with G, K and S.

8. Scorpio

Does your name start with Na, Ni, Nu, Ne, No, To, Ya, Yi or Yu? If it does, you’re a Scorpio and your ruling planet is Mars.

Driven by a burning desire to succeed and be more famous than anyone else around them, Scorpios can be called “the powerhouses of the zodiac”. If you have a Scorpio friend, look closely into their life and see how they do what they do best.

For a Scorpio to make it big in life, I would suggest going into businesses that start with D and N in healthcare, haircare, pharma, import-export, construction and insurance.

9. Sagittarius

People with Bha, Bhi, Bhu, Bhe, Fa, Dha, Ye and Yo are Sagittarians and their ruling planet is Jupiter.

Sagittarians are some of the most level-headed, calm and collected people that you’ll ever come across. These people are born to lead and will prosper immensely if they professions starting with A, M and Y in marketing, publishing and banking.

Zodiac Sign by Name Alphabets Sagittarius

10. Capricorn

People with Bho, Ga, Gi, Gae, Jaa, Ji, Khe, Khi, Khu and Kho belong to Capricorn and their ruling planet is Saturn.

Have you ever come across someone who was so driven, passionate, mentally strong and able to turn the impossible into possible that made you go “wow!”? If you did, there’s a good chance that you saw or knew a Capricorn.

Capricorns are gonna be in for a hell of a ride if they go into businesses starting with B, J and K in law, education, writing, contracting and consulting spaces.

11. Aquarius

If your name begins with Da, Gay, Go, Gu, Sa, Sim Se, So or Su are Aquarians and their ruling planet is Uranus.

Aquarians are some of the most artistic people that you’ll ever come across. And while they are very free-spirited, they tend to get “lost in their heads” quite a lot and make lofty goals that they never seem to accomplish.

If you’re such a person, business in marketing, sales, media production and public relations starting with G and S might be your calling. This is because they’ll keep you tied to your goals while instilling discipline in your life.

12. Pisces

People with Cha, Chi, De, Di, Do, Du, J and Jha have Pisces as their zodiac sign and their ruling planet is Neptune.

It’s no secret that Pisceans are the most intuitive out of all the zodiac signs. If you ever come across a person who seems aloof in their thoughts, yet is highly creative and completely in touch with their emotional and spiritual sides, you just found a Pisces.

It goes without saying that a Piscean simply cannot work in places like finance, heavy industry or the military and should go for work or business in any walk of life with an emphasis on art that starts with Ch, D, H, N and Y.

Summing Zodiac Sign By Name Alphabets

Every zodiac sign has certain letters that help it immensely in choosing a career. From G and P in Virgo and Taurus to K and R in Gemini. Each of these alphabets is here to make our lives easier and point us toward professions that best suit our interests and strengths.

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