Can An Aries and Taurus Friendship Last A Lifetime?

Friday, December 15, 2023 • zodiac
aries and taurus friendship

Both Aries and Taurus live lives that seem diametrically opposed to each other. Aries crave action and thrill daily in their lives. While Taurus live their lives in a very systematic manner.

Aries is a fire sign and is full of masculine energy. While Taurus is an earth sign and is loaded with feminine energy. Aries is ruled by Mars, the god of war. While Taurus is ruled by Venus, the god of love.

But what if, either by chance or by intent, these two (who live wildly different lives) became friends? What would an Aries and Taurus friendship look like? 

Today I will answer this question for every Aries and Taurean. And show you that despite it being far from an ordinary friendship, you two can be very good friends. After all, opposites attract each other, just look at two magnets!

Aries in an Aries and Taurus Friendship

Aries is a fire sign ruled by Mars and is determined (like the ram that represents it) to the limit. If an Aries person decides that they must accomplish a certain goal, you can be sure that they will. 

Aries is arguably the last zodiac to shy away from a fight and will never show weakness. These are people who stick to their guns and rarely (if ever) change their minds. 

Aries to me has stood out to be the most courageous zodiac sign. They bring an “act first and think later” attitude to an Aries and Taurus friendship. Though as much “hot-headed” Aries may look to many people, I consider them to be soft deep down.

This is because Aries overflows with masculine energy and must provide for its loved ones and protect them from harm. This is why they keep their walls so high, to fend off incoming threats.

Considering how much grit and determination an Aries person has, It won’t come as a surprise to you that they’re naturally lucky with money. If you want to know this in detail, this article will be helpful.

Aries and Taurus Friendship

Taurus in an Aries and Taurus Friendship

Taurus is represented by a bull as they’re determined to the point of stubbornness (like a bull) and have an unrelenting desire to succeed, come what may. It is an Earth sign and likes to live life in a slow and pragmatic style.

Taurus doesn’t like compromises because they want things to be done their way. Moreover, Taureans are grounded and don’t seek a life of thrill and action. 

What Taurus does desire is luxury and wealth. I have noticed this aspect in virtually every Taurean ever. They have a great affinity for the “high life” and want to be surrounded by wealth and luxurious items the whole time.

Being ruled by the gentle Venus, Taurus is loaded with feminine energy. This is a major contributor to why these people live for the finer things in life.

Another aspect that I’ve seen in Taurus is their methodical approach towards life. They don’t want to rush headlong into a problem. Instead, you’ll see them think their solution through and then implement it.

Taurus in an Aries and Taurus Friendship

Aries and Taurus Compatibility Friendship

As you can see by now, the two are very distinct, with not much in common. However, I would call them to be a perfect match. There are many reasons that I’ve listed below why I think so.

Living A Life of Luxury

When it comes to living a life of luxury and opulence, Taurus can help Aries significantly. This is because Taurus loves opulence and is deeply motivated by their pursuit of “high-end” stuff.

On the other hand, Aries doesn’t care much about opulence by nature and wants to lead a simple, yet meaningful life. So under Taurean guidance, they can be introduced to a world of luxury and comfort.


Meanwhile, Aries can help Taurus push their boundaries in careers by switching jobs for better positions and going for high-paying organizations. This is something that would be alien to Taurus, but they’ll learn to live with it easily.

I’ve written an article on the worst jobs for Aries and the worst careers for Taurus that would be a helpful read for you.

Physical Safety

I have always seen the Aries person take charge of physical safety in an Aries and Taurus friendship. This naturally fits Aries’s mentality of protection and provision for their loved ones.

Taurus in this situation feels defended and is therefore able to focus on other fronts of life. After all, in order to live a luxurious life, you first need robust security and a foolproof system.

Taurus and Aries Friendship physical Safety

Emotional Balance

Personally, I love how these radically opposing zodiacs can help each other emotionally too. When Aries gets hot headed and loses their temper, Taurus provides some much-needed feminine energy to stabilize Aries's mood.

Similarly, when the Taurus person is indecisive, Aries will jump in to help Taurus make some quick and practical decisions. This way, they will always keep each other in check in a yin-and-yang manner

The Issues in An Aries and Taurus Friendship

Aries and Taurus have many commonalities and can support each other in ways you may have never thought. But many issues confront an Aries and Taurus friendship right off the bat too. 

Here I will discuss some of them, so you Aries and Taurus people would know your differences and be able to reconcile them.

“It's The Thought That Matters”

The first issue that plagues this friendship is how they think and perceive solutions to the same problem. As I have previously mentioned, Taurus thinks slowly because they are very systematic, while Aries likes to “get things done” quickly.

As you and I both can imagine, this is where the conflict begins. Aries will call Taurus slow to act and for taking their leisurely time. While Taurus will counter by saying that Aries jumps in headlong into any problem.

The solution is a compromise here. Both of them need to consult each other when a major decision is to be made and to trust each other’s decisions.

Conflicting Personas

It isn’t hard for you and me to imagine that, given that Aries and Taurus are worlds apart from each other, they would inadvertently get into fights with each other too.

These fights can be based on anything. Taurus wants them both to play video games, but Aries wants to go to the gym. Aries wants to switch careers for the sixth time in six years, yet Taurus tells Aries not to.

Taurus always looks for stability in any relationship. While Aries can go head-first even in unstable relationships and “think” later. Aries has raw and unharnessed energy. While Taurus is laid back and enjoys the finer things in life.

Again, as much as it irks both Aries and Taurus, the solution revolves around compromises. Remember that an Aries and Taurus friendship can go sour very quickly. I believe that you need to balance it as much as you can, lest you lose it forever.

Aries and Taurus Friendship Conflicts Personas

Expression of Thoughts and Feelings in an Aries and Taurus Friendship

If you’re an Aries person, it is ridiculously easy for you to communicate your thoughts with anyone. This is due to the bold nature that allows you to talk about your feelings easily.

Yet if you’re a Taurus person, the situation flips over its head in your case. There are so many instances of me seeing a Taurean struggle with telling about their feelings. This is because Taurus is reserved and doesn’t like to open up to many people.

In this scenario, I believe that Aries has to take charge and put their Taurean friend at ease. Encourage Taurus to speak their heart out and be a good listener. This way your Aries and Taurus friendship will become stronger than ever.

Summing Aries and Taurus Friendship Up

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This friendship isn’t an ordinary one. It will have its fair share of challenges and there will be times when both Aries and Taurus feel like it won’t last another day.

Aries innately has unharnessed energy that cannot be “tamed”. While Taurus has a calm and steady demeanor and doesn’t like “extraordinary” activities.

To me, the solution lies in hearing the opinion of the other person and in compromises. Let the other person express their concerns and needs in a genuine way. Only through this approach will you two be able to forge a friendship that lasts a lifetime.

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