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Sagittarius 2023 Yearly Fate Horoscope


As I tune into the music of the cosmos to see what 2023 has in store for you, Sagittarius, I sense the magic of fate stirring. This year is marked by hope and positivity as you venture in an ideal direction. However, these immense blessings might cause you oversight. You might feel so overly optimistic that you fail to prepare for all outcomes. If you trip and stumble into an unfavorable situation, your hopes and dreams could feel shattered because of how much you’ve focused only on the possibility of a positive outcome, and also, tied your worth to this specific expectation. Thus, a failure to give yourself grace in the face of hardship and only accept or expect the best case scenario can make you complacent and unprepared for sudden unpleasant surprises. 

While your sunny optimism and positive attitude bodes well for most circumstances, at times it can make you avoid negative, difficult feelings, causing them to build up within you. Not allowing yourself to really feel the full spectrum of your authenticity and truth is like shoving things into a junk closet. The more you put in there, and the more you avoid dealing with it, the more likely it is that it will burst open at an inopportune moment. 

If you have a particular path you want to follow already in mind, then 2023 is certain to be full of opportunities which will bring you towards your goal, Sagittarius. More avenues in relation to your dreams will become available to you, and this will prove very fruitful for your ambitions. If, however, you are feeling a bit lost and are struggling with your sense of direction, the sheer number of opportunities which are headed your way can feel overwhelming. You might feel pulled in every direction, all the while stuck in stillness at the crossroads. You might be having a hard time understanding what path aligns most with you, and that’s okay. In the absence of logical clarity, feel with your heart. Take the opportunity that feels most expansive and joyful. Don’t worry about the rest for now. 

During the December eclipse, transiting Mars will form a square with Jupiter. It’s not a time to go in a direction that is completely different from anything you’ve ever done before. If you’re a scientist, for example, don’t leave it all to become a musician. But perhaps take the opportunity to get more specific with your area of expertise and discover what inspires you. Maybe your love of creation and beauty leads you to botany or astronomy. Either way, notice any desire you might feel to drop everything and leave, especially involving your career, and investigate your motivations gently. Is it an overwhelming sense of frustration that makes you feel like you’re not good enough to finish what you’ve started? 

Scorpio should avoid any new ventures in the beginning of 2023, especially starting a business, instigating a relationship or getting married. Instead, it is an opportune time to turn your attention inwards towards your physical health. If you are noticing any inflammation in your body, take the steps necessary to soothe your corporeal being. 

The energy of family fills Scorpio’s 2023 in abundance. It is likely that you will seek out the comfort of home, whatever that means to you. That might mean that you will return to an aspect of childhood and nurture your inner child by spending more time with your parents, or you might activate the parent within you and become a matriarch or patriarch and create the space for family to gather around you, offering support to the younger members of your family. It is an auspicious time to connect with and seed your roots. The energy of family will offer your perspective and healing without you necessarily having to put much effort into receiving. You might feel the ache of baby fever if you are coupled, but pace yourself, dear fire sign. Allow things to unfold slowly and remember to prepare for the other possibilities beyond your romanticized and idealized outcome.

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