how to tap into your intuition with tarotUp Icon
Unlocking Your Intuition Through Tarot
We all possess the gift of intuition, yet as time passes, many of us find this innate ability sadly diminished. In our youth, our intuitive senses are at their peak, but as we mature, various obstacles hinder our intuitive prowess. […] More
how to read the aces of the tarot breakthroughs beginningsUp Icon
Deciphering the Aces of Tarot: Unveiling the Breakthroughs & Commencements
Embarking on the Tarot journey and feeling uncertain about where to start? Did you draw an Ace during a reading? Puzzled on how to differentiate one Ace from another? Since Aces frequently symbolize breakthroughs, this article is an apt guide! […] More
how to plan your holidays using the tarotUp Icon
Guiding Your Journey Through the Holidays with Tarot
Each one of us approaches the festive season with certain hopes and expectations (although this year may be different due to the worldwide health crisis). As with any major occasion, we often enter the holiday period with a hint of […] More
how to plan a month of holidays using the tarot and get real answersUp Icon
Master the Art of Planning Your Summer With Tarot Guidance
As we approach this Summer, we may face a great deal of uncertainty, especially with eclipse season arriving in July and a Mercury retrograde. Fear not, for knowing what awaits us can alleviate stress and bring tranquility. Embrace the gift […] More
how to get an instant yes or no answer from a tarot readingUp Icon
Deciphering Tarot Card Meanings to Address Life's Profound Queries
Tarot card interpretations offer far greater wisdom than many might imagine. Isn't it true that we often seek urgent answers to significant queries at the most inopportune moments? Perhaps it's 3 a.m., and you're restless due to a work-related concern, […] More
how to get a good psychic tarot or astrology readingUp Icon
Discover the Most Insightful Psychic Reading: Top 5 Tips
Have you ever pondered the idea of experiencing a psychic reading? Possibly questioned its accuracy or reliability? Contemplated the options on where to seek such guidance? Indeed, you have arrived at the perfect destination. We're unveiling the advantages of delving […] More
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Saturn Trine PlutoUp Icon
The Saturn Trine Pluto Synastry And Its Power Struggles
Saturn trine Pluto is a relationship that I don’t come across that frequently. It’s a pretty unique relationship too, considering that both the persons involved in it have much to gain from it. If you and your loved one have […]
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Moon Conjunct Venus Synastry Up Icon
Explained: The Moon Conjunct Venus Synastry 
Before we talk about the Moon conjunct Venus synastry, we first need to know what a synastry is. A synastry in the simplest of terms is relationship astrology. An illuminating and fascinating study of how people interact with one another.  […]
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how to use free online tarot reading for career successUp Icon
Unlocking Career Success with Free Online Tarot Readings
Are you curious about whether a complimentary online tarot reading can provide valuable insights for your career path? Originating in Italy around 1420, tarot has been a trusted source of career guidance for people from various walks of life. In […]
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second house cancerUp Icon
How Can Second House Cancer Impact a Cancerian’s Life?
Cancer is universally seen as one of the most kind and compassionate zodiacs out there. If you’re a Cancerian yourself, you know well how considerate you can be towards your loved ones.  But what happens when Cancer enters the second […]
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Neptune in CapricornUp Icon
Explained: Neptune in Capricorn And How It Can Affect Your Life
Capricorn is the most passionate, zealous and driven zodiac sign out of them all. If you’re a Capricorn, you possess all of the energy that fuels your life and makes you a natural leader.  There is an astrological placement called […]
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Five of WandsUp Icon
Everything About Five of Wands and Its Importance in Your Life
Five of Wands or Five of Wands is a minor arcana in the tarot card reading. Tarot cards are small cards in a deck that are used to predict how you should live your life and what you can do. […]
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