How Pluto in Aquarius Will Affect You in 2024

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Pluto in Aquarius meaning 2024

What Does Pluto in Aquarius Mean?

On January 20th, 2024, for the first time in 226 years, Pluto made its ingress in Aquarius. Pluto – known as the Lord of Underworld – is a generational planet that sits farthest from the sun in our solar system and as such takes approximately 20 years to traverse through each of the zodiac signs. Needless to say, this celestial movement is powerful not only for the collective, but also for each one of us individually. 

The last time Pluto was in Aquarius was from the years 1778 to 1798. All one needs to do to understand this momentous transit is to look to the history books: around the time, the French Revolution and Irish Uprising transpired. For the collective, this transit offers the opportunity to mobilize against human rights issues that have plagued the global community since Pluto’s time away. 

The concern for the prosperity of all of humanity unites us, and anything that harms any member of our collective becomes a personal concern. Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius in 2024 reminds us that we are all connected, and that we should consider the wellbeing of others as if it is our own. 

How Long Will Pluto Be in Aquarius?

Pluto first steps into Aquarius on January 20th until September 1st, when he will briefly be retrograde and return to Capricorn to tie up loose ends and to finalize lessons learned during his time spent in the sign of the Ram. Then on November 19th, he returns to Aquarius and will remain there until March 8th, 2043.

Pluto in Aquarius Setting

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Each Sign?

Pluto rules over themes relating to transformation, rebirth, destruction, and renewal. He brings us the hard lessons regarding our personal fears and helps us evolve past them. Each one of us will experience a Phoenix uprising in some aspect of our lives, particularly in the way we connect to others since this transit occurs in the sector of our personal chart that is ruled by Aquarius. 

While this transit can seem intimidating at first, it’s also a cycle that will bring empowerment to our experience. What is harmful must fall away. Unstable foundations must be destroyed so that new, more secure ones can be established. What is dead must be cut away so that prosperity for all can flourish. Each of us has a part to play in this collective shift. 

The part of our chart that Pluto activates during our lifetimes is significant – not everyone gets to experience a Pluto transit like this one. This unique cosmic event has a profound, life changing lesson for us all. Read on to discover how this incredible celestial movement will alter you for the better. For most accurate results, read the descriptions for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. 

Pluto In Aquarius Meaning

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Aries?

On January 21st, Pluto enters Aquarius in your 11th house, Aries, highlighting the sector of your chart that governs community, social connections, and friendship. Relationships become a cosmic mirror, reflecting back to you the full spectrum of your being. You will be initiated into a confrontation with the darker aspects of your psyche, also known as your shadow. Fair warning, dear Aries – you might not entirely like what you see. Be patient with yourself and find the strength to forgive your imperfections. Pluto asks you to learn and grow from a place of empowerment rather than resort to punishing yourself from a place of shame. 

Incredible transformation lies in wait as you explore your connections. The stars inspire great revelations regarding betrayals and manipulation. You will discover who your true friends are – and aren’t. Beyond these notable shifts and awakenings, your friendships serve as a gateway to deeper and more intense realms of connection. Pluto in Aquarius offers you the opportunity to emerge from this transit restored, more grounded, and more secure in your community. 

Pluto in Aquarius will cause you to feel deeply moved by the plights of mankind. You might step into a leadership role involving charitable action. You could also start to search for greater meaning or purpose in life. There’s a chance that your dreams and ambitions might have shifted in a completely new direction after Pluto has exited your 10th house. Pluto in Aquarius predicts that the people you meet during this cycle will have a profound impact on your long term goals and your perspectives on the world. 

Pluto In Aquarius 2024

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Taurus?

Life changing shifts in your 10th house – the sector of your chart that governs success, authority and boundaries – are in store for you, dear Taurus, as Pluto enters Aquarius and lights up this part of your life. Pluto cuts away the toxic and dysfunctional as those in your life who abuse their authority will be exposed and held accountable. Power imbalances in the realm of your career will also be brought to light and corrected. 

This transit is putting you in an ideal position to take control of your future. You might feel called to shift career directions entirely as you finally chart a course towards your destiny. You are meant to readjust your direction so that you can follow your greatest dreams and wildest ambitions as these are your life’s purpose. The very fact that they are something you desire is proof that you are meant to pursue this divine direction. 

The shadow side of this transit brings with it a potentially crushing pressure to succeed. You might feel the intense heat of obsession cloud your judgment. An irresistible desire to control situations that are beyond your grasp has potential to interrupt the natural flow of divine timing. Be careful of this energy and try to keep your head above it by engaging in stress-relieving activities. Share your burdens with friends, journal, or listen to guided meditations to remind yourself of the bigger picture. 

This transit also brings with it karmic lessons that have the potential to help you evolve in your profession. It will teach you how to learn the difference between a colleague and a friend, and you’ll be able to discern the limits and boundaries that exist within these connections. 

Upcoming Changes in Pluto In Aquarius

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Gemini?

As Pluto enters Aquarius on January 20th, the lord of the underworld makes his way into the sector of your chart that governs higher learning, travel, and expansion. This transit will open your awareness to many subjects and expand your consciousness. Your evolved perspective promises to transform you into a true philosopher if you accept Pluto's challenge –  and for the typically inquisitive and curious gemini, this offer will be too tantalizing to pass up. 

Wisdom from all kinds of different subjects enters your experience as you intellectually explore. Follow your curiosity and allow yourself to wander from topic to topic – don’t try to force yourself to spend prolonged time in one area. Follow your excitement. 

The important life lessons that you will learn over the coming 20 years plant their seeds now, during Pluto's ingress. You have greater insight into the world around you and those who occupy it as more information is revealed to you through your growing awareness. Your compassion, in particular, is strengthened as you are able to empathize with others through your newfound ability to appreciate a perspective which differs from your own. You can accept others in their entirety – both their shadow aspects, and light – even if your interactions with them haven't always been pleasant. 

In the interest of helping your soul along its path to evolution, Pluto will bring with it a fair share of destruction as it clears the path and helps you release what is no longer meant for you. The frustrating aspects of this transit could make you feel disillusioned, confused, and irritable. As your mind expands, your ego might fight against your evolving perspective as it seeks what is comfortable, while your soul is naturally drawn to the next level of growth and awareness.

This is an ideal time to connect with your spirituality by engaging with different religions and philosophies. Explore many different schools of thought to gain a greater understanding of the world around you, and embrace new ways of thinking. 

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Cancer?

The Pluto ingress in Aquarius occurs in your 8th house, dear Cancer. This sector of your chart governs rebirth, your shadow, and transformation. Because the 8th house is ruled by Pluto, the energy from this transit will feel familiar, but also slightly more intense. This cycle brings with it profound transformation regarding your coming spiritual awakening and emotional breakthrough. It’s a time of awakened passion as you long for deeper intimacy and intense emotional connections. 

Major metamorphosis awaits you, dear Crab. The Lord of the Underworld awakens emotions that have been long buried in the dark corners of your subconscious. He helps you unearth maladaptive coping strategies so that you can release these old patterns and heal. It’s time to identify the ways in which the pain you are carrying is causing you to harm yourself or others close to you. 

Pluto guides you into the furthest depths of your psyche so that you can confront your shadow and return transformed. As you dive deep into your soul, you might discover feelings of anxiety and dread, or you might discover that you are controlled by a cruel inner-critic that encourages you to give up on your dreams before you even get started. 

Deep-seated fears that stand in the way of your destiny are forced out of the shadows by Pluto’s transit. Take heart, dear one: this transit has the potential to be a dark night of the soul. Stay strong and make sure you implement a system of support for yourself so that you can shed your old skin. Any struggle is worth it as you will emerge wiser, stronger, and more connected to your authenticity. 

There are important lessons to be learned over the coming years, particularly if you are a chronic people-pleaser, have intense abandonment anxiety, lack personal boundaries, or have a difficult time making sure your needs are respected. Because this transit occurs in Aquarius, the way you relate to the community is illuminated. You might feel more like an outsider during this time, or like you don’t feel comfortable in social settings. Allow Pluto to tear down the behavior and thought patterns that are causing you distress and embrace a more empowered way of thinking. 

Now is also the time to get serious about your passions and dreams. Don’t hold back from realizing your heart's desire. No dream is too big or too small. Follow the impulse wherever it may lead you, whether that’s learning to play the piano, or moving to another country, or deciding to quit your career and take up acting. 

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Leo?

The Lord of the Underworld sets your 7th house ablaze as he steps into Aquarius on January 20th. This transit will be affecting the sector of your chart that governs long term relationships and business partnerships for the next 20 or so years. Romantic connections and lifelong friendships will suddenly feel vitally important to your happiness. 

As your desire for harmony takes priority, you’ll begin to gravitate towards those whose ideals and values mirror your own. A busy and crowded social life seems less appealing to you than spending time by yourself through self-care or spending quality time with others in smaller group settings. This transit awards you with an empowering sense of self-worth as you refuse to settle for anything less than what you know to your core that you deserve. 

This transit marks a time for you to finally walk away from interpersonal relationships that are imbalanced or unfulfilling. Your desire for personal freedom is balanced by a need to feel deeply connected to others. You’re in search of relationships that support you both in your union together and also in your independence. Relationships in which you or your partner have a tendency towards possessiveness, jealousy, or restriction can no longer remain in your life as Pluto clears the way of what no longer serves your peace and harmony. 

How you approach love and romance will be transformed as you discover your empowerment in this realm of your life. Ideally, you learn how to become a truly reliable, constant, and more compassionate partner that will attract people who are able to love you in a similar way into your life. Take some time to reflect on lessons from the past to better inform your evolution. 

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Virgo?

The Pluto ingress on January 20th occurs in your 6th house, and because this house is ruled by Virgo, its effects will feel familiar yet intense. Your natural skills as a giver and fixer becomes a serious matter for you as your desire to help others is palpable and deeply felt as a result of this life changing transit. 

You will discover a clear connection between the state of the world and personal suffering. The realization  that the best way to heal the collective is to start helping individual members of that community in any way that you can along their journey will serve as your greatest motivation in the coming years.

However you choose to do this is up to you, wise and devoted Virgo. Whether you discover a calling that is as big as becoming a therapist, or feel inspired to do something as seemingly small as helping a stranger with their groceries across the street, your efforts will serve as an important example to those around you. You will be a living reminder that we are meant to help each other and to support one another because we are all connected. 

While your innate ability to fix and problem solve shines brightly, be careful not to fall into the trap of perfectionism, or to set impossible standards and expectations for yourself or your loved ones. The challenge this transit presents will be for you to view mistakes as beautiful aspects of life that are in need of guidance, not errors that need erasing. Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius seeks to remind you that mistakes have value as they enrich whatever they touch and make things beautiful in their imperfection.

Make sure to prioritize your health and wellbeing, and be careful not to spread yourself too thin, dear Virgo. The universe will be sending a reality check your way if you are taking on more than you can handle. Say goodbye to poor sleep schedules, back food habits, and neglecting exercise. This transit will be teaching you how to move slowly and with intention so that you can be sure to balance the needs of every aspect of your being.

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Libra?

On January 20th, the Lord of the Underworld steps into your fifth house as he makes his ingress in Aquarius. This sector of your chart governs creative expression, romance, and children. Pluto has the  potential to bring you great success when it comes to your creative endeavors, but he also might stir up some trouble in the realm of love. You're likely to feel inspiration spring forth as this powerful cosmic energy dances through your conscious experience, like a warm, magical whirlwind.

It's time to renegotiate your relationship with the spotlight, dear Libra. Allow your creative genius to flow freely without fear of public reception. Your ability to create should be unencumbered by insecurities regarding how others perceive you and validate you. Make room for your creations to take on a life of their own. You never know whose life you might touch if only you follow your divine inspiration. 

Your desire to be creative and to share your gifts with the world at large will be irresistible to you. It could feel like an intense itch that you must scratch. You take your passions so seriously that you will make the time for your creative hobbies to perhaps turn into something more. Your soul is calling to you from across the ether, singing of your purpose, and it will be impossible to deny its song.

This transit also marks a time of passionate intimacy. You crave profoundly deep connections above all else, and will find it difficult to settle for something safe and secure if you're single. Taking time to self-reflect and to identify whether core fears around jealousy, possessiveness, and control are getting in the way of you finding a harmonious relationship will be integral to your sense of peace and satisfaction in this sector of your life.

If you have been feeling the heat of baby-fever, Pluto's ingress will melt away any roadblocks to make way for you to create a family of your own. If you already have children, prepare for your bond with them to deepen as you rejoice in your parent-child connection. 

Pluto's Ingress and Aquarius also marks a time of healing and accountability. The stars grant you the opportunity to self-reflect on your parenting style, and to hold yourself accountable for any shortcomings that you may have as a parent. Now is the time to learn and to grow from your mistakes and to become an even more nurturing and supportive guardian to your beloved kin. 

If childhood wounds of your own linger on your psyche, the stars open a portal into the past so that you may finally recognize, heal, and release your burdens.

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Scorpio?

Pluto transforms the aspects of your life relating to your personal history, familial roots, and home life as he steps into Aquarius and makes his way through your fourth house. This significant occurrence signals the commencement of a transformative journey, paving the way for healing crucial aspects of your personal life.

Throughout this celestial transition, your mission involves addressing any generational trauma rooted in your family tree that has left its mark on your psyche. Given the prolonged duration of this planetary shift spanning decades, anticipate a gradual progression toward growth and evolution. Remember that the road to healing is often marked by twists and turns rather than a linear trajectory.

Allow yourself the necessary time and space to navigate through revelations, some of which may be both painful and liberating to acknowledge. The Pluto ingress in Aquarius for Scorpio suggests an inclination to delve deep into your memories, unveiling experiences that have molded you or left lasting imprints on you. This juncture is opportune for seeking professional support to unravel the intricacies within your subconscious, influenced by the experiences of your ancestors.

Throughout this transit, you may notice a sincere desire to explore your family history. Dedicate time to discover your roots, as significant findings await you. At the same time, consider giving your home environment some love and attention —get started on that long-envisioned renovation, buy the house you've coveted, discard outdated decor, and welcome a new chapter of your life through these symbolic changes.

As you navigate this astrological journey, be mindful of the unfolding dynamics that will occur in your familial ties. Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius for Scorpio will stir up a deep urge to understand and reconcile with your past. This may involve revisiting places, relationships, or memories that hold significance. Embrace this introspective phase with openness, as it promises opportunities for profound personal growth.

Consider extending your support network. Engaging with friends, family, or a trusted therapist can provide valuable perspectives and emotional assistance. These shared insights can serve as guiding lights on your path to self-discovery and healing. Don't underestimate the power of self-care during this transformative period. Nurture your well-being through activities that bring joy, relaxation, and a sense of grounding. Whether it's pursuing a hobby, practicing mindfulness, or spending quality time with loved ones, these endeavors can contribute to the overall balance and resilience needed for the journey ahead.

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Sagittarius?

Pluto’s ingress in Aquarius will occur in your 3rd house highlighting the sector of your chart that governs communication, curiosity and learning. Your theme for this transit, dear Sagittatirus, is “the more I learn, the less I know.” Maintaining humility is crucial as you grow your intellect and your communication skills. Strive to avoid learning for superficial reasons, such as wanting to outshine others or prove a point to a bothersome colleague, as these endeavors are likely to yield unsatisfying results and will only lead you to exhaustion.

The best students learn with an open heart and a willingness to revisit the fundamental building blocks of what they think they know. Embrace this philosophy and the mindset of an eternal student as you journey through this prolonged transit spanning approximately 20 years. Dedicate yourself to learning, and remember your humility along the way. Follow your instincts—what ignites your passion?—and immerse yourself in whatever it leads you to, whether it be a university-level course, a musical instrument, a language, a podcast, or a book.

The world is filled with incredible learning opportunities which enrich your life and propel your soul towards its destined evolution. Your deep thirst for complex and taboo subjects becomes a driving force, and your naturally inquisitive mind flourishes as you delve beneath the surface of situations or individuals. You desire to know subjects deeply and thoroughly – and you won’t rest until you do. 

As your intellectual hunger seeks stimulation, your communication style undergoes alterations. The Pluto ingress in Aquarius hints that you'll prefer cutting through small talk and discussing the core of a situation. You'll be drawn to asking questions that unearth the depths of others' souls. While this may be intimidating to some, as you lean into this new and exciting energy, like-minded individuals will be attracted to your investigative and empathetic nature. 

Take care, though, not to be crass. Speak with kindness and compassion, especially with loved ones. Your newfound ability to see situations as they truly are shouldn't be an excuse for insensitive communication. Not everyone will be able to process and accept things as quickly as you will, dear Sagittarius, so guard your bluntness and don’t allow it to spoil someone else’s process. 

During this extended transit, your curiosity becomes a guiding force, leading you towards profound and taboo subjects. It's not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about delving into the mysteries that captivate your imagination. Consider taking risks in your intellectual ventures, whether it's engaging in unconventional studies, experimenting with unique perspectives, or collaborating with like-minded individuals who share your thirst for knowledge that challenges normative thinking.

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Capricorn?

Pluto steps into Aquarius in the sector of your chart that governs your values, possessions, self-worth, and material comforts. This transit will bring a profound change to these aspects of your life, dear Capricorn. You might become deeply financially motivated for the next 20 or so years as you feel a powerful surge of determination rushing through you at this planetary ingress.

This rare and potent energy intensifies your thirst for enrichment, aiming to secure not only your future but also that of your family, but be careful not to fall into a lack mentality. Money can be intoxicating. Though capable of affording experiences, luxuries, and necessities, it cannot buy true happiness. This transit serves as a dual-edged sword: while heightening your awareness of how money can enhance your experiences, it also leaves a lasting impression, guiding you to recognize the true riches in life.

The true treasures you seek manifest in the form of your closest and most cherished relationships, your memories, your connection to the collective consciousness of the universe, and your  sense of self-worth. When your pursuit of material goals becomes too intense, take a pause to appreciate the beauty of life that surrounds you. Amidst your financial ambitions, remember to slow down and appreciate life's simple pleasures.

This transformative period is not only about accumulating material wealth but also about cultivating a rich tapestry of experiences, emotions, and connections that contribute to a fulfilling and meaningful life. Embrace this journey with an open heart, allowing the wisdom of Pluto in Aquarius to guide you towards a more profound understanding of abundance—one that encompasses both the tangible and intangible riches that life has to offer.

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Aquarius?

The impact of this planetary ingress will resonate with you more intensely than with any other sign, as Pluto makes its entrance into Aquarius for the first time in over two centuries. This significant transit unfolds in your first house, which governs your body, personality, and temperament. 

Brace yourself for a transformation involving your entire being  as the planet synonymous with death and rebirth bestows upon you status, popularity, and charisma. This cycle presents a golden opportunity for you to reclaim your personal power—seize it. Resist the urge to manipulate others' perceptions of you, and release any relationships that cast doubt on your capacity to receive love. It’s time to embrace your authenticity, and you can only do that when the connections you have in your life reflect back the respect and mutual adoration you deserve. 

Avoid attempting to control the uncontrollable. Instead, embrace the mantra, "life is what you make of it." While you can’t dictate external events, you can shift your perspective. Focus on aspects of life dependent on you, like your reactions, beliefs, and thoughts. Taking mindful steps in these areas will magnetize abundance toward you. 

Despite being blessed with determination and ambition, guard against succumbing to Pluto's darker aspects, which may lead you into the realm of obsession. Maintain a lightness of heart, and release anything not aligning with your well-being or causing undue strife. 

This extended journey with Pluto in your first house brings forth a period of deep introspection and self-discovery. Embrace the unfolding transformation as an opportunity to explore the layers of your identity and shed aspects of yourself that no longer serve your growth. Allow the powerful energies of rebirth and renewal to guide you in cultivating a more authentic and empowered version of who you are.

As you navigate the slow and profound changes orchestrated by Pluto, remember the importance of balance. While ambition and determination will be your allies, stay attuned to the potential pitfalls of becoming consumed by obsessive tendencies. Maintain a lightness of spirit and release anything that weighs you down or hinders your progress.

This cycle is slow – Pluto will sit in your first house for around 20 years. A new you is emerging. Embrace the change and go with Pluto’s flow. It’s impossible to resist the Lord of the Underworld when he arrives at your doorstep. 

How Will Pluto in Aquarius Affect Pisces?

Pluto makes its ingress in your 12th house, which means that the next couple of decades will be marked by a gradual and profound unveiling of revelations. The Lord of the Underworld arrives with important lessons, guiding you towards a healthy approach to dealing with endings and addressing your karmic past.

Experiences that you have buried deep in your psyche will emerge in order to be transmuted and transformed through cosmic healing. This potent transit urges you to summon the courage to confront the skeletons in your closet. Engaging in shadow work practices becomes highly beneficial. Remain patient as you navigate through feelings of guilt, shame, and insecurity that might hinder your journey towards becoming your most authentic self.

As Pluto aligns with the sign of Aquarius, a sign that symbolizes community, you'll experience a profound connection to the collective consciousness of the universe. Messages from loved ones may manifest in your dreams, and an enhanced intuitive sense may allow you to grasp the emotions of those around you without verbal communication. 

Your psychic abilities are heightened during this transit, as is your receptivity to the darker facets of life. However, exercise caution to shield your energy and spirit from malevolent forces, steering clear of relationships that drain or harm you. Distinguish between fear and intuition as you navigate this transformative period.

This extended transit offers you a unique opportunity to unravel the mysteries hidden in the recesses of your subconscious. Embrace the unfolding revelations with openness, recognizing that each discovery is a stepping stone towards personal growth and healing. Engaging in practices that illuminate what is hidden in the corners of your psyche, such as meditation, introspection, and therapeutic modalities, will be instrumental in aiding you as you make your way along your healing journey. Allow the wisdom of Pluto to guide you through the process of transmuting challenges into sources of strength.

Pluto's presence in Aquarius invites you to embrace the depth of your being and explore the interconnectedness of your soul with the universal consciousness. This transformative period encourages you to emerge from the cocoon of your old self, ready to spread your wings as a more authentic and spiritually aligned version of yourself. Trust in the unfolding cosmic plan and allow the potent energies of Pluto to guide you towards profound self-realization and enlightenment.

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