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An aura is a field of energy that surrounds and emanates from all living beings. According to the Hindu scriptures (like the Vedas), there are 7 auras expressed in 7 layers. 

Each of the 7 layers correlates to a different element of your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health and has a set color.

What people don’t know is that each aura is connected to a different part of your body. For example, the red aura is related to your feet and the pink aura is connected to your heart and spine.

An In-Depth Analysis of The Pink Aura

Now that you know what an aura is, it’s time to know what a pink aura is and what sets it apart from the rest. 

Pink is mostly associated with tenderness and romance. As you go deeper into knowing this color, you will see its meaning and explore its different shades. You’ll also understand its implications on your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Pink Aura Meaning 

The meaning of this aura is very simple. It’s to be kind and compassionate. It embodies the essence of love and kindness. If you have this aura, it means that you’re a warm-hearted and empathetic person who’s deeply connected to their emotions.

This aura is genuinely one of my favorite ones out there. It has a soothing effect on people who emanate it and its gentle caring nature makes them natural healers and nurturers.

Very few people know this about pink auras, but people who have it can connect with others on an emotional level. This makes them more aware of what people around them are going through.

White aura is another aura color and it symbolizes spirituality and transcendence. You can read about it in detail in that article.

Pink Aura Meaning

The Effect on Your Personality

As you can read other people’s thoughts, you’ll be able to lend a comforting shoulder to your family and friends in need. Moreover, you’ll forge stronger relationships with new people due to these abilities.

In my opinion, you can change the world one person at a time – thanks to your abilities. You may not know it, but everyone in this time has some load that they want off their chests. And you can help them by being a good listener.

However, do remember that you can easily get tired of people sharing your feelings. So it is important to take a break now and then and focus on yourself as well.

The Shades of Pink Aura

Just as the color pink is seen in different shades, so does the pink aura manifest itself in different intensities. I’ve compiled a list of all of the shades of this aura to spare you the hassle. 

1. Soft Pink

You exude a gentle and nurturing energy if you have a soft pink aura. You have a natural inclination towards empathy and are in tune with the emotions of those around you.

2. Bright Pink

If your aura is this shade, you have a vibrant and passionate nature. You’re full of love and enthusiasm with a contagious zest for life. 

3. Muddy Pink 

People with this shade are grappling with emotional challenges. If this sounds like you, I would suggest some introspection and healing. This shade can come into being due to unresolved emotional wounds.

4. Dark Pink

Your emotions are very powerful if you have a dark pink aura. It signifies a deep capacity for love. But it can also show a tendency towards possessiveness and jealousy if left to itself.

5. Pale Pink

You’re a soft and mild-mannered person who I would describe as psychic. You’re in tune with the feelings of those around you and are very spiritual. However, you’ll struggle with loneliness if you become way too spiritual. Balance, to me, should be the key to your life.

Pink Aura and the Chakras

Let me clear up what is a chakra first (and yes, I knew you were about to ask that to yourself). As I have previously mentioned, 7 chakras in the human body are energy healing modalities. They’re considered crucial to the well-being of your body and soul.

Each of the 7 chakras is linked to a specific aura color. In the case of the pink aura, it’s linked to two chakras. The heart chakra and the root chakra. 

There is some difference of opinion among spiritualists related to why there are two chakras associated with one aura color. Some say pink is associated with love, and thus the heart chakra by extension. 

While others maintain that pink is related to stability, and thus link it to the root chakra. Here I will discuss them in detail.

Pink Aura and Chakras

The Heart Chakra

You may not know, but the heart chakra acts as a bridge between all 7 chakras. This is because this chakra has 3 chakras above and 3 below it.

The heart chakra stands for love, joy, happiness and transformation. It’s my favorite chakra, as an open heart brings experiences of connection and acceptance with others.

Pink aura stands for love and compassion, and as I’ve previously discussed, pink is a shade of red. But if the heart chakra is blocked, it can lead you to jealousy and isolation. If that happens, you will feel lonely and will be very defensive regarding your actions.

Thus, practicing heart-opening affirmations, meditations and yoga will keep your pink aura bright and your heart chakra open. I would also recommend getting some fresh air and performing some self-care techniques.

The Connection With The Root Chakra

The root chakra is associated with grounding. It includes your basic physical and emotional needs like food, shelter, love and safety. That’s why, it only makes sense for this chakra to be at the root of your body i.e., your spine.

An aligned root chakra will illustrate trust, survival and consistency. While an unaligned root chakra will cause fearfulness and insecurity in you.

When your pink aura connects with this chakra, you will feel more centered and grounded in your daily affairs and it will restore balance to your life. 

I would recommend using gemstones like black tourmaline, hematite, bloodstone, garnet and red jasper to enhance the abilities of both the chakra and aura. If you want to know about crystals for protection in detail, this article will help.

How a Pink Aura Influences Your Personal Relationships

I have seen people with pink auras to be relationship-builders. Their genuine empathy makes them invaluable friends, love interests and family members. 

They create spaces of safety and trust, which allow others to speak freely and display their true selves without any fear of judgment.

A pink aura brings a fresh air of love and compassion to a romantic relationship. It reignites warmth and understanding

If you have this aura, you can prioritize the emotional well-being of your loved one. This will foster an environment of growth, warmth, understanding and support.

People with this aura cherish the deep bonds that they make with their loved ones. Time and again, I have seen them ready to go the extra mile to strengthen their connections. 

Pink Aura and Influence


People with a pink aura would thrive in roles suited to their compassion and empathy. It is only fitting for them to choose social work, counseling, nursing and related fields. As these are places that resonate with their innate qualities.

Few people know this, but these people also possess excellent interpersonal skills. This makes them adept at creating meaningful relations. They feel content in careers that allow them to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Another lesser-known fact about people with this aura is that they work best in leadership roles. Now I know you’re wondering “How can a compassionate person be a leader in an office setting?” And the answer is simple…

It has to do with them creating a harmonious and supportive work environment. They inspire and motivate their team members and help them collaborate with each other. This workplace unity leads their teams to success.

How Can I Nurture and Maintain My Pink Aura?

There are many ways to maintain your aura. With practices of mindfulness and self-care, you can ensure that your aura stays vibrant. 

Remember: your aura glows when you experience compassion. So to enhance it, you need to engage in activities that replenish your emotional energy. Be it a soothing bubble bath, meditation, spending time out in the wild, or anything else.

The mantra here is very simple. “Do what makes you happy to stay happy.” Doing acts of kindness and being empathetic towards each other is another potent way. You can become a volunteer, lend a helping hand, or just be a good listener.

I firmly believe that by spreading love and compassion, you don’t just uplift others around you, but also yourself. 

But that was only one way of maintaining your aura. 

Another one that I’d like to share with you is mindfulness and self-reflection. Mindfulness and self-reflection allow you to be in tune with your needs and emotions. This prevents burnout and ensures that your aura remains vibrant. Spend time with your loved ones, or bask in moments of solitude. 

Know that self-care isn’t selfishness. I come across women now and then who feel guilty about caring for themselves. They believe that they can spend even this time helping someone feel less stressed and worried.

But it’s not going to help either you or the person you’re trying to help. A burned-out version of you will harbor negative thoughts in your mind and soul. So “recharging your battery” is crucial if you want to help both yourself and the world.

Pink Aura Nurture

Challenges A Pink Aura May Face

I’ve seen people with this aura have a dark side too. It may come off as a surprise to you, but these people can become very reclusive very fast. This is because they’re very sensitive and if they’re hurt, they’ll quickly turn off all human communication.

They also have a habit of gossiping and have “vulnerability hangovers.” These are gatherings where everyone lets out their steam and insecurities. 

Pink aura people can easily be perceived as “weak” or “frail” by less emotional people. This too can add to their emotional injuries. 

Overcoming these challenges isn’t that hard for them. All they have to do is practice mindfulness and set boundaries that no one could ever cross.

How to Interact With Someone With A Pink Aura

What if you’re not someone who has this aura, but you’re with someone who’s giving off that energy? If that sounds like you, there are two things that you should know. 

One, they will always be open and truthful. They love to focus on visuals and are usually big on giving compliments.

Two, they’re like your personal advocate or cheerleader. Expect praises pretty regularly on everything ranging from your beauty to your expressions. 

However, do not forget that they’re very sensitive people, and I mean it. It takes a lot of courage to spread positivity around the world. So it isn’t uncommon for these people to… Well… Take things straight to the heart.

Pink Aura Interaction

Summing Pink Aura Up

In short, a person with a pink aura tends to be very loving, merciful, leader-like and a kindred spirit. These people love with all their hearts and take up professions where they get to exercise their protective capabilities, like in healthcare.

This is an aura in rhythm with the heart and root chakras. They are pure people who want nothing more than the welfare of everyone around them.

Finally, I would recommend you to surround yourself with these people, as it’ll be one of the best decisions of your life. As they will make you a better person, both through their vibe and their company.

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