Explained: The Moon Square Pluto Synastry And Its Challenges

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Moon Square Pluto Syntary

The Moon square Pluto is no ordinary relationship by any means. It comes with more feelings and emotions than you can count. Both the planets involved here influence couples in their ways. Moreover, this is one of the few relationships I’ve seen that faces a ton of challenges.

Pluto tries to sway the Pluto person with its transformations and opening new doors. Meanwhile, the Moon is related to protection, emotions and jealousy. So when you and your loved ones cross each other’s paths with these planets, things can get messy.

This is why I’ll be talking about this astrological placement in this article. Also, I wrote another article related to the Moon and what it can do to a Taurus man. It’s the Taurus Moon man and you can read it right here.

What is Moon Square Pluto Anyway?

But before I talk about the planets, I first need to tell you about what a square is. A square is an astrological aspect where two planets are 90° away from each other. Square aspects are generally seen less favourably because they lead to conflicts. 

However, this doesn’t mean that everything that’ll happen with this aspect will be bad. Like everything in Astrology, a square aspect has both advantages and disadvantages. 

The Moon’s Role in Moon Square Pluto

If you’re someone who knows astrology, you can already tell where this is going. But in case you don’t, allow me to explain.

The Moon is full of feminine energy which it supplies in this astrological aspect. You may not know this, but this energy is very healing in nature. This celestial body is very emotional and can affect you in a host of ways. 

The Moon engulfs your spiritual connection to the world and represents your basic reactions, habits, deepest personal needs and the unconscious. Naturally, many emotions will be involved in this aspect if either of you is a Moon person. This is because the Moon acts in a very “motherly” manner.

It shows how you protect yourself from what life throws at you time and again. It makes you feel comfortable under your skin. Simultaneously, it also controls your spontaneous feelings and reactions. It rules your inner instincts that protect you from emotional drama and toxic relationships. 

Finally, I believe that the Moon’s position in your natal chart is of vital importance as well. A well-aspected Moon will help you lead a healthy emotional life. While a poorly aspected Moon will make you struggle to cope with your emotions.

Moon Square Pluto Synastry

Pluto’s Role in Moon Square Pluto

Pluto is the farthest planet in the solar system, and while we don’t always feel its effects, it’s always working in the background. It’s also known as the planet of transformation, as is related a lot to success, power, death and rebirth.

Being a transformer, Pluto’s visits change everything. It’s also related to wealth, success, power, mystery and shadow journeys. To me, Pluto acts like a teacher, telling you that everything has a beginning. 

I have some special affinity towards Pluto, due to its ability to influence the course of your life. It tells you to stop trying to open a closed door. To stop running after ships that have already sailed. Instead, it redirects you towards new opportunities and greener pastures. 

Whenever a new growth emerges from the night, know that it was through Pluto’s influence. When Pluto enters any natal chart, it demands ruthless honesty, stamina and courage. Only through action and rock-solid determination can you achieve your goals, and that’s what Pluto makes you strive toward.

Yet Pluto also has a dark side associated with it. It sees your emotional struggles and crises and does whatever it takes to bring them back. It’s seen in a destructive light because it forces you to adapt to new situations. But you must remember that these new situations are only for your good.

Finally, a well-aspected Pluto will lead to growth stemming from enduring difficult situations. And I think that a poorly-aspected Pluto can be very dangerous for anyone. Because it can get you into dramatic scenarios, without you finding the strength to continue your journey successfully. 

I wrote another article on Pluto a while ago, which talked about Pluto in Aquarius. You can read about it in the linked article.

Moon Square Pluto Synastry: What to Expect?

The Moon square Pluto synastry will have some serious consequences on your life. I can tell you from my observation that some of these consequences won’t be “fun” to deal with. 

Being born with this aspect means that you’ll have a very emotional nature. This nature will usually stay “under the radar” until one day it hits its limit and erupts. This will cause people to approach you with great caution. 

But that’s not it, you’ll be involved in countless power struggles too. The cause behind this will be the Moon, as it drives you to amass as much power as is possible. These power struggles will cause you to re-evaluate your relationships. You’ll find yourself questioning when you should push forward and when to reach a compromise. 

Moreover, you’ll need to come to terms when things don’t go your way. As that anger has immense potential to damage your relationship. Thus, I’ll highly recommend you to not lose your temper when things go south. Learn to control it and how to be patient. Allow some events to deliberately go out of control so you can learn anger management. 

The Moon square Pluto aspect will force you to force things to go your way. But I must warn you to not fall into its trap! Instead, what you can do is to seize opportunities that matter. 

Finally, life will force you to tear down what you’ve built in the last chapter of your life. And it won’t be a gentle reminder by a long shot. Instead, this synastry will come barging in and will make you move into the next part of your life.

Yet you will find peace and solace in those transitions. I know that this may sound strange, but that emotional catharsis will be worth it. Knowing that you have entered a new phase of your life will help you purge what needs to be released. And it will claim the inner authority you need to rebuild, heal and regenerate.

Pluto’s Role in Moon Square Pluto

Forging a Mental Connection In Moon Square Pluto

To me, forging a strong mental connection in this relationship is far from easy. This is because one of you will be influenced by the Moon, while the other by Pluto. As I’ve previously said, this will lead to a lot of emotions and way less logic being used here.

I’ve seen this scenario evolve into something very strange. The Pluto person will try their best to manipulate and control the Moon person. Meanwhile, the Moon person will be building boundaries to keep themselves safe. If no compromise is ever reached, this situation will lead you two to drift apart.

Now here’s my solution that you should implement if you’re stuck in a similar situation. Talk to each other a lot. It may seem hard at first. After all, one side is being aggressive and the other is being defensive, but you have to do it. 

Tell each other about your needs and expectations. This is to arrive at a mutual understanding and to grow this relationship. 

The Moon person can show Pluto how to love and appreciate themselves for who they are. While the Pluto person can help the Moon person in becoming what they want to be. 

Challenges That A Moon Square Pluto Relationship Will Face

Here I’ll list some major challenges that you can face in a Moon square Pluto scenario. The solution to most of them is diplomacy and emotional maturity. 

1. Jealousy and Possessiveness

The Moon person will develop a lot of jealousy and possessiveness for their partner. I’ve seen this happen a few times, and over time have figured out its root cause. Codependence. The Moon partner will feel and hang on to this emotion highly.

These two feelings have significant potential to transform into a full-on obsession. Now, the Pluto person won’t be able to interact with anyone the Moon one doesn’t like. Even if in the slightest. 

If you two don’t work to control it through talking and maturity, it’ll end your relationship. Moreover, the Pluto person must try their best to never feed the Moon person this emotion.

2. Heated Arguments 

Both of you are hot-headed and are governed by emotions. So when a Moon square Pluto synastry kicks in, there will be more emotions around than you can handle. You two can end up fighting on practically anything. And in these arguments, both of you will try your level best to be in control of the argument. 

The solution here isn’t a compromise, because neither side is willing to back down. Instead, I’d recommend leaving each other for a few hours. Drink some water, go to another room, or even outside for a walk. Even a cold shower can make you think about what you said and calm your nerves. 

3. Risk of Abusive Behaviors

This is one of those relationships where this risk is very real. Those intense arguments I just talked about can get crazy really fast. And they always carry the risk of someone harming the other, or worse, harming themselves!

Note that I’m not telling you to end this relationship just because this risk exists. Instead, I’m only warning you of your fights going haywire. The toxicity of this relationship can be both emotional and physical. 

The Moon person will be the one at risk of being harmed here. This is because they’re easy to get and are more empathetic compared to Pluto. Meanwhile, the Pluto person can become the abuser here, due to their destructive nature.

Therefore, in a Moon square Pluto scenario, the Moon person needs to have solid boundaries. This is to keep them safe and protect their emotions. 

4. Controlling Behavior

Finally, the last challenge that this relationship can face is controlling behaviour. Both of you like to be in control of everything and manipulate people into doing your bidding. But here’s the catch, you two can’t manipulate or control each other!

The reason you ask? It’s simple, you know control and manipulation well! So when you see the other person doing it, you get defensive and identify it easily. The solution I’ll recommend here is to be honest with each other. Don’t keep any hidden agendas or intentions, for they will damage this relationship beyond repair.

The Moon’s Role in Moon Square Pluto
Artist’s impression of how the surface of Pluto might look, according to one of the two models that a team of astronomers has developed to account for the observed properties of Pluto’s atmosphere, as studied with CRIRES. The image shows patches of pure methane on the surface. At the distance of Pluto, the Sun appears about 1,000 times fainter than on Earth.

Summing Up Moon Square Pluto 

The Moon square Pluto isn’t an easy relationship to navigate through. It has the Moon person’s protectiveness and the Pluto person’s destructive nature. Moreover, both of you want to be in charge of this relationship. But if you talk about your roles and duties in this relationship, you’ll be alright.

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