how to use tarot to guide you after divorceUp Icon
Utilizing Tarot as a Beacon in the Aftermath of Divorce
Warmest New Year Wishes, Dear Ones! The dawn of a new year brings transformative events. While our hearts are filled with optimism, it's essential to acknowledge that some may be facing heartache and loss as we venture into 2019. If […] More
how to use tarot to discover how other people see youUp Icon
Unveil Your Persona: Utilizing Tarot to Reveal How Others Perceive You
Is it truly possible to uncover how others perceive you through the mystical power of Tarot cards? The concept can be quite astonishing, akin to a form of telepathy typically found in fantastical series like Heroes or X-Men. As we […] More
how to use tarot during meditationUp Icon
Unlocking Inner Wisdom: Tarot and Meditation
​In recent years, the advantages of meditation for our emotional health and intuitive potential have gained increased attention. Nevertheless, some individuals struggle to remain calm and focused due to a racing mind. If you experience anxiety or restlessness during meditation […] More
how to use free online tarot reading for career successUp Icon
Unlocking Career Success with Free Online Tarot Readings
Are you curious about whether a complimentary online tarot reading can provide valuable insights for your career path? Originating in Italy around 1420, tarot has been a trusted source of career guidance for people from various walks of life. In […] More
how to use crystals to enhance your tarot readingsUp Icon
Unlocking the Power of Crystals to Amplify Tarot Readings
Utilizing Tarot cards allows us to tap into our spiritual essence and the energies that surround us. On their own, these mystical cards can offer insights into our inner selves, our dreams, connections, and professional lives. However, when paired with […] More
how to tap into your intuition with tarotUp Icon
Unlocking Your Intuition Through Tarot
We all possess the gift of intuition, yet as time passes, many of us find this innate ability sadly diminished. In our youth, our intuitive senses are at their peak, but as we mature, various obstacles hinder our intuitive prowess. […] More
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understanding the strength tarot cardUp Icon
The Power Within: The Strength Card Explained
Walking in a barren place, you see a woman struggling in the distance. As the sunset grows darker, her white gown stands out in the gloom. As you get closer, you see that she is actually wrestling with a lion […]
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Keto in 9th houseUp Icon
Can Ketu in 9th House Make You Long For The Past?
Ketu in 9th house is a peculiar astrological placement in Indian Astrology. For one, Ketu isn’t an actual planet, but the south node of the Moon (more on that later). But what’s interesting is that it can make you long […]
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Sagittarius StelliumUp Icon
How to Become A Better Person With A Sagittarius Stellium?
Sagittarius has to be the most extroverted and lively of all the zodiacs. After all, it’s an adventurous sign that loves to flirt with both mankind and nature. Being a Sagittairan, you know that you’re always ready to do the […]
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Spiritual Meaning of StonesUp Icon
What’s the Spiritual Meaning of Stones in Astrology?
Gemstones are believed to bring about certain hidden qualities in us that we subconsciously desire in our lives. These benefits can be both psychological and physical, such as emotional stability, better control over our finances, an improved imagination and more […]
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know your lucky number according to numerologyUp Icon
Find Out Your Lucky Gemstone According to Numerology
Many people think that gemstones are just cool rocks with bright colors that shine when light falls on them. But this is a popular misconception, for they’re considered harbingers of good fortune and are very auspicious in different world religions, […]
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Angel Number 1188Up Icon
The 1188 Angel Number Meaning: How To Express Yourself?
Angel numbers are as variable in meaning as they can get. Some of them talk about leadership, others talk about overcoming challenges and hardships. And one of these numbers is 1188. At first, it’s not uncommon to see 1188 as […]
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