How To Navigate Through A Moon Opposite Mars Synastry?

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Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

Some synastries are very peculiar, and if you get into them, hard to navigate through. One of them is the Moon opposite Mars synastry, which is full of chaos and arguments. This is because of the radically different natures of the Moon and Mars.

Mars in Astrology is the most masculine planet and is full of drive, energy and determination. And the moon is its complete opposite, being loaded with spirituality, independence, moodiness and emotions. So when these two come together in a synastry, a lot of sparks fly, which aren’t the type you’d expect.

That’s why I’ll be looking closely at these two in this article. Moreover, I’ll also tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of such a volatile relationship. Also, If you want to see Mars in its “element”, do read my article on Mars in Leo

What Does Mars Represent in Moon Opposite Mars Synastry?

Mars is the most energetic and determined planet in Astrology. And being deified in ancient Rome as the “god of war”, you can expect it to be pretty active. I cannot count the number of times I’ve seen Mars people to be “in their element”. Being full of determination, passion, grit and “a can-do attitude” is what you get with Mars.

Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio, and both of these signs are full of energy themselves. Scorpios like to lay back and strategically work harder than anyone else. While Aries is all about being headstrong and charging into whatever life throws at them.

For me, Mars is the most impactful celestial body in Astrology. Because it throws challenge after challenge towards you to make you stronger. Furthermore, it also tells you to be assertive and competitive in life. All of these traits eventually create a magnetic allure around you that is hard to miss.

Finally, Mars makes you a natural leader who commands authority and respect. Everyone, no matter who they may be, will be proud of knowing you. 

Your presence alone in and will be a source of inspiration among your friends, family and acquaintances. People will rally around whatever cause you’ll present to them with full commitment and undying loyalty.

A Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

The Moon’s Role in Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

The Moon is full of feminine energy and is the embodiment of spirituality. You may not know this, but this energy is very healing in nature. This celestial body is very emotional and can affect you in a host of ways. 

The Moon engulfs your spiritual connection to the world and represents your basic reactions, habits, deepest personal needs and the unconscious. Naturally, many emotions will be involved in this aspect if either of you is a Moon person. This is because the Moon acts in a very “motherly” manner.

It shows how you protect yourself from what life throws at you time and again. It makes you feel comfortable under your skin. Simultaneously, it also controls your spontaneous feelings and reactions. It rules your inner instincts that protect you from emotional drama and toxic relationships. 

Finally, I believe that the Moon’s position in your natal chart is of vital importance as well. A well-aspected Moon will help you lead a healthy emotional life. While a poorly aspected Moon will make you struggle to cope with your emotions.

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Mars Opposite Moon Synastry: What to Expect?

You can see clearly that the Moon and Mars are polar opposites. And they will challenge the longevity of this relationship time and again. This is why the Mars opposite Moon synastry is the rarest that I’ve ever seen. And quite honestly, there are only a handful of positives and tons of negative things here. 

When these two are in opposition, they will sabotage each other’s positive sides. This will lead to many headaches that you two will face.

Initially, there will be some semblance of a good connection. But it will vanish as time passes and hundreds of differences between you surface. And these differences will cause you to react impulsively and intensely towards each other.

Here’s how I’ve seen these arguments to start. The Mars person may trigger the Moon person with their aggressive approach. In response, the Moon person will overreact emotionally and create a dramatic scene. They will also feel emotionally weak and fragile around the Mars person.

The Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

Advantages of A Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

One advantage of this relationship is a solid physical connection. But this connection also serves as the minimum requirement to keep this relationship going. The physical attraction is present in both of you as time goes by.

The Mars person loves the emotional intensity of the Moon, and it fuels their fire. Similarly, the Moon person will look up to the Mars person as a hero. When these two aspects combine, this relationship can last more than just a few months.

Another benefit of a Moon opposite Mars synastry is determination. Mars wants to be a winner in all cases through their determination, no matter what. Similarly, if Mars wants relationship to work, they will put in all their effort to make it work.

And this is where it gets interesting for me. Because seeing a determined Mars person will inspire the Moon person to pull their weight too. Thus, the result will be that both of you will work as a team to maintain and grow your strong bond.

Finally, another big advantage (or commonality) is the shared adventures that you’ll have. Mars has a high level of excitement in all aspects of their life. And if the Moon person has an adventurous side, Mars will know how to bring it out.

These experiences will be many and they will teach you many lessons. I believe that they will serve as an excellent way to bond and yourselves over. Having common interests and hobbies will also help you two immensely. 

The Moon’s Role in Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

Disadvantages of A Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

In other synastries, the Moon and Mars help and motivate each other to create a lasting relationship. But when they come together in a Moon opposite Mars synastry, the effects are very different. One of these is not having a solid mental connection.

Both of you have wildly different priorities and interests. Like the Moon person wants safety and stability and expects the same from the Mars person. Yet the Mars person wants action and intrigue. As an Astrology expert, this is a problem for me. But it’s not the only one. 

This relationship will see a lot of power struggles as well. Both of you will want to stay in the limelight and keep the other one out of it. This competition will prevent you from working together, driving you apart. 

Mars, being very aggressive and ambitious, will not give up that easily. This will make the Moon person think that they’re being ignored. As a consequence, the Moon person will become highly emotional for such a conflict in their life. 

Mars doesn’t react well to emotional conversations, and this is another disadvantage. As the Moon person is highly emotional, they often want to let out their feelings. But a total lack of interest from the Mars person will make the Moon person feel as if they’re talking to a wall. 

Moreover, there is also the element of abuse that I can’t just gloss over. The Mars person may end up harming the Moon person, whether willingly or otherwise. This will finally lead to the Moon person detaching from this relationship. 

Ego-driven battles will also plague this relationship. These stem from Mars’ ability to awaken other people’s egos too. Mars can easily rouse the Moon person’s ego, and its consequences will be lethal for the relationship. 

The Moon is a very moody and independent celestial body. And it impacts Moon people the same way. When Moon people think that they’re being controlled, they hit back with amazing intensity. In a Moon opposite Mars synastry scene, this will impact Mars severely. Because Mars will have a hard time with “being led” in this relationship. 

For me, the answer to this problem is for both of you to tame your egos as fast as you can. Then, learn to put the other person first, so an emotional connection can function. Because if you don’t, both of you will get lost in these “battles of your egos”. 

The only solution I see here is for both of you to develop a sense of patience. Understand, or at least accept the opinions and interests of each other. It’s important to learn how to listen before giving your own opinion. Also, decide on who wants to take which roles, since both of you want to be in charge.

Disadvantages of A Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

Summing Up The Moon Opposite Mars Synastry

The Moon represents spirituality and a strong connection to your emotions in Astrology. While Mars represents action, leadership skills and determination. This makes you two polar opposites and you seemingly have nothing in common. 

But if you enter into a relationship with each other and work on your issues, instead of fighting over them, you’ll have the best time of your lives. 

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