The Tower Tarot Card Meaning: A Bolt from the Blue

Wednesday, December 20, 2023 • tarot
understanding the tower tarot card

Join me as your tarot expert through the tumultuous and revelatory energies of one of the most dynamic cards in the tarot deck, The Tower.

The Tower's Lightning: The Power of Sudden Change! The Catalyst for a Fateful Rebirth?

The Tower Tarot Card represents sudden upheaval, awakening, and also indicates a potential necessity of transformation.

Whether you are an expert in tarot wisdom or just starting to explore its mysteries, the Tower Tarot Card challenges you to confront the unexpected and find strength in resilience.

Together, let's walk up the magnificent staircase of the Tower and explore the profound meaning of The Tower tarot card as well as the shifts it hold for our path.

General interpretation of the Tower's presence in your reading

From far above your head, lighting flashes, highlighting the tower that looms before you.

It lurks in the near distance, blocking out some of the dark and roiling clouds that cover the sky.

Suddenly and without warning, a second bolt splits the sky, striking the top of the structure.

With an earth-shaking crash, the top of the tower breaks away. Giant chunks of masonry plummet to the ground.

You stagger on your feet, struggling to stay upright. The interior of the tower is exposed to the elements, soaked with the drenching rain that begins to pour down from the sky.

You wisely take cover until after the storm passes. Keeping an eye and open heart for:

  • Any Sudden Disruption: Unexpected events that push you to reevaluate the path you are walking on.
  • Release of Old Structures: You dissect and dismantle your outdated beliefs and habits.
  • Awakening: You listen for calls to awareness, to help you thrive and gain leverage for your own personal growth.
  • Reconstruction: You recognize the opportunity to repair what you feel is broken on a more authentic foundation.

In the morning, once the sun rises, let us sift through the rubble and explore the in-depth meaning of The Tower Tarot Card to discover what lessons can be learned in every areas of life.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Love (Upright)

Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Love

Whenever the Tower card appears, it represents catastrophic change. In a reading about romance, it can symbolize anything from a messy and life-changing breakup to a whirlwind romance that sweeps you away from everything you have previously known.

After experiencing a sudden shock, you must pick up the pieces and move on. This card is not one of stability or the status quo. This represents the big shake-up, the overwhelming event that clears away everything in its path.

When it is over, you may feel like your relationship is broken up into a field of rubble and you are left to reconstruct the pieces. However, it is important to remember that the cleansing fire that sweeps through the Tower clears the way for new growth.

If you fall in love with someone represented by the Tower card, buckle up and prepare for a bumpy ride.

This card symbolizes someone who can’t seem to settle down. Their life is one series of upheavals after another.

If things go smoothly for too long, they may even go looking for trouble (whether they consciously realize that is what they are doing or not).

You will need flexibility and patience to deal with someone represented by this card.

You will also need to think fast and be able to respond quickly to their changing needs to provide support when things go haywire.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Love (Reversed)

The reversed Tower tarot card presides over relationships that are calm, perhaps too calm.

The appearance of this card could mean that your relationship isn’t developing as quickly as you wish.

It could also indicate that there is information that needs to be brought to light but it is being ignored or swept under the rug.

While the catastrophic change that the upright Tower brings is not comfortable, it is change and it allows growth to happen.

The reversed Tower card can be a warning that what you have is what you get. If you are waiting to see improvements or changes take place, they aren’t going to happen unless you drive those changes yourself.

If you wish to be involved with someone symbolized by the reversed Tower, they likely present a very calm and relaxed demeanor. However, they could be working mightily behind the scenes to produce that image.

There could be an aversion to change that is so deep that they will do anything to avoid it. So it might be difficult to even begin a relationship with them.

They are comfortable with how things are and don’t feel motivated to try many new things.

The benefits of change have to be clearly demonstrated before they will consider taking a risk.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Career (Upright)

Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Career

A difficult and life-changing event is represented by the Tower tarot card. When it comes to your career, it can presage something like a layoff or the entire company going under.

In other cases, it could mean that some startling revelation is going to come to light in the workplace and it will change how you view your job, your industry, or your coworkers.

Someone might blow the whistle on an illegal practice or file a complaint with human resources.

Whatever happens, it will be a watershed moment and things will not be the same again.

Though these changes can be challenging, please remember that they open the door of opportunity for you. If you suddenly find yourself out of a job, do your best to use the chance to find a position that suits you better.

Since the Tower taro card can also mean liberation from constraints or an old way of life, this card often turns up when you are contemplating a major career change.

It represents not only the change in your work life, but all the other things tied to it that you might not initially consider, like your social life, commute, and peace of mind.

In this way, the meaning of the tower tarot card reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things, even when the topic is something as mundane as our work lives.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Career (Reversed)

Something is holding you back from meaningful change, and the reversed Tower card is here to point that out.

You could be feeling a deep yearning to shake things up or move on to a new job entirely, but you feel bound to your current work situation.

You might be a stay at home mom wishing to return to the workforce but concerned about your children’s wellbeing.

You could be a college graduate wanting to move away from home to start a career, but you feel tied to your hometown and your parents. This tarot card can be a symbol of all the radical changes you dream about but hesitate to actualize.

The tower card is also the reassurance that change will eventually happen, no matter how hard we try to delay it.

The forces of Fate eventually come into play and though it might take longer than expected, divine intervention will eventually prompt you to take action.

When that happens, don’t allow yourself to hide from the transformative forces that are working in your favor.

Embrace the opportunity to follow your dreams and do what you have always desired. The lightning bolt of the tower will strike slowly and everything will have a softer landing, but your life will eventually transform.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Finances (Upright)

Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Finances

The Tower tarot card is not a card of gentle changes. When it appears in a reading about your money, it is time to brace yourself for a shakeup.

There is a reason why the word “catastrophe” is often associated with this card. Its meaning could represent a significant loss of savings, your debts being called in unexpectedly, or some other loss of financial security.

Whatever monetary structure you have built to sustain yourself and your family could come toppling down.

There is also the chance that some important piece of information will come to light, which will open your eyes and allow you to make changes before you are negatively impacted.

The Tower warns us that nothing is certain and eventually everything changes.

Those changes can come like a lightning bolt out of the blue, laying waste to all of our best laid plans.

So make sure to build contingency plans whenever you can. Constant vigilance is required to keep your financial situation on track.

Also, keep your eyes open for the opportunities that could arise as everything falls apart. You could find yourself in a better position than the one in which you started.

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The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Finances (Reversed)

The reversed Tower card asks an important question. If it was a person, it would look around, notice that things seemed calm and stable and then ask you if that was what was really going on.

This card is a reminder to look beneath the surface and ensure that you really know the details of your financial plan.

If you leave things to chance, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise. Even when things seem to be going well with no difficulties in sight, it is important to make careful plans for the future because anything can change at a moment’s notice.

This tower tarot card is one of potential changes. It is the calm before the storm.

The storm may pass you by entirely, leaving everything exactly as it was. Or it could roar through the center of your tower, destroying everything in sight and leaving you to patch things back together as best you can.

This card shouldn’t scare you, but it should act as a warning to prepare yourself for what could happen. Don’t rely upon appearances and dig into the details.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Health (Upright)

Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Health

The Tower card represents a significant change in your health, for good or ill. It could indicate something as extreme as an injury or accident or something as liberating as a swift and sudden recovery from an illness.

Whatever happens, it will happen suddenly.

This card often represents a health event that changes your entire perspective on life. A near-miss accident could change your willingness to take risks. A sudden recovery from challenging issues could encourage you to embrace life and live it to the fullest.

This isn’t just a representation of significant change, but one of transformative change. It is safe to say that you will be affected from the inside out.

When this card appears, remember that nothing is set in stone. If you are aware and cautious, you can sidestep a lot of the catastrophes that come your way.

Sometimes sweeping change is welcome and at other times, it is not. Allow yourself to flow with the change to make sure that you suffer the least amount of disruption and difficulties.

Whatever you go through, realize that the Tower is there to remind you to learn from your experiences so that you can have a renewed perspective on life.

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning In Health (Reversed)

A reversed Tower card can mean that you are stuck in some kind of rut related to your health.

You might be dealing with a long-term health condition or struggling with seasonal allergies. You could have a cold that you just can’t seem to shake.

There is a part of you that wishes, hopes, and dreams of a significant change. However, everything seems stuck the way it is.

Of course, stability isn’t always a bad thing. The reversed Tower could mean that a long-term period of good health is just over the horizon.

When the Tower is upright, it often represents an important revelation that changes how you understand the world.

When it is upside down, it can mean that there is something going on of which you are not aware.

If this card appears in a health reading, it is a good idea to check in with yourself to make sure you are getting the healthcare that you need. It might be a good time to visit your healthcare practitioner or otherwise assess your health.

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