A Cosmic Balancing Act: Libra and the Justice Card

Tuesday, November 07, 2023 • tarot, zodiac
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LIBRA - The Scales - September 23-October 23 Hello Libra and welcome to the tarot card that is all about you – Justice! The Justice card usually displays a picture of a woman seated on a throne. She carries a sword in one hand and a set of scales in the other. Sometimes she is blindfolded but sometimes she isn’t. The set of scales is the clue to this card’s association with Libra. If you consider the symbolism of the Justice card, it is logical to connect it to Libra. As a Libra, you have a love of beauty and balance. Fairness and equity are both important to you. The Justice card is all about objectivity, honesty, and rectifying imbalances. Libras are thoughtful individuals whose curiosity drives them. I suspect that your curiosity and love of balance will draw you to read this article so that you can discover how to lead a more beautiful and harmonious life. This examination of the Justice card will highlight your abilities and weaknesses. It will also outline and provide advice about your approach to problem solving, your career, and relationships. It is my hope that it helps you to enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Why this Pairing Makes Sense

As a Libra, the things you desire most are balance and harmony. Extremes are not attractive to you because you have the instinctual understanding that the pendulum always swings back to the other side. Your interest lies in walking the middle path, which is a place where you can experience internal peace and experience being in accord with your surroundings. This yearning for proportion extends into a love of art and beauty as well as an ability to navigate social settings with a unique style and grace. You are often the mediator that helps to smooth out misunderstanding between the people you know. The Justice card is the epitome of balance and discretion. She is the embodiment of objective listening and writing wrongs. She represents equity on all levels - physical, mental, and spiritual. She is also the symbol of the moral yardstick by which we measure our actions and the actions of others. It could be said that you are other-centered, Libra. You have a deep interest in the wellbeing of others, and you wish to help them achieve the same level of balance and calm that you crave. It is fair to say that you seek justice in all areas of your life, especially your relationships. You are often tempted to turn your scrutiny on your own actions to ensure equity is had by all. As a symbol of equity and equality, the Justice card is a reminder that no one is above her rule. She governs all areas of disagreement and ensures that laws, rules, and boundaries are upheld. You are cooperative and collaborative in most areas of your life and enjoy working with others to achieve a goal. You understand and appreciate the broad view that can be achieved by working in a group setting. And you passionately believe that all contributors have both responsibilities and rights. You admire people who stick to their word and do what they promise. Justice’s mind is always in motion, weighing and balancing, and adjusting her actions to ensure that harmony and the greatest good is attained. She is not a static figure, and her emblem brings with it the understanding that justice requires constant vigilance and constant action.

The Justice Card and Your Strengths

Libras are the diplomats of the Zodiac. You excel at being the middleman, communicating one person’s wants and needs to another. When you take on this role, you know what to say to get the idea across with minimal offense to your audience, allowing for the best possible reception of the message. Your delicacy and ability to see an issue from multiple sides are of great benefit to you in this role. The Justice card symbolizes striking a balance between two opposing viewpoints. Her dynamic assessment of the situation and her fast thinking helps her to quickly adjust so that all sides get their fair share. Your love of beauty often leads you to acts of artistic appreciation and creation, Libra. Whether it is an afternoon spent visiting an art museum, taking a few moments to contemplate a statue or compelling street mural, or pausing to appreciate a street corner musician, you appreciate the effort and attention to detail that goes into making something beautiful. When you take time to craft something of your own, you will not stop until you feel you have struck just the right balance, even if you are simply making your bed. The Justice card is an exploration of spiritual balance as well as legal balance. In this way, Justice acts as a patron and supporter of all acts of beauty and harmony, encouraging all artists to strive for their own style of perfection. Libras make excellent group or committee members. Though they are often found in leadership roles, facilitating meetings, and ensuring everyone gets their say, they are also perfectly content to simply participate. That is, as long as the group is being run fairly. You will even go as far as working behind the scenes to guide the group towards cooperation. You are an active and vocal participant in groups, sharing your ideas and appreciating the contributions of others.

The Justice Card (Reversed) and Your Weaknesses

Libra, your desire to achieve a holistic view of the facts occasionally makes it difficult for you to make decisions, particularly if you feel as though you don’t have all the details. You mistrust extrapolating from a partial set of data, fearing that it could lead to an incorrect choice. Therefore, you can get lost in fact finding and never come to a decision. Through your consideration of others and your love for harmony, you can fall into the trap of people-pleasing. You might make too many sacrifices or do things you don’t really want to do so that you can feel emotionally safe. These are some of the few cases in which dishonesty can creep into your actions. If you lose your emotional footing, you can be prone to mood swings, which can be particularly startling to people who expect you to be the stable anchor and social mediator. There are times when you overcompensate to overcome your depression by throwing yourself into your work or over-investing in others. When it comes to the Justice card, it is important to remember that she carries a sword as well as a set of scales. The sword represents authority, but it also symbolizes her decisive nature. It is true that decisions can’t be made without fact-finding, but eventually a line must be drawn, and a choice must be made. She is also a reminder that you must claim justice for yourself as well as others. Though you may wish others to be happy, you must carve out equitable solutions for yourself so that you do not suffer. When the Justice card is reversed, she represents an imbalance or injustice that is taking place. Someone is not receiving their due while someone else is receiving more than their share. When Justice has been subverted, actions must be taken to rectify the situation. However, these actions can’t be so extreme that they result in further inequalities. It is only through Justice’s careful and dynamic balancing act that harmony can be regained.

The Justice Card and Problem Solving

Problems bring out your curious side, Libra! While others might immediately seek out the answer, you want to know more about the issue’s root cause. You take a wider view that might allow you to prevent similar problems in the future. Justice knows that even though her scales can balance only two issues, that problems usually involve entire systems or networks of people. She is an encouragement to embrace your wider view of the obstacles that you encounter, with the goal of getting a deeper understanding of how potential solutions will affect the entire system. Your friends are most tempted to ask you for help when their problems involve disagreements amongst themselves or with others. Your reputation for fairness and thoughtfulness ensures everyone involved that you will not make a biased decision based on social connections. Your knack for fostering collaboration and facilitating mutual agreements can help you make everyone feel like they come out a winner. In some cards, Justice is depicted wearing a blindfold to indicate the idea of dedication to impartial decision making no matter who or what is involved. When it is time to sit around a table and mediate between disagreeing parties or when you are working towards a solution for your own problems, it is important to remember that Justice carries a sword as well as a set of scales. Finding the facts and listening to arguments are helpful tools, but eventually a decision must be made. Your tendency to concern yourself with the wellbeing of the other people involved may tempt you to accept a decision that is in opposition to your best interests. Let the Justice card remind you that everyone deserves equitable treatment, even you!

The Justice Card and Your Work Life

Oh Libra, so many of your jobs involve working collaboratively with other people! Your love of justice can lead you into jobs in the legal system, like being an attorney or legal assistant. An interest in seeing justice being done could also prompt you to work as a victim’s rights advocate or to work as an activist dedicated to amending the legal system. However, your love of collaboration and cooperation could prompt you into roles like mediation or diplomacy. Your love of beauty may inspire you to work in the arts or as a beautician or makeup artist. No matter what career you find yourself in, the Justice card can help you navigate a successful path. Make the most of your love for justice and equity by acting scrupulously in all your business dealings. Your reputation for fairness and honesty will foster trust in your coworkers, leading to you being put in positions of responsibility and high regard. Tap into your tendency for collaboration and approach every work assignment as a way that the whole team can succeed.

The Justice Card and Your Relationships

Libra, when a friend or romantic partner draws your attention, they end up feeling like the center of the world. Your attention to detail, understanding of their interests, and desire to please makes them feel seen and understood. With an innate ability to tune into your friend or partner’s moods, your timing is impeccable. You know just when to suggest an outing, give a gift, or give someone their space. Due to your charm, you attract a wide spectrum of friends and lovers. When you are looking for new friends or seeking out a romantic partner, it is best to look for people that can appreciate your need for harmony. You don’t pair well with people who argue for the sake of arguing (though you do enjoy a lively intellectual debate). Your ideal friends and partners will appreciate beauty and peace and will want to pause to savor it wherever it can be found. Friends who are involved in causes or active in some kind of movement will prove intriguing to you and you will want to get involved.

The Justice Card’s Guidance

Review the image on the Justice card to gain deeper insights into the meaning of the symbols contained on it. An understanding of the secrets of the Justice card will provide the key to understanding yourself. When you have a few quiet moments, take some deep breaths to still your mind. When you feel ready, picture yourself on Justice’s throne. Take some time to experience what it feels like to be there. If you have anything weighing on your mind, turn your attention to the set of scales in your left hand. Picture your concern balanced on one side of the scales. Then turn your attention to the other side of the scales and see what appears there. It will provide insight into your issue.

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