What is Career Prediction Astrology And How Can it Help You?

Saturday, November 25, 2023 • career-money
Career Prediction Astrology

Pick a career that pays you a lot, after all, careers are an important part of your life!” I grew up hearing this phrase more times than I can remember, and it might be the same way for you too. After all, in a society where money matters a lot, a good career is something we all want.

While a lot of people tend to pick their careers early in their age, some, like me and you reading this article, are undecided about what profession we want to choose in life. 

Career prediction astrology can help you in these situations by letting you decide which walk of life do you want to take up. It’s how I chose my profession, and I believe that it will help you too. The first step in choosing your career is to know your career number.

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Career Prediction Astrology

What is A Career Number?

Known by many names, like life path number and destiny number, your career number plays a vital role in helping you determine what profession you want to choose in life. It gives an insight into a person’s expectations in life, their moral values, short and long-term goals and other personal traits.

A career number is always single-digit and is obtained by adding all the digits in your birthday. However, exceptional cases do exist, like the master numbers (11, 22 and 33).

Let’s say that your birthday is 19-09-1998. You’d add up all of the numbers in this date, like this:

1 + 9 + 0 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 46 

Now, add up 4 and 6 in each other and you’d get 10. Then add 1 in 0 and you’ll get 1. This would be your career number if you were born on the 19th of August, 1998.

Career Number 1

These people are naturally predisposed to be lucky with money. If your career number is 1, know that you’re bold, and courageous and will not stop until you’ve achieved all of your targets. 

If this is your career number, you should consider getting into artistic professions, like photography, graphic designing and in the entertainment industry. 

However, considering that your career prediction astrology suggests that you’re driven, you can also consider professions like law and order, politics, public relations and the military.

Career Number 2

Number 2 is seen as a feminine number and is suited to people who want to become teachers. But that’s not it, if your career number is 2, you can pursue a successful career in medical professions, like doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.

If your career number is 2, career prediction astrology says that you have a resilient mindset that drives you to take action in life. You can also pursue careers like fashion design, sailing, writing and matchmaking. 

Career Number 3

People who have 3 as their career number are some of the most adaptive, compromising and creative persons. They’re very solution-oriented and will solve the trickiest of situations within seconds. If you’re such a person, you should consider any career that helps you expand both your network and your creative side.

Career Prediction Astrology

If you’re one of these people, I would suggest you look into art, filmmaking and writing, as career prediction astrology says that these careers will maximize your creative skills. 

Other occupations that align with your abilities, according to career prediction psychology, are marketing, journalism and broadcasting where you will excel.

Career Number 4

If you have 4 as your career number, know that you’ll be very lucky with money and you’re very likely to succeed in whatever walk of life that you choose. Your skills, knowledge and networks will make you a valuable asset in any organization that you work in. 

Naturally. I’d recommend careers that are the most “related” to money, like finance, accounting, financial consulting, auditing and taxation.

I need to warn you about one aspect though, you will see times where you fall short of accepting criticism and acknowledging that you’ve made mistakes. In times like these, you’ll have to be more understanding of this criticism and take it as guidance for the future. 

Career Number 5

I’d like to call people who got 5 as their career number to be “lovers of the wilderness”. If you’re one of them, know that you possess extraordinary determination that is seen in only a few people all over the world. Professions related to wildlife, hiking and tourism would be your natural (haha) calling.

For those of you who choose not to be “outdoorsy”, career prediction astrology says that you’ll fare better in writing, management and marketing. 

Career Number 6

Love and compassion are two words that define people with career number 6. They’re very kind to everyone around them and (ironically) might be seen as overly accommodating and clingy in some cases, though they have everyone’s best interests in their heart.

Career prediction astrology tells us that people who got 6 should look into the hospitality sector, as they’re naturally suited to it. Other options for you people can be running and/or owning restaurants, as well as teaching. 

Career Prediction Astrology Number 6

Career Number 7

People who end up with career number 7 are very active and inclined toward science. While some people might call them “nerds” or “geeks”, the truth is, that science is where they show their unharnessed talent, and if they pursue this walk of life, they’ll excel immensely.

If you got 7, career prediction dictates that anything related to maths will be your forte, like web development, programming, AI, UX/UI and such. 

There’s one drawback which you people can suffer, having too many doubts. You will often find yourself doubting your career choices, which you’ll have to work on significantly to climb the corporate ladder. 

Career Number 8 

People who got number 8 tend to be very driven and committed to what they do. This is because growing up, they had to sacrifice quite a lot just to keep going and had to “make do” with what they had. They weren’t prosperous, yet they didn’t make it a hindrance in their lives

If you’re one of these people, I would suggest that you either start your own business (which I believe would be in line with your driven nature) or look for professions that have a rigid hierarchy, like the armed forces or the police.

Career Number 9

9 is said to be a lucky number and if this is your career number, you’ll be able to persevere and conquer all the odds stacked against you. You’ll be enthusiastic in what you do and be fearless in your approach toward life. 

As you’re a compassionate individual who goes above and beyond at times to make people satisfied, I would suggest that you pursue medical professions, like being a doctor, nurse, psychologist and physiotherapist.

Summing Up Career Prediction Astrology

In career prediction astrology, your career number plays an important role in determining which profession you should choose. Some of you will excel in medicine, while others are naturally predisposed to careers like entrepreneurship, finance, law enforcement, national defense and such.

As money plays a vital role in our lives, most people tend to opt for careers that pay more. If you’re one of these people, I’d recommend reading our article on the 15 best money attraction crystals to make money come to you!

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